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Seventeen Tour 2024

SEVENTEEN Tour 2024: Follow Them Around the World!

SEVENTEEN has announced their 2024 tour. For more information on the tour dates, venues, and ticket availability, fans can visit various websites such as Vivid Seats, Seat Unique, Yahoo Entertainment, NME, Ticketmaster, Kpopmap, and Seventeen Wiki, among others.

As of now, there is no information about whether the tour will include the USA as a destination, but fans can keep an eye out for updates on the SEVENTEEN official Weverse page and their social media accounts. The upcoming tour is titled ‘FOLLOW’ and will initially kick off in Seoul and Incheon in South Korea.

SEVENTEEN Tour 2024: Follow Them Around the World!


Seventeen Tour 2024

SEVENTEEN will be going on tour in 2024, with stops in various cities around the world. Fans can expect high energy performances and the chance to hear their favorite hits live. Tickets are available for purchase on official sites like Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats.

  • SEVENTEEN announces the 2024 tour dates and venues
  • The ticket sales will start in a month
  • The theme and concept of the tour will focus on their journey as artists
SEVENTEEN announced the highly anticipated tour dates and venues for their 2024 world tour. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the news and are excited to see the boys perform live once again. The tour will kick off in their home country, South Korea, and will make stops in various countries around the world, including the USA. The ticket sales for the tour will start in a month’s time. The tour will focus on the journey of SEVENTEEN as artists and will showcase their growth and the themes that are important to them. Fans can expect to see elaborate performances and stunning visuals from the talented group.
SEVENTEEN Tour 2024: Follow Them Around the World!


Preparing For The Tour

Preparing for Seventeen Tour 2024 can be a daunting task. Rehearsals and choreography are crucial in ensuring a flawless performance. The setlist plays a significant role in engaging audiences, and choosing the right songs is essential. Production design will significantly impact the overall performance and needs to be carefully considered.

During rehearsals, the band members will need to practice their moves, vocals, and instruments. It’s essential to ensure they have enough time to perfect their craft. Additionally, choreography needs to be creative and engaging, and the right dances should be chosen to fit the songs.

Setlists play a crucial role in captivating the audience. It’s important to choose the right songs that fans want to hear, including their hit songs and newer ones. A good balance between upbeat and sentimental songs is essential.

The production design will set the mood and ambiance of the performance. The lighting, stage design, and special effects should complement the songs and choreography. The stage must be set up in advance, and adjustments may need to be made depending on the venue’s size and shape.

Behind The Scenes

SEVENTEEN, the popular K-pop group, has announced their 2024 world tour, FOLLOW. Behind the scenes, the tour will be documented, including interviews with members and meet and greet sessions for fans.

Fan Experience

SEVENTEEN Tour 2024 is an exciting event for fans of this popular K-Pop group. As a fan, you can look forward to a memorable experience that includes Fan Projects and Events, Exclusive Merchandise, and Interacting with SEVENTEEN. At the Fan Projects and Events, you will get to participate in engaging activities that showcase your love for the group. The Exclusive Merchandise will give you the opportunity to own unique SEVENTEEN items that are not available elsewhere. Lastly, the chance to interact with the SEVENTEEN members in person is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you won’t want to miss. Don’t forget to check out SEVENTEEN’s tour schedule to see if they will be visiting your city on their tour. Get ready for a fantastic experience!

Impact On K-pop Industry

The announcement of SEVENTEEN’s 2024 tour has brought great impact to the K-Pop industry, especially in terms of their global influence. With a growing fanbase around the world, the tour gives SEVENTEEN the opportunity to connect with more fans and further expand their reach. Collaborations and partnerships with other artists and companies also contribute to their success. The tour will undoubtedly bring excitement to SEVENTEEN fans and K-Pop enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned for more information on tour dates and locations.

SEVENTEEN Tour 2024: Follow Them Around the World!


Frequently Asked Questions For Seventeen Tour 2024

Is Seventeen Going On Tour In 2024?

As of now, there is no information available on whether Seventeen will be going on tour in 2024. Stay updated on their official website or social media accounts for any updates on future tours.

Is Seventeen Going On A World Tour?

Yes, Seventeen is going on a world tour in 2024 called “FOLLOW” and will perform in cities like Seoul and Incheon. Check out Seat Unique and Kpopmap for more tour details and Ticketmaster for ticket purchases.

Is Enhypen Going On Tour In 2024?

No official announcement has been made for Enhypen’s tour in 2024. It’s best to stay tuned for any updates on their official website or social media pages.

Is Ateez Going On Tour In 2024?

There is no information available yet on whether Ateez will embark on a tour in 2024.


As SEVENTEEN wraps up their current tour, fans are already buzzing with excitement for their 2024 follow-up tour. With shows scheduled in Seoul and Incheon, fans in the United States and around the world are eagerly waiting to see if the band will add more locations.

As one of the hottest K-pop groups, SEVENTEEN continues to dominate the charts and capture the hearts of fans. The 2024 tour promises to be another incredible experience for fans, showcasing SEVENTEEN’s incredible talent and high-energy performances. Time to mark calendars and get ready for the highly anticipated SEVENTEEN TOUR ‘FOLLOW’ 2024!

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