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Join Greg Laurie’s Israel Tour 2024 for a Life-Changing Experience

Greg Laurie is offering an Israel Tour in 2024. Join Pastor Greg in exploring the land of Israel, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Jesus.

This tour is a great way to encounter the Holy Land firsthand and experience much more than a vacation. Harvest Ministry’s Israel Tour is an immersive online church experience that presents biblical sermons, delivers compelling insights and insights for the Advent season.

Harvest Events bring the church to your home this holiday season, regardless of where you are. You can catch the weekly sermons on Harvest. org and explore various resources for your spiritual development. Join the Harvest family today and experience a transformational encounter with God.

Who Is Greg Laurie?

Greg Laurie is a well-known Christian pastor and evangelist who has gained popularity for his passionate sermons and ministry work. He is a Long Beach, California native who grew up in a challenging environment, raised by his mother who was married and divorced several times and struggled with alcoholism. Despite his backgrounds, Laurie was drawn to the Christian faith and became a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

His ministry work involves preaching the gospel and reaching out to people in need around the world. He is the founder and senior pastor of the Harvest Christian Fellowship, a megachurch in Riverside, California, which is attended by thousands of people every week.

Laurie is also a best-selling author and has written several books including “Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon.” He is a frequent speaker at Christian conferences and events around the world and is highly regarded by his peers.

Currently, Laurie resides in Newport Beach with his wife, Catherine, and plans to lead a tour to Israel in 2024.

Join Greg Laurie's Israel Tour 2024 for a Life-Changing Experience


What Is The Israel Tour 2024 By Greg Laurie About?

Join Pastor Greg Laurie on the Israel Tour 2024, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk on the same stones that Jesus did. The tour details include visiting historic and biblical sites such as Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea Scrolls. This tour is not just a vacation; it’s about experiencing life-changing moments that can inspire you to grow deeper in your faith.

The purpose of the tour is to expand your spiritual knowledge and to help you develop a deeper relationship with God. Explore the Biblical history of Israel and learn more about the Old and New Testaments firsthand. Pastor Greg Laurie will be with you throughout your journey, providing insights and guidance.

This is a great chance to spend time with family and friends and make new connections with other believers while creating significant memories.

Why Should You Join The Israel Tour 2024?

Joining the 2024 Israel Tour with Greg Laurie means taking advantage of a valuable spiritual growth opportunity. Visiting the places where Jesus was born, lived, and died offers an incredible opportunity to discover biblical history and deepen your faith. This tour also allows access to a first-hand experience of Israel’s culture and beauty, which will be an unforgettable experience. The tour group will travel with an experienced and knowledgeable guide to explore different areas of Israel while learning about the Bible’s context. The food, sights, and sounds will provide an exciting and engaging journey unlike any other. Overall, the 2024 Israel Tour with Greg Laurie is an opportunity to see the Holy Land from a new perspective and make lifelong memories.

What Are The Highlights Of The Israel Tour 2024 Experience?

Experience a once in a lifetime tour to Israel with Greg Laurie in 2024, where you can visit several holy sites that Jesus himself walked on. Explore the famous Dead Sea Scrolls and learn about the secrets behind them with a Jewish Christian. Get an adrenaline rush by taking a jeep tour that will take you through rough terrains that are sure to excite you. End your tour with a peaceful and relaxing cruise that will allow you to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Israel like never before.

Who Can Join The Israel Tour 2024?

Who can join the Israel Tour 2024?

Joining the Greg Laurie Israel Tour 2024 is open to everyone who is willing to explore and experience the Holy Land. The tour is family-friendly, so you can bring your kids along without any worries. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the Bible, history, and culture of Israel. With an experienced guide like Greg Laurie, you can explore Israel’s most important biblical sites and historical landmarks while gaining knowledge about Israel’s rich heritage. The tour includes various activities such as jeep tours, Dead Sea scrolls, and Jesus movie exhibition. If you want to have a vacation that’s both fun and enlightening, then the Greg Laurie Israel Tour 2024 is the perfect choice.

Join Greg Laurie's Israel Tour 2024 for a Life-Changing Experience


Join Greg Laurie's Israel Tour 2024 for a Life-Changing Experience


Frequently Asked Questions Of Greg Laurie Israel Tour 2024

Where Will Harvest Crusade Be In 2024?

As of now, information on where Harvest Crusade will be in 2024 is not available.

What Denomination Is Greg Laurie?

Greg Laurie is part of the Harvest Christian Fellowship denomination, which he founded in 1973.

Where Does Greg Laurie Live Now?

Greg Laurie currently lives in Newport Beach, California with his wife, Catherine.

Where Did Greg Laurie Grow Up?

Greg Laurie grew up in Long Beach, California. He came from a broken home and was raised by his mother, who was remarried and divorced seven times, and struggled with alcoholism. Although he had no background in Christianity growing up, he went on to become a famous pastor and evangelist.


Join us on a life-changing journey to Israel in 2024 with Pastor Greg Laurie. This tour provides believers an opportunity to deepen their faith, strengthen friendships, and immerse themselves in the biblical history of the Holy Land. From the Sea of Galilee to the Garden Tomb, this tour showcases the rich history and significant events that shape our faith.

Be sure to reserve your spot now for what promises to be a memorable and impactful experience. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to walk where Jesus walked and encounter the Lord in a deeper way.

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