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Watch Verzuz Battle on Triller App

About Triller Apps and How to Watch Verzuz Battle on Triller App

Creating fun videos and editing them to perfection is one trend that has become a staple practice for so many music lovers across the Internet. Embracing the act for different purposes; making excellent video content for businesses, having fun with friends and family, or even a personal favorite pastime. With over a 65million users and 250 million downloads; the US-developed Triller App has grown over the years since its release in 2025.

As an audiovisual and social media entertainment platform; Triller gives its users access to a wide range of curated selections of popular music videos to watch and follow their creators for more. For a better taste of original content; the thriller app makes available shows that are majorly streamed live on the app’s live feature – TrillerTv. The Verzuz Battle on Triller App Series is one such show.

This battle series is majorly streamed live on Instagram; where fans can follow a savor every moment of the Verzuz music battle up close; however, the Triller app gives you an avenue to watch the Verzuz battle series streamed live right from TrillerTV.

Watch Verzuz Battle on Triller App

What is the Triller App?

The Triller App is a music video and social app co-developed by David Leiberman and Sammy Rubin; under Triller LLC, an American-based company. This app gives you the ability to become a professional video editor through its simple-to-use multi-dimensional editing features that allow its users to create professional-looking music videos from anywhere – at home, at school, or in a park.

Available on the app are a selected variety of songs that you can choose from, and you can also choose songs from your music library, then you can have your karaoke night with friends right there in your home and on your phone!

The Triller App also provides you with an excellent avenue through its vlogging section. To make great video content for your business and get them shared with the public; giving you no worries about putting out high-valued content with low visual quality. With Triller, you have access to its active user base, and you can just become a famous video creator, getting high levels of engagement from Triller Users.

How the Triller App Works

Users familiar with using music video apps like TikTok; would learn and maneuver their way around the tools available on the Triller App. However, what distinguishes the Triller app is its AI-based Video editing tool that enables the addition of auto effects and minimizes the unprofessional touch that your videos could get through manual editing.

  • The first step is to get it downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android Users or the App Store for iPhone Users to use the Triller App.
  • On the Triller App, you can break your video into sections that usually take about 15 seconds.
  • Select a song from the app or bring in your music choice for the video from your music library to create your music video. You can also choose the parts of the song you want in your videos.
  • If you want your music video to be longer than the fixed time, all you have to do is record your video in bits.

After adding your music, you start recording, and as the song plays, you tune in and sing along. Please do this for all the sections that are to be in your music video. After reviewing your video, you can save it on your phone and share it by uploading the videos on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook platforms.

If you are not creating videos, but you want to watch other Creators on the Triller App; you need to click on the search bar where you’ll see the top videos, featured videos, and others recommended to you by the app. Click on the videos you like or scroll on for more videos. The Verzuz Battle series is one of the live shows that you can tune in to stream on the Triller App.

How to watch Triller on TV

Triller allows you to create, share, and watch videos on the Triller App, but did you know that you can watch live shows of your favorite media personalities, celebrities, musicians, fashionistas, and more on Triller’s Live function? Welcome to Triller on TV.

TrillerTV was created to dish out original content through these live shows that amount to over 40. You can get an up-close look into celebrities’ real lives like Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled, Jake Paul, the D’Amelio Family, and more. These personalities and others on the lineup will be hosting weekly; live shows for 30 minutes using the Triller Live function. Likewise, you should not miss out on the Verzuz series available on TrillerTV to be streamed live right from your phone.

Click on the TrillerTV icon and enjoy the Weekly Live shows.

How to watch verzuz battle on Triller App

Verzuz is a virtual DJ show that sets two musicians (usually from hip hop and R&B genres) in a streamed live stream to have the best music collection. The Verzuz battle was initially launched on Instagram Live between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. Now, the battle series has been brought home to the Triller App, giving you access to stream one of the most influential live streaming programs on the powerful Triller App.

So, how do you watch the Verzuz battle on the Triller App? You can download the Triller App through the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iPhone. If you have it on your phone, you might want to get it updated.

After opening the app, you will click on the TrillerTV icon; click on the Verzuz battle live show and stream it live from the app by clicking on the Airplay icon. Enjoy Verzuz on TrillerTV.


About Triller Fight Club

The Triller App is on the sports street, and it might not leave anytime soon. After hosting and streaming two major boxing matches last year; which featured the famous Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr; Triller has brought in another explosive feature to your screen. The Triller Fight Club is another top addition to the Triller App. The Fight Club feature is all about live-streaming boxing matches on the platform.

You can stream the Triller Fight Club matches on the app and on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, etc.

How to use the Triller App From any Location

As much as you would love to tune in and watch a live stream of your favorite TrillerTV series from any location. However, you can get breakthrough this restriction by getting connected through a VPN. To do this, the first step to take is to have a VPN already installed on your phone. You can consider getting an HMA VPN as It would work for all your devices.

Next, you open the VPN and choose a location – wherever your favorite series on Triller is made available; you can connect through America to watch the Verzuz Battle on TrillerTV using your Triller App.

Thereafter, you can enjoy live-streamed videos.


The Triller App is fast moving from being a typical social media platform; for music video creation to a top entertainment channel. Allowing you to explore your innate creative abilities through your professional video creations; bringing to your screen thrilling live streams of your favorite media celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and other live series including the Verzuz Battle. Taking your user experience to a whole new level. Triller is one entertainment platform you should not miss.

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