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Green Day Stadium Tour 2024: Rock Your World!

Green Day has announced The Saviors Tour in 2024. The tour will include stadium shows in venues such as Wembley Stadium, SoFi Stadium, and Las Vegas among others, and will also feature supporting acts such as Rancid, Smashing Pumpkins, and Great American.

Fans can expect to see Green Day at major ballparks and stadiums across the United States. Billboard, FOX 61, and various other news outlets have reported on the announcement, and tickets are available for purchase through Ticketmaster and other authorized retailers.

Don’t miss out on the chance to see Green Day perform live in 2024.

Tour Dates And Locations For The Green Day Stadium Tour 2024

Green Day’s 2024 Stadium Tour is set to rock some of the biggest venues across the world, including Wembley Stadium, SoFi Stadium, Las Vegas Ball Park, and more. The tour dates and locations have been announced, and fans can get ready to experience the Saviors Tour with great American idols and special guests Rancid and Smashing Pumpkins.

Tour Dates and Locations for the Green Day Stadium Tour 2024
List of tour dates and locations announced so farExpected additional tour dates and locations
• June 21, 2024 – Wembley Stadium, London• T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas
• Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles
• Fenway Park, Boston
• June 25, 2024 – SoFi Stadium, Inglewood• Minute Maid Park, Houston
• Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati
• S&T Bank Music Park, Pittsburgh
• June 29, 2024 – TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville• Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte
• Hard Rock Stadium, Miami
• Raymond James Stadium, Tampa
• July 2, 2024 – Oracle Park, San Francisco• Citi Field, New York
• PNC Park, Pittsburgh
• Petco Park, San Diego
The punk rock band Green Day is heading on a massive stadium tour in 2024. The tour will kick off on June 21, 2024, at the Wembley Stadium in London, and will wrap up on July 2, 2024, at the Oracle Park in San Francisco. The stadium tour will feature a mix of classic hits and new material from their latest album. So far, Green Day has announced 14 tour dates and locations, with more expected to be added soon. Some of the additional locations that are expected to be included are T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and Minute Maid Park in Houston. Fans can catch Green Day on tour and relive the punk rock era!
Green Day Stadium Tour 2024: Rock Your World!


Special Guests And Opening Acts For The Green Day Stadium Tour 2024

Green Day is gearing up for their stadium tour in 2024, and fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of special guests and opening acts. The band has confirmed some exciting collaborations, including Rancid and Smashing Pumpkins, and fans are buzzing about these epic pairings.

In addition, there are a number of rumored special guests and opening acts that fans are speculating about. While nothing has been confirmed, rumors are circulating about potential guests like the Great American, Saviors Tour, and more. Green Day’s previous stadium tours have been known for featuring epic collaborations and opening acts, and fans can expect nothing less from their 2024 tour.

Green Day’s History And Impact On Rock Music

Green Day is a popular American rock band that has made its mark in the music history. The band originated in the early 1980s and started gaining recognition in the 1990s, mainly due to their unique punk rock style. Green Day has won numerous music awards, including multiple Grammy Awards. The band was formed by three friends, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and John Kiffmeyer, in California.

Their 1994 album, Dookie, is what really launched their music career and put them on the map. Since then, they have released many other successful albums, including American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. Green Day has had a huge impact on the rock music industry, and their influence can still be seen today.

The band has also received recognition for their live performances, which are often high-energy and intense. The Green Day Stadium Tour 2024 is a highly anticipated event in the music world. Fans around the world are excited to see the band perform in various stadiums, such as Wembley Stadium, SoFi Stadium, and Las Vegas.

The Saviors Tour is expected to be a great success, and fans can’t wait for the show. Keep an eye out for tour dates and make sure to get your tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What Fans Should Expect At The Green Day Stadium Tour 2024

Fans attending the Green Day Stadium Tour 2024 can expect an amazing visual experience with the band’s cutting-edge stage design and mind-blowing visual effects. The band has often pushed the boundaries with their stage design, and it’s safe to say that they will not disappoint on this tour.

