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When is the Tour de France 2024? Mark Your Calendars!

The Tour De France 2024 will be held in July 2024. The Tour De France, considered the world’s most prestigious cycling race, takes place annually in France and sometimes features stages in other countries.

The Tour De France is an iconic cycling race that has been held annually since 1903. It attracts top cyclists from around the world to compete in a grueling three-week race covering an average distance of around 3,500 kilometers. The route of the race changes every year, with stages in different regions of France and sometimes in neighboring countries.

The race consists of 21 stages and goes through mountains, flatlands, and time trials. The winner of the race is awarded the coveted yellow jersey, and there are additional awards for individual stages and categories such as the best young rider and best climber. The 2024 edition of the Tour De France is eagerly awaited by fans and cyclists alike.

When is the Tour de France 2024? Mark Your Calendars!


What Is Tour De France?

The Tour de France is an annual cycling competition that takes place over three weeks during the summer. The dates for the 2024 Tour de France have not yet been announced.

What is Tour de France?
Brief Introduction
Tour de France is a world-famous bike race that takes place annually in France. The race covers a distance of around 3,500 km, usually over the course of 21 stages, over the span of three weeks. The race has been held every year since it began in 1903, except during the two World Wars. Tour de France is considered one of the most prestigious events in the cycling world, attracting top cyclists from around the globe.
History of Tour de France
Tour de France had humble beginnings in 1903 and has since grown to become one of the most distinguished cycling events in the world. It was started to boost the sales of a French newspaper and over the years, the race has seen significant changes in the route and the types of stages. Lance Armstrong was the most successful cyclist in the history of Tour de France, winning the event seven times consecutively before being stripped of his titles due to doping charges.
When is the Tour de France 2024?
Tour de France is usually held in the month of July, and the dates for the race are announced well in advance. However, the exact route and stages of the 2024 race are not yet known. The 2024 edition of the race will commence from the beautiful city of Florence Émilie and will end in the picturesque town of Valloire. The race will cover a total distance of around 3,500 km, spread over 21 stages. It promises to be a thrilling event that will attract cycling enthusiasts from all corners of the world.
Tour de France distance per day
The distance covered by Tour de France cyclists each day varies depending on the route, terrain, and type of stage. Generally, cyclists can ride up to 200 km per day, and they can complete each stage within five to six hours. The race route consists of flat, mountainous, and medium-mountain stages, and each stage offers a unique challenge to the cyclists.

When Is Tour De France 2024?

The Tour de France 2024 date is yet to be officially announced, but it is expected to take place in July as it traditionally does. Cycling enthusiasts eagerly await the revealing of the exact dates and the race route for the 2024 edition.

Exact Dates July 2024
Locations and Stages France, Italy, Monaco
Previous Winners T. Pogačar (Youth Classification), J. Vingegaard (General Classification), J. Philipsen (Points Classification), G. Ciccone (Mountains Classification)
The Tour de France 2024 will take place in July, covering stages in France, Italy, and Monaco. In the previous year, T. Pogačar, J. Vingegaard, J. Philipsen, and G. Ciccone emerged as winners in the youth and general classifications, points classification, and mountains classification, respectively. The tour will cover various stages from Stage 1 to Stage 21, where the final stage will take place in Valloire in 2025. The Tour de France is a renowned cycling event that attracts tourists worldwide. It takes place every July since its first competition in 1903.

What Are The Notable Events And Competitions During Tour De France?

Classification Winner
Youth Classification T. Pogačar
General classification J. Vingegaard
Points Classification J. Philipsen
Mountains Classification G. Ciccone

The Tour de France is one of the most popular cycling competitions in the world and is usually held in July. It covers different locations that include France, Italy, and Monaco. The 2024 tour is likely to have a grand depart from Florence Émilie…, and the last stages will be held in Valloire. Some of the notable events and competitions during the Tour de France include Youth Classification, General classification, Points classification, and Mountains classification. T. Pogačar won the Youth Classification, J. Vingegaard won the general classification, J. Philipsen won the Points Classification, and G. Ciccone won the Mountains Classification in 2021.

When is the Tour de France 2024? Mark Your Calendars!


How Can Tourists Plan For Tour De France 2024?

Planning for Tour de France 2024? The exact dates of the event have not been announced yet, but traditionally, it is held in July. Stay updated with the latest news on the event, plan your travels, and explore the beautiful locations of France, Italy, and Monaco.

