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Iron Maiden Tour

Iron Maiden Tour 2024: Rock Out with Eddie and the Band

Iron Maiden is going on The Future Past Tour in 2022, but there has been no official announcement about a tour in 2024 yet. Iron Maiden is a legendary heavy metal band formed in 1975 in London, England.

The band has released over 40 albums and sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, making them one of the most successful metal bands of all time. With a loyal fan base that spans across the globe, Iron Maiden is renowned for their epic live performances and their elaborate stage shows featuring larger-than-life Eddie the Head, the band’s iconic mascot.

We’ll delve into Iron Maiden’s past tours and what may be in store for their 2024 tour. We’ll also explore what we know so far about the band’s upcoming Future Past Tour and how fans can get tickets to see the band live.

Iron Maiden Tour

Iron Maiden Tour 2024

Iron Maiden announces their 2024 Tour in North America, which will include shows in the USA, Canada, and Chile. Fans can look forward to experiencing the band’s epic live performances as they play their classic hits and new tracks off their latest album. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to see Iron Maiden live!

Iron Maiden – A Brief History

Iron Maiden is a British heavy metal band that has been around for over 45 years. The band has announced new tour dates for the US, Canada, and Chile in 2024 as part of their ‘Future Past Tour’. Some of the top songs that fans can expect on their setlist include “Run to the Hills”, “The Trooper”, “Fear of the Dark” and “Hallowed Be Thy Name”. Fans can purchase their tickets from Ticketmaster or StubHub.

What to Expect from their Future Past Tour?

The band was formed in 1975 by bassist Steve Harris. Since then, they have released 16 studio albums and sold over 100 million records worldwide. Iron Maiden is known for their energetic live performances and theatrical shows that feature impressive stage setups, pyrotechnics, and Eddie, the band’s mascot. The Future Past Tour promises to be one of their most ambitious tours yet, featuring fan-favorite songs from their extensive discography, as well as newer tracks. Fans can also expect to see a new stage production and special effects that will enhance their concert experience.

Top Songs to Watch Out for on Their Setlist
1. Run to the Hills
2. The Trooper
3. Fear of the Dark
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name

Iron Maiden Tour 2024: Rock Out with Eddie and the Band


Chart-topping Concert Venues

Top Venues to Catch Iron Maiden Perform
StubHub Iron Maiden San Antonio
Iron Maiden Fort Worth
Tickets Center Iron Maiden Tickets
Frost Bank Center Tickets

Iron Maiden, the legendary British heavy metal band, is embarking on a North American tour in 2024. The tour includes several chart-topping concert venues across the United States and Canada. These venues are known for providing the best music experience to the fans.

What makes these venues stand out for the music lovers are their unique features. The StubHub Iron Maiden San Antonio, for example, has been one of the most preferred venues due to its state-of-the-art infrastructure. Similarly, the Frost Bank Center Tickets is known for its sound quality.

Other venues, such as the Iron Maiden Fort Worth and Tickets Center Iron Maiden Tickets, have also impressed fans with their exceptional stage setup and lighting effects. So don’t miss the chance to catch the band at these venues in 2024.

Fan Club And Presale Info

Join the Official Iron Maiden Fan Club and Receive Exclusive Access: The official Iron Maiden fan club is the perfect place for fans to connect with other like-minded individuals. Not only do members have access to exclusive merchandise, but they also receive early access to presale tickets before the general public. This gives fellow fans the opportunity to secure tickets for their desired show before they sell out.

Presale Information: Buy Your Tickets Early! Presale tickets are available for members of the official Iron Maiden fan club. Not only does this give members early access to ticket sales, but they also have the chance to purchase tickets without having to compete with the general public. You won’t have to stress about trying to purchase tickets last minute!

Memorabilia: Collectibles for Fans Iron Maiden also offers fans a variety of collectibles through their official merchandise store. Fans can purchase t-shirts, hats, posters, and other exclusive items to showcase their love for the band.

Iron Maiden Tour 2024: Rock Out with Eddie and the Band


Legacy Of The Beast: The Game

Iron Maiden’s tour in 2024 is highly anticipated by fans of the Legacy of the Beast game. With added shows in the USA, Canada, and Chile, the tour promises to be epic. Iron Maiden’s website has all the details on the tour and fan club presale.

Iron Maiden is a heavy metal band renowned for their electrifying live performances. The Legacy of the Beast game is inspired by their music and features iconic characters like Virtual XI Eddie for the players to embody. The game is free to download and play, making it easily accessible to fans. Iron Maiden is also embarking on their Tour 2024, with shows confirmed in the USA, Canada, and Chile.

