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Big Daddy Kane vs KRS One

Big Daddy Kane vs KRS One Upcoming Verzuz Battle Live Online

When fans of music hear the word “Verzuz”, three things come to their minds. That’s the excitement, pleasure, and joy that comes with the battle series. The series is one in which recognized hip-hop artists, and bosses of other music genres meet to compete with one another. To sum it up, the music battle is undoubtedly a blockbuster. If you’re a lover of the Verzuz Us series, the good news is that on October 17, two legendary rappers are going to light up the stage.

Big Daddy Kane vs KRS One

About Big Daddy Kane vs KRS One Verzuz

After the announcement of the clash by the Verzuz IG Page, the next contenders of the battle were confirmed. Consequently, the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn is set to host the face-off on October 17, 2021.

Last month, we all saw the battle between Fat Joe and Ja Rule. This month, it’s the clash of rap titans. This is to say the skilled rapper, Big Daddy Kane, and his fellow veteran, KRS One is going to battle it out.

Interestingly, before the announcement of the face-off, Big Daddy Kane named his opponent as one of the top three artists of his time. While KRS on the other hand had an interview with Big Daddy Kane. These two icons value and respect each other.

So here comes the question ” Is Big Daddy Kane going to beat KRS one, or the other way round?” Tune in to watch the battle, or be there live, to have this question answered.

How to Watch Big Daddy Kane vs KRS One

You can Livestream the battle live to watch it. You can do this with your phone, TV, laptop, and other devices. All you need to do is to stay connected and stream the series live when it starts.

Following the above words, you can watch the event on MTV, ROKU TV, Apple TV, and other TVs. You can also stream the event live on Instagram by following the live broadcast. On Instagram, you have the opportunity to comment in the comment section as the battle goes on.

The same applies to Facebook, Twitter, Thriller, and other handles. Once you have an account on any of these social platforms, the battle is a call away.

About Big Daddy Kane

The name “Big Daddy Kane” is the professional name of Antonio Hardy. The American rapper was born on the 10th of September, 1968, and has since then grown to be one of the best rappers of his time. Although he is an asthmatic person, his ability to rap in a fast way is one of his strengths. No wonder he is acknowledged as one of the legends of hip-hop.

Big Daddy Kane’s first album came out in 1988. He called it “Long Live the Kane” before he released his subsequent and breakthrough hit album “It’s a Big Daddy Thing”. Since then, he has become a force to reckon with. The Grammy Award winner later went further to release other songs and albums. The American rapper to date is called one of the greatest rappers of the golden age of hip-hop. Due to this, many artists have worked with him. The fact that he is a talented lyricist is a plus in his case.

Hip-hop apart, Big Daddy Kane also has a couple of acting skills. His acting journey started when he debuted in Mario Van Peebles’s Western, Posse. He later appeared in “The Meteor Man”, before posing for Playgirl and Madonna’s book Sex. The legacy of Big Daddy Kane cuts across the music industry. It’s no longer a secret that upcoming rappers look up to him. He is without mince words, a star among other stars.

About KRS One

Just like Big Daddy Kane, KRS also is influential in the music industry. Lawrence “Kris” Parker known by the stage name KRS one (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone), is an American rapper who ties words with his rap. The rapper was born on the 20th of August, 1965.

KRS One’s furious political and socially conscious raps earned him the name “teacher”. As the word teacher implies, youngsters out there are following in his footsteps. The fact that he founded “The Temple of Hip Hop” to promote hip-hop says it all.

In 1993, KRS One released his first solo album titled ” Return of The Boom Bap”. One thing led to the other, and he later came up with “KRS-ONE”, his second album. Years later, the American rapper caused controversy when he said African-Americans cheered when 911 happened. Subsequently, he defended himself in an editorial.

The sensational rapper has a lot of awards in his cabinet. He was nominated for Grammy Awards and won awards like the Bet Hip Hop award, Am Hip Hop award, and so on. KRS One is undoubtedly a hip-hop icon who has a lot of achievements. The vocal rapper is indeed the only one of his kind. Fortunately, we are about to witness his battle with another great legend, Big Daddy Kane, in this lifetime.

How to Buy Big Daddy Kane vs KRS One Tickets

To experience the battle in person, you need to be there. To be there, you need a ticket.

You can get your ticket on the official website of All you need to do is visit the website, follow the instructions, and book your ticket to enjoy the show live.

However, if you’re unable to see it in person, there is a long line of social platforms where you can stream it live. As stated above, these platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Triller, Roku TV, and so on.

Verzuz Super Cat ICONZ series

For the first time verzuz battle happened in two days events. In 1st day Verzuz’s Super Cat ICONZ series will be happening on October 16. For SuperCat fans, this is a new experience and they don’t want to miss Verzuz Super Cat this show. Verzuz broadcasting Verzuz Super Cat Concert live streaming online.

Verzuz ICONZ Concert Live

Final Words

When it comes to hip-hop, Big Daddy Kane and KRS One are two legends. Over the years, they have produced moments of magic and have wowed their fans in numerous ways. This simply means the battle is going to be mind-blowing.

Apart from the battle, the Verzuz Series is one to look out for. With legends battling and music flowing, you know the show is one of a kind.

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