Topic Important Points to Consider
Travel and stay – Plan to arrive a few days early to get accustomed to the time change and avoid any travel delays.
– Book your accommodations well in advance since they tend to fill up quickly during the Tour de France.
– Consider staying in cities that are hosting stages and are conveniently located to other stages to avoid long-distance travel.
Tickets and passes – Purchase your tickets and passes as soon as possible to ensure you have access to the events you want to attend.
– Check the Tour de France website for a full list of the available tickets and passes.
– Look for packages that include accommodations and transportation to make your planning easier.
Recommended events – The Grand Depart is always a popular event and features a parade the day before the race starts.
– The final stages are also highly recommended, with the final stage in Paris being especially exciting.
– Look for events that take place in historic and beautiful cities, such as Nice and Lyon.
To plan for the Tour de France 2024, tourists should consider various factors. When it comes to travel and stay, it is recommended to arrive early to adjust to the time change and book accommodations well in advance. It is also advisable to stay in hotels located in hosting cities to avoid long-distance travel. In terms of tickets and passes, it is best to purchase them as early as possible and consider packages that include transportation and accommodations. Finally, some recommended events during the Tour de France are the Grand Depart, the final stages, and events in historic cities like Nice and Lyon. Consider these factors and events to plan a successful Tour de France 2024 trip.

What Are The Recent Updates And News About Tour De France 2024?

The Tour de France (TDF) is one of the most watched and loved cycling events globally, held in July every year. In 2024, the TDF’s expected to be held from July 5th to July 28th. NBC Sports and Peacock will be extending the coverages through the TDF happening days. Other exciting news suggests the inclusion of TDF in the Olympics, creating a buzz of competitive spirit amongst the cycling enthusiasts. Along with this, TDF’s 2025 updates have been discussed in various resources like Alpecin Cycling, Gran Fondo Guide, and Freewheeling France, with T.Pogačar, J.Vingegaard, J.Philipsen, and G.Ciccone topping the different classification categories in the event.

Location Dates
France July 5th – July 28th, 2024
Italy, Monaco TBA, 2025

Recently, TDF’s officials had announced the inauguration of the route, starting on Stage 1 in Florence Émilie, and ending on Stage 21 in Valloire for the 2025 version. TDF 2021 had covered approximately 3,383 km, with each day’s distance being 164-248 km, creating an intra-day distance of 35-40 km/h. Rouleur and Freewheeling France are great resources to learn about different stages, distance covered, and interesting facts about TDF.

When is the Tour de France 2024? Mark Your Calendars!


How Physically Demanding Is Tour De France?

The Tour de France is considered one of the most physically demanding sporting events in the world. With daily stages averaging over 100 miles and challenging mountain climbs, the cyclists push their bodies to the limit. The 2024 Tour de France is expected to be held in July, as per the usual schedule.

Daily Distance Travelled by Cyclists: During the Tour de France, cyclists cover an average distance of about 130-140km (80-85 miles) per day over a period of 21 grueling stages. However, certain stages can vary in distance from 150km to upwards of 250km.
Training Required for the Event: Participating in the Tour de France requires intense physical training and endurance. Cyclists spend months training for the event, which includes high-intensity interval training, endurance-building exercises, and cycling long distances at high speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions On When Is The Tour De France 2024

Where Can I Watch The Tour De France 2024?

You can watch the Tour de France 2024 in France, Italy, and Monaco. The event usually happens in July. You can find more details about the overall route and stages on Le Tour de France website, as well as some helpful resources on Freewheeling France and Rouleur.

What Is The Hardest Stage Of The Tour De France 2024?

The hardest stage of the Tour de France 2024 cannot be determined yet.

In Which Month Is The Tour De France Held?

The Tour de France is held in July.

In Which Country Will The Tour De France Pass Through A New Country In 2024?

The Tour de France will pass through a new country in 2024, and that country is Italy.


The Tour De France 2024 is set to be one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for cycling enthusiasts and sports fans alike. With its long and storied history, the Tour De France has become an iconic competition that brings together athletes from all around the world to compete in this grueling test of endurance.

If you’re planning to attend this event, make sure to stay updated on the exact dates and locations of the various stages to get the most out of your experience. Get excited for another epic Tour De France in 2024!

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