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Cypress Hill vs Onyx Verzuz Battle

Cypress Hill vs Onyx Verzuz Battle Live Stream Online

After the amazing performance of gospel music double duos, Mary Mary vs. Cece and Bebe Winans on April 17 for the Easter Special, we have yet other specials on the way. Amongst others is the very anticipated “Fight Night Music” Boxing Special with Cypress Hill vs Onyx. Just like all other nights on Verzuz, this mixing special is expected to bring in all the fun that we want to see. And, as the Verzuz battle series team and Triller make plans toward its success, we are also elated to keep the internet audience informed about the event. Get ready to know all about the Cypress Hill vs Onyx battle.

However, while we learn, we will also be introducing the two legendary duo groups that will face off in the battle. Then, you will be learning about the best and easiest ways to purchase your tickets to the event. However, if you won’t be attending in person, you can also get the option of learning how to watch the battle right from your bed, or sofa. As a sweet addition, we will be giving you details too, about the boxing session championed by the Triller Fight Club. This will be between Kovalev vs Pulev.

Cypress Hill vs Onyx Verzuz Battle

Upcoming Verzuz Battle
Upcoming Battle:Cypress Hill vs Onyx
Date:Saturday, May 14, 2022
Start Time:9:30 PM ET
Live Stream:Watch Now

About Cypress Hill vs Onyx Verzuz Battle

Earlier in March, the Verzuz series management had announced the incoming specials of the year. We’ve witnessed solo artists battle against each other, and we’ve also witnessed double duo battles like we saw in the Easter special. For this special, we will be watching two of the best American groups come together for a historic battle. The Cypress Hill vs Onyx battle is only one out of the two major sessions scheduled for the same day which also includes the Kovalev vs Pulev Boxing. This was arranged by the Triller Fight Club and Verzuz battle team.

The theme for the day is “Lineage of Greatness”. Also, the highly anticipated show will be happening on Saturday, May 14, 2022. Then, the venue where we will gather to watch it all go down is the Forum, in Los Angeles, USA. Prepare for a 90s music showdown and this group represents the oldest music groups in America. In subsequent paragraphs, we will be providing information about these two music groups which are Cypress Hill and Onyx. From there, you can have a good idea of what to expect on that May weekend we all are looking forward to.

About Cypress Hill

Back in the late 1980s, just in the wake of hip hop on the West Coast, two brothers, Senen and Sergio Reyes of Cuba combined efforts with Lawrence Muggerud and Louis Freese to form a music group. The name of the group, DVX was the acronym for Devastating Vocal Excellence. Following the departure of one of the lead partners, Sergio Reyes (Mellow Man Ace), the group rebranded and changed the name to Cypress Hill.

We would like to address them by their formal names. However, it’d be nice you meet these men of honor professionally. Senen Reyes had his stage name as Sen Dog while his brother. Also, Sergio was known as Mellow Man Ace. Also, their other partners, Lawrence Muggerud and Louis Freese were known as DJ Mux and B Reel respectively.

Years later, the Cypress Hill group has grown to be a renowned music group of America’s most revered musicians. While they had a huge success record from the old times, the band still maintains its excellence. Today, Cypress Hill still has two of its oldest members, B-Reel and Sen Dog. Both musicians still play their vocalist roles since 1988. The new addition to the group is Eric Correa, who goes by Eric Bobo. Eric joined the music group in 1993 and has served as the drummer since.

About Onyx

From Jamaica, New York City rose the three-man initiative contributed to American 80s and 90s pop, Onyx. More than the influence they had in the beginning, this group also thrives as one of the best bands in America today.

Freddy Starr, Sonny Seeza, and Big DS were schoolmates who came together in 1988 to form their music band. From 1993 to the present, in 2022, the band has successfully released 10 wholesomely successful albums. Likewise, they have been in 8 compilation albums, and 1 collaborative album. Then, they also released one EP.

Today, the band numbers only two with just one of its older members since 1988, Freddo Starr and then Sticky Fingers since 1991. Both members have made waves and are still influential in the present NYC, America.

How to Buy Cypress Hill vs Onyx Verzuz Tickets

Just like getting tickets to these highly rated popular shows, you can get the Cypress Hill vs Onyx Verzuz on the Verzuz battle series website. The tickets have been on sale since the week of its announcement. You can also get these tickets from your favorite ticket outlets online. These include Songkick, Ticketmaster, and Vivid Seats among others.

How to watch Cypress Hill vs Onyx Battle

As you would always hear or read, the easiest way to watch or stream a versus battle live is on Instagram. If you’d prefer other channels, you can try using the Triller app. Also, you can watch on RokuTV and other smart TVs have the Battle series listed.

About Kovalev vs Pulev Boxing

Here is also a major part of the Lineage of Greatness event. While we will enjoy the music battle between the legendary groups, we will also see a live faceoff between Sergey Kovalev and Tervey Pulev.

About Kovalev vs Pulev Boxing online stream

With your phone, Desktop, Laptop, or Smart TV, you can enjoy the Kovalev vs Pulev Boxing online. The easiest and most popular medium that you can use is, Fitetv using pay-per-view. Also,

Final Words

We are expectant of May 14, as it will bring in to us, two of the most iconic Verzuz series ever. While we’d love to see our iconic music bands serve us the old-school vibes, it will also be a pleasure to watch the physical test out live at Forum, LA.

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