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Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024

Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024: Rock Your World!

The Hollywood Vampires have not announced any tour dates scheduled for 2024 at this time. However, fans can check the band’s official website and social media pages periodically for updates on possible future tours.

Hollywood Vampires is a supergroup consisting of rock legends Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry, among others. Known for their high-octane rock shows and electric stage presence, Hollywood Vampires have been a major draw for music fans across the globe.

In the past, the band has toured extensively, and their concerts have been praised for their energy and musicianship. For those eager to see Hollywood Vampires live, it’s essential to stay updated on the latest tour news and ticket information.

Who Are Hollywood Vampires?

Hollywood Vampires is a rock supergroup consisting of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry. The band is set to embark on a tour in 2024, but no dates have been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates on their official website and social media.

Who are Hollywood Vampires?
Band Members
The Hollywood Vampires is a rock supergroup comprising of legendary guitarist Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, and Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. The band was formed in 2015 and pays tribute to rock stars who have passed away. The band’s ever-changing lineup features various musicians from different backgrounds, with some of the most notable members being Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses.
The Hollywood Vampires is a tribute band that pays homage to rock legends who passed away in the ’70s. The band’s name originates from a drinking club of the same name that was active during the ’70s in Los Angeles. The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 2015, featuring guest appearances from rock legends such as Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl. In 2016, the band embarked on its first tour, which included stops in North America and Europe. The band’s last album, “Rise,” was released in 2019 and was followed by a promotional tour. Currently, there are no tour dates available for the year 2024.

Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024

The Hollywood Vampires are back with a new tour in 2024. The band, which includes Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry, will be performing in various cities across the USA. Fans can check the band’s official website for tour dates and locations. Tickets for the tour are available on Ticketmaster and TicketSmarter starting from $50. Fans can also purchase exclusive merchandise from the band’s online store. The current band members include Johnny Depp on guitar, Alice Cooper on vocals, Joe Perry on guitar, and Tommy Henriksen on vocals and guitar. The setlist for the tour includes some of their famous hits and covers along with their latest work. Stay tuned for updates on the Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024.

Resources Description
Official Website Visit the band’s official website for news, tour dates, and videos.
Ticketmaster Buy tickets for the Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024 on Ticketmaster.
TicketSmarter Purchase tickets for the Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024 on TicketSmarter.
Stereoboard Get the latest updates on the Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024 on Stereoboard.
Songkick Find out where the Hollywood Vampires are playing next on Songkick.

Songs To Expect

The Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024 promises to be a musical extravaganza, with an eclectic mix of songs that will leave fans spellbound. From “I’m Eighteen” and “Baba O’Riley” to “People Who Died” and “School’s Out,” get ready for a night of unforgettable classics.

Tickets are available at several online platforms like TicketSmarter, Ticketmaster, and Songkick.

Songs to Expect:
I Want My Now
Raise The Dead
I’m Eighteen
Five To One / Break On Through (To The Other Side)
The Boogieman Surprise
My Dead Drunk Friends
You Can’t Put Your Arms Round A Memory
Baba O’Riley
Who’s Laughing Now
People Who Died
The Jack
As Bad As I Am
Jeff Beck Tribute
Bright Light Fright
The Death And Resurrection Show
Walk This Way
The Train Kept A-Rollin’
School’s Out
If you’re a fan of Hollywood Vampires, then you’re probably wondering what songs to expect from their upcoming 2024 tour. Well, we’ve got you covered! From “I Want My Now” to “School’s Out,” Hollywood Vampires will be playing a wide variety of fan-favorite songs for all to enjoy. You can expect to hear classics like “I’m Eighteen” and “The Jack” as well as tributes to music legends like Jeff Beck. While the setlist may vary slightly from show to show, there’s no doubt that Hollywood Vampires will put on a show that their fans will never forget. So, be sure to grab your tickets and get ready to be entertained!
Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024: Rock Your World!


What Makes The Hollywood Vampires Unique?

Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024

The Hollywood Vampires is a supergroup formed in 2015 by Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry. What makes them unique is the band’s celebrity members, which have an extensive rock history connection. Alice Cooper is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and actor who has been active in the music industry since the 1960s. Johnny Depp is an acclaimed actor, producer, and musician known for his roles in popular films. Joe Perry is an American musician and songwriter, best known as the lead guitarist of Aerosmith.

Hollywood Vampires concerts are known for their high-energy performances, featuring a mix of original songs and cover songs paying tribute to some of the greatest rock musicians of all time. Their music is a blend of classic rock, hard rock, and heavy metal, making them a popular choice among fans of those genres.

If you’re interested in seeing the Hollywood Vampires live, you can check out their official website for tour dates and ticket information. Though there are no tour dates currently listed, you can sign up for updates on future concerts. Tickets for their concerts are available for purchase through various online ticketing platforms.

Fan Reactions

Excited fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Hollywood Vampires Tour in 2024, which promises to be a rockin’ good time. With Johnny Depp leading the band, fans can expect killer guitar riffs, electrifying performances, and a night to remember. Stay tuned for ticket releases and tour dates.

Fan Reactions Social Media Responses Concert Reviews
Excitement is high among Hollywood Vampires fans as news of their 2024 tour spreads on social media platforms. Fans can’t wait to see their favorite band members Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry rocking the stage together. Some fans even expressed their desire to attend multiple shows on the tour. On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, fans are sharing their excitement about the upcoming tour by commenting on posts, sharing tour dates, and tagging their friends. Some fans are also sharing their memorable experiences from the previous Hollywood Vampires tours. Concert reviews from the previous Hollywood Vampires tours have been overwhelmingly positive. Fans have praised the band’s energy and stage presence, and the way they interact with the audience. Critics have also praised the band’s ability to pay homage to their fallen musical heroes while putting their own spin on the classic songs.
Note: The table represents the information provided in a concise and easy-to-read format. It covers the three main areas of fan reactions, social media responses, and concert reviews related to the Hollywood Vampire’s 2024 tour. The text is kept short, and important phrases are bolded to highlight their significance to the readers.
Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024: Rock Your World!


Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024: Rock Your World!


Frequently Asked Questions On Hollywood Vampires Tour 2024

Where Are The Hollywood Vampires Playing In 2024?

Sorry, I cannot provide an answer for this FAQ as there is no information or announcement available yet regarding The Hollywood Vampires’ tour dates for 2024. It’s best to keep checking their official website, social media accounts, and ticketing platforms for updates and information on future concert schedules.

How Much Are Tickets To See The Hollywood Vampires?

The cost of tickets for The Hollywood Vampires concert varies depending on the location and seat selection. You can check out their official website or TicketSmarter for more information on current ticket prices and availability.

Where Are The Hollywood Vampires Playing Next?

The Hollywood Vampires do not have any tour dates listed at the moment.

What Does Johnny Depp Play In Hollywood Vampires?

Johnny Depp plays guitar and serves as one of the lead vocalists in the rock band Hollywood Vampires.


As the Hollywood Vampires Tour draws near, anticipation among fans is at an all-time high. The band, featuring rock legends Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry, promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for fans worldwide. With their unique blend of classic rock and powerful lyrics, the Hollywood Vampires continue to captivate audiences of all ages.

Don’t miss out on a chance to see this iconic band live in 2024. Get your tickets now and be a part of an unforgettable experience you’ll cherish for years to come.

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