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Bethel Woods Concert Schedule 2024

Bethel Woods 2024 Concert Schedule: Plan Your Dream Music Fest

As of now, the Bethel Woods Concert Schedule for 2024 is unannounced. However, you can keep an eye on their official website for updates on the upcoming events and performances.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is a world-class entertainment venue located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York. The center is widely known for hosting live concerts, festivals, and other performing art events throughout the year. In addition to its distinctive history tied to the iconic Woodstock Festival, Bethel Woods also features a museum that highlights the significant social and political changes of the 1960s and its impact on history.

Every year, the venue attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.

Bethel Woods 2024 Concert Schedule: Plan Your Dream Music Fest


The Lineup: Artists Performing At Bethel Woods 2024

Bethel Woods will be hosting an exciting lineup of artists for the concert schedule in 2024. Some of the performers include Alan Doyle, Back to Back to Black, and Matt Nathanson. Join the festival and enjoy the live music performances in Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

Experience Your Favorite Bands Live

Get ready to experience the ultimate music festival of 2024! The lineup at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is a mix of legendary names and emerging artists that will leave you spellbound. From classic rock and country to indie and pop, there is something for everyone.

Headliners To Look Out For

The headliners at Bethel Woods in 2024 include some of the biggest names in the music industry. This year, you can look forward to performances from legendary bands like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Guns N’ Roses. These headliners are sure to make your experience at Bethel Woods unforgettable.

Emerging Artists You Won’t Want To Miss

Apart from the big names, Bethel Woods also features upcoming artists who are making a name for themselves in the music industry. This year, watch out for artists like Billie Eilish, who has been breaking records with her unique sound. Other emerging artists to check out include Clairo, Dominic Fike, and Girl In Red. Whether you a music enthusiast, a seasoned veteran, or just looking to experience the magic of live music, Bethel Woods is the place to be. Don’t miss out on this epic gathering of music lovers in 2024!

Bethel Woods Amphitheater: A Concert Experience Like No Other

Experience the ultimate concert at the Bethel Woods Amphitheater and enjoy a unique and unforgettable musical journey like no other. Stay tuned for the Bethel Woods Concert Schedule 2024 and be ready to witness some of the greatest musical artists of our time.

Unique Outdoor Setting

The Bethel Woods Amphitheater is not your typical concert venue. Situated on the site of the famous 1969 Woodstock festival, this open-air venue offers concert-goers a truly unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else. The beautiful outdoor setting is surrounded by natural beauty, giving attendees a sense of peace and tranquility that cannot be found in an indoor arena. With lush greenery, beautiful landscapes, and stunning views, the amphitheater provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable evening of music.

Unmatched Sound Quality

When it comes to concert venues, sound quality is everything. The Bethel Woods Amphitheater is renowned for its acoustic excellence, providing music lovers with an unparalleled audio experience. With state-of-the-art sound equipment, the venue offers crystal-clear sound quality that ensures every note and every word can be heard with incredible clarity. The amphitheater has a sound system that evenly distributes sound throughout the venue, ensuring that every seat is the best in the house.

Amenities And Accessibility

The Bethel Woods Amphitheater offers an array of amenities for concert-goers, providing everything needed to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. With a variety of food and drink vendors, attendees can indulge in delicious snacks and drinks without having to leave the venue. Additionally, the amphitheater is fully accessible, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the music. The venue is designed to accommodate those with disabilities, providing wheelchair access, assistive listening devices, and other accommodations. With plenty of parking and easy access to major highways, the Bethel Woods Amphitheater is the perfect destination for music lovers in search of an unforgettable concert experience.

Beyond The Music: Festivals And Special Events At Bethel Woods 2024

Discover the magic of Beyond the Music events at Bethel Woods in 2024. With an incredible concert schedule lined up, you’ll also be able to enjoy festivals and other special events at this renowned venue. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is not just about lively music concerts. Beyond the musical extravaganzas, visitors can also immerse themselves in a range of fun-filled festivals and special events that cater to various preferences. Here are some of the must-attend festivals and events at Bethel Woods in 2024:

The Big Sip Wine & Spirits Festival

If you are looking to indulge in some of the best wines and spirits, The Big Sip Wine & Spirits Festival is the perfect event for you. Featuring various wineries and distilleries from Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, Long Island, and beyond, visitors can explore an extensive range of reds, whites, and rosés. The festival also offers unlimited sampling of wines and spirits, and visitors can purchase their favorites directly from the source.

Bethel Woods Harvest Festival

The Bethel Woods Harvest Festival is an event that visitors of all ages can enjoy. It offers exciting activities, including pumpkin picking, corn mazes, hayrides, live music performances, and more. The festival is a celebration of fall and harvest season, and visitors can indulge in various food vendors serving up seasonal delights.

Holiday Celebrations And More

The holiday season at Bethel Woods is always magical, and visitors can expect no less in 2024. The center offers various festive events, including the popular holiday market, featuring various local vendors with unique and handmade goods. Visitors can also enjoy the annual tree lighting ceremony, live music performances, gingerbread house displays, and much more. Overall, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts guarantees visitors a memorable experience that goes beyond just the music. With various festivals and events scheduled throughout the year, there is always something new to explore and enjoy.
Bethel Woods 2024 Concert Schedule: Plan Your Dream Music Fest


Pack Your Bags: Planning Your Visit To Bethel Woods 2024

Explore the exciting Bethel Woods concert schedule in 2024, plan your visit and pack your bags. Enjoy unlimited sampling of finest wines and spirits at “The Big Sip” festival while you groove to the rhythms of amazing artists like Alan Doyle and Matt Nathanson.

