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Artists on Tour 2024: The Ultimate Music Extravaganza

Artists on Tour 2024 include Steve Aoki, Luis Miguel, Drake with J. Cole, Mitski, and Gloria Trevi, among others. The highly anticipated return of Rihanna and her world tour are also creating buzz in the music industry.

As 2024 draws closer, music fans are eagerly anticipating the artists that will be hitting the stage in the coming years. From established stars like Steve Aoki, Luis Miguel, Drake with J. Cole, and Gloria Trevi, to rising talents like Mitski, there’s something for every taste on the horizon.

But perhaps the most exciting news for music lovers is the long-awaited return of Rihanna, who is planning a major comeback with a world tour and two new albums. With so many exciting artists and tours to choose from, it’s an exciting time for music fans everywhere.

Artists on Tour 2024: The Ultimate Music Extravaganza


Rihanna’s Comeback World Tour 2024

Rihanna is reportedly planning a major comeback with a world tour and two new albums in 2024, according to sources. Fans can’t wait to see the artist on stage after a long drought.

Artist Tour Dates Locations Speculated Guests
Rihanna 2024 Worldwide TBD
Rihanna’s fans around the world can expect a major comeback from the singer-songwriter in 2024. The world tour is anticipated to cover multiple locations globally, but the exact dates and places are not yet confirmed. Furthermore, Rihanna is expected to release two new albums, but the details are scarce. As far as the speculated guests are concerned, nobody knows for sure whether Rihanna will team up with other artists, but rumors suggest that there might be some exciting guests to join her on stage. Fans are eagerly waiting to learn more about the upcoming tour and new albums.
Artists on Tour 2024: The Ultimate Music Extravaganza


Must-see Artists On Tour 2024

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as the most talented artists from around the world are hitting the road for their tour in 2024. From Steve Aoki to Luis Miguel, Mitski to Drake with J. Cole, and Gloria Trevi, this year’s tour is going to be epic and not to be missed.

Keep an eye out for the announcement of Rihanna’s world tour and two new albums!

Artists Tour Name Tour Dates
Steve Aoki Neon Future Tour Austin, TX on June 29
Drake with J. Cole It’s All A Blur Tour Austin, TX on May 5
Luis Miguel 33 Tour Austin, TX on April 5
Gloria Trevi Mi Soundtrack World Tour Upcoming Jan dates
Mitski Be the Cowboy Tour Upcoming Jan dates
There are many artists on tour in 2024 that music lovers can look forward to with excitement. The Neon Future Tour of Steve Aoki, the It’s All A Blur Tour of Drake with J. Cole, the 33 Tour of Luis Miguel, the Mi Soundtrack World Tour of Gloria Trevi, and the Be the Cowboy Tour of Mitski are some of the must-see tours of 2024. These tours are scheduled to take place in different cities across the world, including Austin, TX, where some of them will perform on multiple dates. So, plan your schedules accordingly and grab your tickets now to witness these top musicians in action.

Anticipated Tour Announcements For 2024

Predictions for upcoming tour announcements:

  • Rumored tours by popular artists: 2024 is expected to be an exciting year for music lovers as several big names are rumored to go on tours, including Rihanna, Drake with J. Cole, Mitski, and Gloria Trevi.
  • Speculation on surprise reunion tours: Fans are also speculating about surprise reunion tours in 2024, such as Spice Girls, Fleetwood Mac, and the Jonas Brothers.
  • Other artists touring in 2024: Steve Aoki, Luis Miguel, and Mitski are among the artists who have already announced their tours in 2024.
  • Getting inspired for concert tours: If you’re looking for inspiration on which concerts to attend in 2024, check out The Hollywood Reporter, Pitchfork, Entertainment Weekly,, and for their lists of anticipated tours.

The Return Of Icons And Legends

Get ready for the return of icons and legends in the music industry! Fans are eagerly awaiting the possible reunion tours of iconic bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. But that’s not all, because legendary performers such as Elton John, Cher, and Tina Turner are also making a comeback.

Historic venues like Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium will be hosting once-in-a-lifetime shows that music lovers won’t want to miss. Fans can expect a mix of classic hits and new material from their favorite artists. Other possible tours include Drake with J. Cole, Steve Aoki, and Luis Miguel.

But the biggest news is that Rihanna is reportedly planning a major comeback with a world tour and two new albums. Stay tuned for more updates on these highly anticipated tours!

