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Verzuz Super Cat Concert

Verzuz Super Cat Concert and Verzuz Boxing Series Live Stream on TV

The Verzuz battle series and Triller Fight Club have been giving us double battle action. This has been since August when the Triller Verzuz event debuted in New City. If you didn’t know about the Triller Verzuz event before now, you need not worry! The Triller Verzuz event does a superb blending of professional boxing with the usual rap battles that we know.

If you didn’t know about the Triller Verzuz event before now, you need not worry! You’ve got a chance to witness the third Triller Verzuz event in mid-October, 2021. The two-day event will feature the new Verzuz concert series, ICONZ, and the boxing main event on Saturday. Then on Sunday, we will be treated to another bombastic battle. This will be between BIG DADDY KAY and KRS ONE. The Triller Verzuz event will take place as a two-night October weekend event, between October 16 and 17.

Verzuz Super Cat Concert


The Iconz Concert series is one of the latest music entertainment projects by Verzuz. The battle series began in 2020 as a Virtual DJ battle series. Since then, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz have been giving us back-to-back entertainment with the series.

For the new Iconz concert series, Verzuz has announced that the iconic SUPER CAT will headline this concert. Yes! Verzuz will be hosting the Dancehall Superstar, Supercat, and Friends. The highly anticipated concert will be live at the Barclays Center in New York City! In other words, you can check in for a physical watch as we count down, and you can also watch comfortably, right from home.

How to watch the SUPER CAT Verzuz Concert Live Stream

Not to worry, if you want to watch in person, that’s just great. Nevertheless, if you can’t, we got you covered. To watch the SUPER CAT Verzuz Concert Live Stream, you can tune in through the Triller Fight Club website. Here is the link – TRILLERFIGHTCLUB.COM. Otherwise, you can watch from FITE. TV. FITE.TV is owned by Triller Fight Club, so you can watch using either of the options. You can access FITE.TV with the app which is easily accessible on mobile devices. Catch the show by 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST.

How to buy SUPER CAT Verzuz Concert Tickets

To watch the show in person at Barclays Center, they are available at the official website of the Triller Fight Club. However, you can also get the tickets from other websites such as and other ticket sites out there.

About Triller Verzuz Boxing Series

It is no news that Triller holds monthly shows at Madison Square Garden every first Tuesday of every month. In the show, people get to see world-class professional boxing and boxers and the iconic, Verzuz Rap Battle. When this happens, the environment is filled with fun, and the excitement makes the day for most people.

On the 3rd of August, 2021, the series started with an iconic, live Verzuz Rap Battle between DIPSET and THE LOX, and a battle between world-class boxers. The series has since then proven to be eventful.
The series kicks off on the first Tuesday of every month at Madison Square Garden. The event starts at 6:00 p.m. ET. It will be broadcast live internationally on FITE.TV and

How to Watch Verzuz Boxing Live Stream

Watching Verzuz boxing is easier than you think. You can Livestream it on FITE. TV and You can also stream it live on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

How to buy Verzuz Boxing Tickets

Boxing is one of the most lucrative combat sports in history. To enjoy Verzuz boxing, you need a ticket. Also,  to buy your Verzuz ticket, kindly visit the official website of Madison Square Garden Entertainment. You can also get your ticket from Ticketmaster and other ticket vendors online.

About Seldin Vs Silva Boxing

The showdown between Cletus Seldin vs. William Silva is going to be held on the 16th of October 2022 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The two super lightweight boxers are battling it out with each other.

Cletus Sedin also known as Hebrew Hammer started his professional boxing career in 2011. The boxer has since worked wonders. This time, he is going to defend his NABA Super Lightweight Title in a ten-rounder against heavy-handed William Sliva.

Seldin won his recent title after he battered Zad Judah on the 7th of June in the 11th-round knockout. This means the clash ended with Seldin winning the former world champion. His fight with Silva is going to be interesting.

About Gonzalez Vs Ananyan

The fight between Gonzalez and Ananyan is ten days from now. The fight between these two lightweights will be held on the 17th of October along with the showdown between Seldin and Sliva. One key fact of this encounter is the fact that Gonzalez is the current WBC FECARBOX Super Lightweight Championship.

In other words, he has all the takes to take on Ananyan. Interestingly, the fight promises to be exciting and one to look out for. Consequently, thousands of fans are anxiously waiting for the day.

How to Watch Boxing on FITE TV

The good news is you can watch the fight live on FITE TV. FITE TV came into force on the 20th of May, 2012. The American digital video service diligently covers combat sports-related programming. From boxing to Wrestling, any sport that has combat in it is within the auspices of the network. Also, the network distributes free-to-air content, pay-per-view events, and SVOD packages. Also, you can watch the boxing live on FITE TV by streaming it live on the platform.

Final Words

The Verzuz battle series and Fight Club have made waves in recent times. The mixture of professional boxing with rap battles has proven to be a hit over time. The combination of both boxing and rapping is laudable. Therefore making it a great show. Given this, both the Verzuz battle series and Triller Fight Club are blockbusters. Also, it is a show no one wants to miss. This means the show is a rare definition of creativity. On October 16 and 17, get ready to be entertained.

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