Fans can purchase tickets from Ticketmaster, StubHub, and other online ticketing platforms. The tour will also have a fan club presale for die-hard fans. Keep up with the latest news and updates about the Iron Maiden Tour 2024 on their official website.

Supporting Artists

Iron Maiden Tour 2024 is a great opportunity to support artists and enjoy their music. With new shows added to The Future Past Tour in the USA, Canada, and Chile, Iron Maiden fans can look forward to experiencing the band’s epic performances. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness one of the most legendary heavy metal bands of all time.

Iron Maiden’s 2024 tour will feature several fantastic supporting artists. Fans across North America can look forward to seeing Mongolian heavy metal band, The Hu, as they open for Iron Maiden for the first time. The Hu is gaining popularity with their unique blend of traditional Mongolian music and heavy metal.

Additionally, Saxon and Uriah Heep will join Iron Maiden for their San Antonio show. Fans can purchase tickets for all of Iron Maiden’s shows on their official website and Ticketmaster. As dates continue to be added, fans should also check StubHub for availability. Iron Maiden will be returning to North America in 2024 to deliver epic performances for their fans.

Latest News And Updates

Iron Maiden has recently announced their 2024 tour across the USA, Canada, and Chile, bringing their iconic sound to fans across the continent. Catch them live at any of their upcoming shows, and don’t miss out on this chance to experience pure metal energy in person.

Iron Maiden fans are eagerly awaiting news about the band’s upcoming Future Past Tour in 2024. While there is no official announcement yet about their US tour, fans can keep an eye on their official website and social media accounts for updates. Rolling Stone has covered the band’s plans and past successes, including their legendary 2024 tour. Fans can also check out ticketing sites like Ticketmaster and StubHub for information on potential tour dates in their area. The band has recently added US, Canada, and Chile shows to their tour, so fans should continue to keep an eye out for new announcements. As always, Iron Maiden is sure to deliver an unforgettable live performance for their fans around the world.

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Iron Maiden Tour 2024 – USA Cities
San Antonio, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Austin, TX
Chicago, IL
Montreal, QC
Quebec City, QC

Iron Maiden will be touring in 2024, and tickets are now available for purchase. Fans can check out StubHub, Tickets Center, and Ticketmaster for all the details on concert dates and ticket availability. The Future Past Tour will also feature additional events at the Frost Bank Center in Austin, TX. Don’t miss out on seeing this epic band live!

Rock Out With Eddie And The Band

If you’re planning to attend the Iron Maiden Tour 2024, there are a few things you should know to ensure you have the best experience possible. For first-time concertgoers, it’s important to arrive early to get a good spot and avoid lines. Additionally, make sure to wear comfortable shoes and earplugs to protect your hearing.

Iron Maiden is a must-see live band for their high-energy performances, intricate stage designs, and impressive musicianship. From the iconic mascot Eddie, to the captivating visuals, their shows are truly a feast for the senses. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to their music, the Iron Maiden Tour 2024 is not to be missed.

Frequently Asked Questions On Iron Maiden Tour 2024

Will Iron Maiden Tour The US in 2024?

There is currently no information available about whether or not Iron Maiden will tour the US in 2024. Stay tuned to their official website and social media pages for updates on future tours.

Who Is Touring In 2024 In The US?

Iron Maiden is touring in the USA in 2024. The band will perform in San Antonio and Fort Worth. The Future Past Tour will also feature performances by Saxon, Uriah Heep, The Hu, and more. Check the Iron Maiden official website and Ticketmaster for tour dates and tickets.

Will Iron Maiden Play In The US?

Iron Maiden will be playing in the US. Tickets for their concerts in San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Frost Bank Center are available at Ticket Center, StubHub, and other ticket-selling websites. They will also be adding shows in the USA, Canada, and Chile for their tour in 2024.

What Is The New Iron Maiden Album In 2024?

As of now, there is no news or announcement regarding a new Iron Maiden album in 2024. The band is currently focused on their upcoming tour “The Future Past Tour” in 2022. You can check their official website or social media channels for any updates on future albums.


The Iron Maiden Tour 2024 is sure to be an unforgettable experience for fans of the iconic heavy metal band. With additional shows added in the USA, Canada, and Chile, fans across North and South America will have the chance to catch them live.

From classics like “Run to the Hills” to newer hits like “The Writing on the Wall,” Iron Maiden’s energy and talent will undoubtedly leave audiences in awe. Don’t miss out on this epic tour – get your tickets now!

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