Artist Date Location
Mitski January Austin, TX
Gloria Trevi January Worldwide
Elton John February Worldwide
Cher March Worldwide
Drake with J. Cole April Austin, TX
Luis Miguel May Austin, TX

With so many amazing tours planned for 2024, it’s the perfect time to start planning your concert calendar. Which artist are you most excited to see on tour?

International Music Festivals In 2024

International Music Festivals in 2024:

  • Top music festivals around the world: Mark your calendars as festival season is back! From Glastonbury in the UK, Coachella in California to Sziget in Hungary, there’s something for everyone. Experience the biggest bands and DJs on the planet, dance to the rhythm of the beats and indulge in the musical extravagance.
  • Featured performers and headliners: The music line-up is always the most exciting aspect of any festival. This year will see huge names like Drake, J. Cole, Mitski, Steve Aoki and Luis Miguel perform live on stage. Also, Rihanna is reportedly planning a major comeback with a world tour and two new albums in 2024.
  • Tips for planning and attending a music festival: Make sure you plan your trip in advance, book your tickets early, and research the festival extensively. Prepare for the weather, bring comfortable shoes, a portable charger and always keep your valuables safe. Lastly, embrace the festival spirit and enjoy the music!
Artists on Tour 2024: The Ultimate Music Extravaganza


The Hottest New Acts On Tour In 2024

Discover the latest shows by the hottest new acts on tour in 2024. Experience Steve Aoki’s electrifying performances in Austin, charm to Luis Miguel’s music in Austin or the emotional lyrics of Mitski, and many more artists on tour in 2024.

Don’t miss out!

The Hottest New Acts on Tour in 2024
Are you ready to experience the next big thing? These up-and-coming artists are definitely worth watching in 2024:
Newcomers breaking the scene
From indie darling Mitski to Mexican pop icon Gloria Trevi, these newcomers are pushing the boundaries of music and artistry.
Cutting-edge performances and visuals
Electronic dance music pioneer Steve Aoki and Latin heartthrob Luis Miguel are just a few of the performers who are bringing their A-game when it comes to live shows. And of course, who can forget the highly-anticipated Rihanna world tour that’s rumored to be happening in 2024?

Innovative Tour Production And Technology

Artists on Tour 2024 is promised to be a unique experience for concert-goers in terms of both production and technology. This year’s tour promises to bring revolutionary stage designs and special effects that will be awe-inspiring. Moreover, virtual and immersive concert experiences are also being introduced to enhance concert experiences. From a technology point of view, artists are incorporating social media to communicate with their fans even during the concerts. This is a great opportunity for fans to become an integral part of the show. The audience would be able to see live social media feeds on large screens – live tweets, comments, and requests.

Music Tours For A Cause

Music Tours for a Cause is a great platform for artists to showcase their talent on tour while supporting a multitude of charitable causes. The Artists on Tour 2024 event in Austin, Texas will feature a range of talented performers including Steve Aoki, Luis Miguel, Drake, and Mitski.

Fans can expect to be entertained while knowing that their ticket purchase is contributing to a worthy cause.

Music Tours for a Cause
Concerts and tours supporting social and environmental causes
Artists using their platform to raise awareness
Innovative ways music is being used for activism
Music has always been a powerful tool to spread awareness and promote causes. In recent years, many artists have used their platform to raise awareness about social and environmental issues. Concerts and tours supporting social and environmental causes are becoming increasingly popular. It is inspiring to see many artists come together for a cause and create a positive impact. Innovative ways music is being used for activism is also on the rise. Concerts and festivals that make use of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, are being organized. Furthermore, musicians are incorporating messages about social issues in their music, encouraging their fans to become involved in social movements. The combination of music and activism has the potential to create a lasting impact and inspire people to become active in creating a better world.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Artists On Tour 2024

Which Artists Will Be Touring In 2024?

The list of artists touring in 2024 is not yet finalized. However, some possible artists who may tour are Steve Aoki, Luis Miguel, Drake with J. Cole, Mitski, Gloria Trevi, Rihanna, and other artists who are yet to be announced.

What Female Singer Is Going On Tour In 2024?

There is no information available regarding which female singer is going on tour in 2024.

Is Taylor Swift Touring In 2024?

It is currently uncertain if Taylor Swift will be touring in 2024.

Is Rihanna Going On Tour In 2024?

There is currently no information on whether Rihanna will go on tour in 2024.


The year 2024 promises to be a great one for music lovers as top artists have already announced their tours. From global superstars to up-and-coming acts, fans will be spoilt for choice when it comes to live music experiences. Whether you’re a pop fan or a rock enthusiast, there is something for everyone.

So mark your calendars and get ready to sing your heart out as you join some of your favorite artists on tour in 2024!

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