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8Ball & MJG vs UGK Verzuz Battle

8Ball & MJG vs UGK Verzuz Battle Live Stream

The Verzuz battle series has come so far, and we can honestly say that it’s been a long sweet ride! Even though the Instagram live show came in to entertain us through the pandemic, it’s amazing that the show has carried on, and is even so much better than when it started. And now, we have here yet again, an upcoming legendary Verzuz battle between southern rap stars, MJG, and 8Ball vs UGK. It’s set for this May weekend, and we know you would love to see it and catch all the action.

Therefore, we have put this whole piece together in a bid to get you informed about important details regarding the upcoming show. So, you will be learning here about how to watch the 8Ball and MJG vs UGK battle, and how to buy your tickets. Also, you will get to know more about the legendary artists. So, let’s get on with it.

8Ball & MJG vs UGK Verzuz Battle

Upcoming Verzuz Battle
Upcoming Battle: 8Ball & MJG vs UGK
Date: Thursday, May 26th, 2022
Start Time: 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET
Live Stream: Watch Now

About 8Ball & MJG vs UGK Verzuz Battle

This Thursday night in Atlanta city, we shall witness yet another super historic session between long-standing rap artists. Did you just learn about it? Well, you came in late, because the news of this particular battle has been in the air for months now. So, you can tell that it is highly anticipated.

We know how fans can be super-vibed up about upcoming battles, with high expectations. How would you love to watch it? Will you be watching all the action from home? Or, would you get some tickets, get on a plane, and go witness all the action in person? Either way, you can trust us to have you fully covered. We’ve got both varieties of information present here, and you will love it. Afterward, you can go get yourself ready for a super fun versus battle night.

About 8Ball & MJG

8Ball & MJG is a duo musical group that originated back in the early 90s. The duo formally named Premro Smith and Marlon Jermaine kickstarted their career in 1991.

Both rappers had met up at the Ridgeway Middle School in Memphis, Tennessee back in 1984. Then, they started their career with the ‘Listen to the Lyrics’ album in 1991, both artists have gone on to release more record-breaking music from singles to albums and they have stood strong, even in the 21st century. Their major album, “Comin’ Out Hard” was indeed powerful. And, this is because it pulled in listeners and sales for the duo.

As a team, they have both released about 8 albums in order and they have also produced their albums and singles singularly as solo artists. With multiple billboard records, the duo singers also have in their group name a net worth of about $15 million.

About UGK

In 1987, two aspiring musicians, Chad Butler and Bernard Freeman came together for the UGK music group. To start with, the duo, who go by the stage name, Pimp C and Bun B respectively, both had pretty nice family backgrounds in music. So, you can say that this factor was one pushing factor for both aspirants.

While they met in 1984 and properly formed the group in ’87, both artists had already released their US Billboard 200 charter album, ‘Too Hard To Swallow’ in 1992. This was the period when their official label identity Jive Records came in. Following this, they united by releasing other albums, numbering about six in number. This is supported by two EPs, both equally successful in their career.

In addition, the UGK group has got in bags multiple awards. Some of these awards include Video of the Year and Best Group by the BET Awards. Also, they’ve got other awards like the Legend Award, Best Group, and Best Video by the Ozone Awards. Again, there are the two nice nominations they bagged for the Grammys in 2001 and 2008. Following this, the duo has continued with their productions.

How to Buy 8Ball & MJG vs UGK Verzuz Tickets

Some of us love to get up and take the bold step of watching our favorite shows live without hitches and that’s quite amazing. So, if you’re a member of this group and you would like to learn where to get your tickets for the battle, here it is. Please, know that the tickets for any Verzuz battle can be gotten from the Verzuz website. However, if you’re a little behind schedule, you can get yours from ticket retail stores like Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and more.

How to watch 8Ball & MJG vs UGK Battle

Yay! You won’t want to chill back at home and catch the action all without stress, right? This is for you. There are multiple ways for you to watch the 8Ball & MJG vs UGK Battle this Thursday. One of the most popular ways is through Instagram Live! Right from time, we have been able to access the Verzuz battles on Instagram, and we can still do that now. You can also watch through Roku, Facebook, or on YouTube Channel. Connect through these mediums to have a fun-filled experience.

About Memorial Day

If you have been following the Verzuz battle series well enough, then you would have been accustomed to the Memorial Day Weekend. This is because this weekend’s celebration has become an annual event for the group. For this year’s Memorial Day Weekend, we will be watching these two duo groups battle in an intense but fun rap series. So, let us all look forward to enjoying it fully.

Final Words

This Thursday night, we look forward to watching them bring all the action and energy to the stage. Also, it shouldn’t just be all about the battle, but we’ve got to have some fun and that is worth looking forward to. Did you enjoy reading about this upcoming battle? If you did, then we’re sure that you would love more updates about Verzuz battles and more entertainment news. Are you in for this? Then, get on board by staying connected to the blog.

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