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Green Day Summer 2024 Tour

Green Day Summer 2024 Tour: Get Your Tickets Now!

Green Day will be going on an upcoming tour in the summer of 2024. Fans can expect to see them perform their iconic albums “Dookie” and “American Idiot” in full during the tour.

Ticket pre-sales and more information can be found on the official Green Day website and platforms such as Ticketmaster and Songkick. Green Day, the renowned punk rock band, is set to embark on a highly anticipated tour during the summer of 2024.

The tour is said to feature full performances of their famous albums “Dookie” and “American Idiot”. According to sources, the tickets are on sale now and fans can also find pre-sales on platforms including the official Green Day website, Ticketmaster, and Songkick. This news has sent fans into a frenzy, eager to experience the band’s electrifying performances in some of the most prestigious venues across the United States. We will delve deeper into what the Green Day Summer 2024 Tour entails and how to get a hold of tickets for the event.

Green Day Summer 2024 Tour: Get Your Tickets Now!


Green Day Summer Tour 2024

Get ready to rock out with Green Day as they embark on their Summer 2024 Tour! Catch them live in concert at various locations across the United States. Don’t miss your chance to see this iconic punk rock band perform their greatest hits in person.

Green Day Summer Tour 2024
Tour Dates and Locations Fans Can Expect
Aug 2, Austin, TX Green Day, Rancid & The Linda Lindas will perform in Austin on Sep 10
Sep 4, Austin, TX Third Eye Blind concert will be held in Austin on Sep 4
Sep 10, Austin, TX Eminem concert details are not updated yet
All Dates Green Day will be playing their full 1994 album ‘Dookie’ and 2004 album ‘American Idiot’ during the tour. Pre-sale tickets are available through Warner Artists and ticket sale through Ticketmaster. People can check Billboard, Undercover Tourist, and Rolling Stone for tour news and updates.
Green Day Summer 2024 Tour: Get Your Tickets Now!


Getting Tickets

Get ready for the ultimate summer concert experience and be part of the Green Day Summer 2024 Tour. Don’t miss out on the chance to rock out to your favorite hits and witness a legendary performance. Secure your tickets and get access to the best seats with presale options.

Where to get tickets? How to get pre-sale tickets for Green Day? Green Day 2024 Tour Dates
There are several places you can buy tickets for the Green Day Summer 2024 Tour, including Ticketmaster, Emirates Old Trafford, and other ticket outlets. However, ensure that you purchase tickets ahead of time because tickets will sell out quickly once they go on sale. You can register for pre-sale access on the Warner Artists website. When you register, you will receive updates about the tour, pre-sale codes, and on-sale times. Also, check Green Day’s official website for information on how to access pre-sales and to get updates on ticket availability. The Saviors Tour has revealed the 2024 tour dates for Green Day. The tour is set to take place in Austin, Texas, the United States, and other cities. Visit Ticketmaster, Songkick, and Rolling Stone websites for more details about the tour dates and locations.

The Saviors Tour

Green Day will be embarking on their highly anticipated ‘The Saviors Tour’ in the summer of 2024, with concerts taking place across the US. Fans can expect to hear classic hits, as well as new tracks from their latest album, in what promises to be a memorable live experience.

  • The highly anticipated Green Day Summer 2024 Tour is finally happening under the name of The Saviors Tour.
  • For the fans, it means an opportunity to catch Green Day live on stage performing some of their classic hits.
  • The tour comes after a long wait and anticipation, giving fans all over the world the chance to see their favorite band live.
  • The idea for the tour came to fruition after much discussion among the band members and various stakeholders.
  • Getting presale tickets is easy, fans can sign up for the Green Day | Presale Access and follow the instructions provided.
  • The Saviors Tour will also feature Rancid and The Linda Lindas as opening acts, along with Third Eye Blind and Eminem in select locations.
  • The tour dates and venues have been announced, and fans can purchase tickets on Ticketmaster or other authorized ticketing platforms.
  • This is an event that fans of Green Day should not miss, so mark your calendars, and get ready for The Saviors Tour.
Green Day Summer 2024 Tour: Get Your Tickets Now!


Why You Should Attend

Green Day Summer 2024 Tour is a can’t-miss experience for every music lover out there. With the band set to perform their iconic albums live, including “Dookie” and “American Idiot”, you will be witnessing music history that will stay with you forever.

But it’s not just about the music – Green Day’s concerts are known for their fantastic fan experience and electric atmosphere. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite songs, meet new people, and make memories that you will cherish for years to come.

If you’re looking to attend the Green Day Summer 2024 Tour, it’s important to act fast and secure your tickets as soon as possible. Check their official website, Ticketmaster, and other ticket-selling platforms for information on tour dates and how to purchase pre-sale tickets.

Don’t miss your chance to see Green Day perform live and be part of a truly unique and unforgettable concert experience.

Behind The Scenes

Interview with Green Day Band Members:

The Green Day Summer 2024 Tour promises to be a spectacular event, and the band members are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that their fans get an unforgettable experience. In a recent interview, the band members revealed that they are putting in a lot of effort to make the production and stage design top-notch.

They plan to have a unique stage design that will allow fans to feel like they are part of the show. Additionally, the band members have been working tirelessly to perfect their performances and add some surprises to their setlist.

While they did not reveal much about what fans can expect, they hinted that they will be performing some of their biggest hits from the past and present. They are also excited to perform songs from their latest album and see how the fans respond.

Fan Reviews And Reactions

Fans are eagerly anticipating Green Day’s Summer 2024 Tour, and reviews and reactions are pouring in. The tour promises to be a hit, with fans excited to experience the band’s iconic sound and live performances once again. Keep an eye out for pre-sale tickets and tour dates to join the excitement.

Fan Reviews and Reactions
  • Concert-goers raving about Green Day’s Summer 2024 tour on social media
  • Fans sharing photos and videos of the band’s energetic performances
  • Many attendees praising the setlist, which includes classic hits and newer tracks
  • Some fans expressing excitement about hearing the band play “Dookie” and “American Idiot” in full
  • Others commending Green Day’s stage presence and showmanship
  • Overall, concert-goers seem thrilled to have seen one of rock’s most iconic bands live in concert

Frequently Asked Questions Of Green Day Summer 2024 Tour

Who Is Touring In 2024 Usa?

Green Day is touring in the USA in 2024 with The Saviors Tour, which includes Rancid and The Linda Lindas. They will also be performing their albums “Dookie” and “American Idiot” in full. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster and presale access is available through their website.

Other artists such as Third Eye Blind and Eminem are also touring in Austin, Texas in 2024.

Will Smashing Pumpkins Tour In 2024?

It is currently unknown whether Smashing Pumpkins will tour in 2024. No official announcements have been made regarding their tour plans for that year.

Is Eminem Going On Tour 2024?

There is no official announcement regarding Eminem going on tour in 2024.

How To Get Pre Sale Tickets For Green Day?

To get pre-sale tickets for Green Day, visit the Presale Access FAQs page on the Warner Artists website and register for pre-sale access. You can also check Ticketmaster, Billboard, Undercover Tourist, People, Songkick, and Rolling Stone websites for Green Day tour dates and tickets.


Green Day Summer 2024 Tour is the long-awaited event for the fans who have been eagerly waiting for this fantastic moment. The upcoming tour is packed with electrifying performances, fascinating moments, and overwhelming energy that all Green Day fans will love.

From their newest releases to their all-time hits, this tour promises a unique experience that will be unforgettable. So, grab your tickets and get ready to become a part of this incredible journey. Don’t miss your chance to see Green Day do what they do best – rock the stage!

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