Green Day is known for its high energy performances and catchy tunes. Fans can expect to hear some of their classic songs along with tracks from their recent releases at the stadium tour. Additionally, they might surprise the audience by performing some of their lesser-known tracks.

The band’s tight musicianship and dynamic performance style will keep the crowd on their feet throughout the show. They are sure to engage with the audience and make them a part of the performance. Fans should prepare to sing along and dance with the band, making this concert an unforgettable experience.

Ticketing Information For The Green Day Stadium Tour 2024

The much-awaited Green Day Stadium Tour is finally happening in 2024 and fans are eager to secure their tickets. Here’s what you need to know:

Ticket Sale Dates And Times

The tickets for the tour will go on sale on [Insert Date and Time]. Make sure you mark your calendar and set a reminder for the sale.

Ticket Prices For Various Sections Of The Stadium

SectionPrice Range
General Admission$50 – $100
VIP$200 – $400
Front Row$500 – $1000

Important Tips For Buying Green Day Stadium Tour Tickets

  • Make sure you purchase tickets only from reliable sources like Ticketmaster or the official Green Day website.
  • Set up your account and payment information in advance to save time during the sale.
  • Be quick to complete your purchase as tickets usually sell out fast.
  • Consider buying VIP or Front Row tickets if you want a more exclusive experience.
  • Double-check all the details before confirming your purchase.
Green Day Stadium Tour 2024: Rock Your World!


Reviews And Fan Reception Of The Green Day Stadium Tour 2024

Get ready for an epic Green Day Stadium Tour in 2024! The music critics are expected to share their opinions of the tour soon, while fans have already shared their thoughts on past concerts. Green Day has always been praised for their high-energy shows, and the upcoming tour is anticipated to be no exception.

In past concerts, fans have lauded the band’s engaging performance style, with lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s charisma being a particular highlight. Fans have also appreciated the band’s approachability and their willingness to interact with the crowd during their shows.

As for the upcoming tour, fans can’t wait to see what Green Day has in store. The band has been known to mix things up with new and old favorites, while also incorporating visual effects and other elements to enhance the concert experience. With a stadium tour on the horizon, fans are eagerly looking forward to what promises to be an unforgettable experience!

Green Day’s Future Plans After The Stadium Tour 2024

Green Day’s stadium tour in 2024 is set to be their biggest yet, with plans to perform at Wembley Stadium, SoFi Stadium, Las Vegas, and more. After the tour, the band plans to take a break before working on new music.

Green Day’s Future Plans After the Stadium Tour 2024:
Green Day is planning to release a possible new album after their successful stadium tour. They are known for their unique sound that has influenced modern rock music. In addition to this, Green Day plans to go on future tours to reach out to their fans worldwide. Their stadium tour dates include Wembley Stadium, SoFi Stadium, Las Vegas, and more. Other bands like Rancid and Smashing Pumpkins will also join them on this great American Saviors Tour. With their upcoming tour, Green Day aims to give their fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, don’t forget to catch them on tour in 2024.
Green Day Stadium Tour 2024: Rock Your World!


Frequently Asked Questions For Green Day Stadium Tour 2024

Who Is Doing Stadium Tours In 2024?

The band Green Day is doing a stadium tour in 2024. They have announced “The Saviors Tour” which includes venues such as SoFi Stadium, Wembley Stadium, Las Vegas Ballpark, and Great American Ball Park among others. Catch them live!

What Are The Dates For The Stadium Tour?

The dates for the Green Day Stadium Tour are available on their official website, greenday. com/tour. Please check the website for more information about the tour dates.

Who Is Opening For Green Day In Minneapolis 2024?

As of now, there is no information available about who will be opening for Green Day in Minneapolis in 2024.

Will Smashing Pumpkins Tour In 2024?

There is currently no information available on whether Smashing Pumpkins will tour in 2024.


Get ready to rock your world with Green Day’s anticipated stadium tour in 2024. From Wembley Stadium to Sofi Stadium, Las Vegas to Great American Ball Park, fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the dates for this epic Saviors Tour.

With energetic performances and classic hits like “American Idiot” and “Good Riddance”, Green Day’s stadium tour guarantees an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on this epic event and be ready to party like never before!

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