Don’t miss out on the fun-filled weekend celebration at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

Pack Your Bags: Planning Your Visit to Bethel Woods 2024 If you’re looking to attend a concert or event at Bethel Woods in 2024, then it is a good idea to start planning your visit now. The concert schedule can fill up quickly, and you want to ensure that you have all the necessary arrangements in place ahead of time. From accommodations to getting to the venue and what to bring, this section will guide you through all the essentials. Accommodations and Lodging Options As Bethel Woods is a popular venue, it is recommended that you book accommodation ahead of time. There are plenty of accommodation options available to suit all budgets and preferences. Most popular options include hotels, motels, inns, cabins, or bed-and-breakfasts. You may want to make a reservation at a nearby place, ideally within 15-30 minutes driving distance from the venue. Getting to Bethel Woods Bethel Woods is located at Bethel, NY, and can be easily accessed by car, bus, or train. Driving from the nearest city is about 90 minutes from New York City, 3 hours from Philadelphia, and 3 hours from Boston. If you are taking a bus, companies like CoachUSA or ShortLine Bus offer services to Bethel Woods from Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City. If you prefer taking a train, the nearest train station is the Middletown station, served by Metro-North Railroad. What to Bring and What to Leave at Home When it comes to attending a concert or event at Bethel Woods, you need to pack smartly. You should dress appropriately for the weather and bring along items such as sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, and a poncho in case of rain. You may carry any small bags (10”x10”x4”) or clear bags, but backpacks or larger purses are not allowed. You may bring food, soft-sided coolers, and one unopened bottled water. Unopened water bottles can be refilled for free inside the venue. In conclusion, planning your visit to Bethel Woods in 2024 involves booking your accommodations ahead of time, determining your mode of transportation, dressing for the occasion, and packing smartly while following the venue’s bag policy. Once you have your plans in place, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the music festival or concert to the fullest.

Ticketing And Seating Options At Bethel Woods 2024

Discover the best ticketing and seating options for the 2024 Bethel Woods concert schedule. With a capacity of 15,000, enjoy a weekend celebration of live events. Explore Pavilion Concerts, Harvest Festival, and Big Sip: A Wine & Spirits Festival, and more.

How To Purchase Tickets

If you’re looking to purchase tickets for Bethel Woods 2024 concert schedule, there are a number of options available to you to make the process as simple as possible. You can visit the official website of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, where you can browse the event calendar and purchase tickets online for all their upcoming events. You can also make purchases on various platforms, including Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, and Live Nation.

Different Ticketing Options Available

Bethel Woods 2024 has got your ticketing needs covered with different options for you to choose from. There are various ticketing tiers available, ranging from the general admission ticket, which grants you access to stand and watch the show, to VIP tickets, which come with extra perks like premium seating and access to exclusive areas. Regardless of the tickets you choose, there’s always an option that suits your budget and preferences, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Seating Chart And Venue Map

Before purchasing your tickets, it’s important to have an idea of the seating chart and venue map of Bethel Woods 2024. This helps you pick the right tickets based on your preferences and budget. Bethel Woods Center for the Arts features a spacious and well-designed pavilion with ample seating options, including lawn seats and reserved seats. The venue map offers a clear view of the stage and seating arrangements, so you can easily pick the perfect spot to watch your favorite artist perform. In conclusion, purchasing tickets and choosing the right seating option can enhance your experience at Bethel Woods 2024 concert schedule. Whether you prefer a more intimate experience with reserved seats or a more relaxed and spacious option with lawn seats, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts has got you covered. Have a great time!
Bethel Woods 2024 Concert Schedule: Plan Your Dream Music Fest


Frequently Asked Questions For Bethel Woods Concert Schedule 2024

Who Is Playing At Bethel Woods 2024?

The artists playing at Bethel Woods in 2024 include Crazy Mama, Alan Doyle, Back to Back to Black, Matt Nathanson, The Lovin’ Spoonful, TAP New York Craft Beer and Music Festival, John Pizzarelli Trio, and Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras.

Is Bethel Woods The Same As Woodstock?

Bethel Woods is not the same as Woodstock. Bethel Woods is a concert venue and cultural center located on the site of the original Woodstock festival in 1969. Woodstock was a music festival held in Bethel, New York, in August 1969.

How Many People Does Bethel Woods Hold?

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts holds a capacity of 15,000 people.

What Is The Big Sip At Bethel Woods?

The Big Sip at Bethel Woods is a wine & spirits festival featuring wineries from the Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, Long Island and beyond. Visitors can enjoy unlimited sampling of the best reds, whites, and rosés, and purchase their favorites directly from the source to take home with them.


Plan your summer of 2024 with Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. They’ve announced an incredible lineup of concerts and events for you to enjoy. With capacity for 15,000 people, and a range of pavilions and outdoor spaces to choose from, you’re sure to have a great time.

Don’t miss out on The Big Sip wine and spirits festival, or performances by artists like Alan Doyle and The Lovin’ Spoonful. Get your tickets today and start counting down the days to summer 2024, it’s going to be unforgettable!

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