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Ultimate Guide to the LDS Conference Schedule October 2025

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the LDS Conference Schedule for October 2025! The upcoming LDS General Conference scheduled for October is one of the most anticipated events for members of the Latter-day Saints community. This guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to make the most out of this spiritual gathering. From the dates and times of the sessions to the list of speakers and topics to be discussed, we have got you covered. Join us as we delve into the detailed schedule of the LDS Conference in October 2025 and explore the enriching content that awaits us all.

Introduction to the LDS Conference

The LDS Conference, also known as the General Conference, is a biannual event held by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is an opportunity for members of the church worldwide to receive guidance and inspiration from church leaders.

Importance of LDS Conference

The LDS Conference plays a significant role in the spiritual growth and development of church members. It provides an opportunity to receive teachings, revelations, and messages tailored to the needs of the global congregation.

Attending the conference or watching it live is a way for members to strengthen their faith and commitment to living according to the principles of the LDS faith.

Key Events in the Conference

During the LDS Conference, church leaders deliver sermons and addresses on various topics such as faith, family, service, and community involvement. It also includes sustaining new leaders, presenting information on church growth, and updates on various initiatives.

Stay tuned for the LDS Conference Schedule October 2025 to plan your participation in these inspiring sessions.

LDS Conference Inspiring Sessions 2025
LDS Conference Inspiring Sessions 2025. Credit:

Overview of the October 2025 Conference

The October 2025 LDS Conference Schedule promises to be an inspiring and engaging event, offering a unique opportunity for spiritual renewal and growth. With a lineup of esteemed speakers and thought-provoking topics, attendees can look forward to a weekend filled with enlightenment and fellowship.

Keynote Speakers

Esteemed leaders from the LDS community will deliver powerful messages centered around faith, family, and service. Don’t miss the chance to hear their inspiring words.

Exciting Workshops

Get ready to participate in a wide range of workshops covering topics such as personal development, community outreach, and spiritual growth. These sessions offer valuable insights and practical strategies for living a more fulfilling life.

  • Personal Development
  • Community Outreach
  • Spiritual Growth

Key Speakers for the Event

One of the most anticipated aspects of the LDS Conference Schedule October 2025 is the lineup of influential keynote speakers who will grace the event with their wisdom and insights.

Notable Speakers

This year, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Sister Jean B. Bingham are confirmed as keynote speakers, promising to deliver impactful messages to the attendees.

Speaker Sessions

Attendees can look forward to engaging sessions where the speakers will delve into important topics regarding spirituality and community.

  • Keynote Address by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
  • Panel Discussion led by Sister Jean B. Bingham

Schedule and Agenda Highlights

Explore the exciting schedule and agenda highlights for the upcoming LDS Conference in October 2025. Get ready for a weekend filled with spiritual enlightenment, inspiring talks, and uplifting music.

Keynote Speakers

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear from renowned religious leaders and influencers in the community. Stay tuned for announcements on this year’s lineup of keynote speakers.

Special Workshops

Enhance your conference experience by participating in a variety of special workshops covering topics such as family relationships, personal growth, and community service. These workshops offer valuable insights and practical advice.

  • Family Relations
  • Personal Development
  • Community Outreach

Special Events and Performances

During the LDS Conference Schedule in October 2025, attendees can look forward to a range of special events and performances that add to the overall experience. These events showcase talents, celebrate community, and provide entertainment for all.

Keynote Address by LDS Leaders

One of the highlights of the conference is the keynote address delivered by prominent LDS leaders. This speech sets the tone for the conference and inspires attendees with messages of faith, unity, and hope.

Music Concerts and Choir Performances

Throughout the conference, attendees can enjoy music concerts featuring talented LDS musicians and choir performances that uplift the spirit. The harmonious melodies and powerful lyrics resonate with the audience.

  • Choir Performance at the Conference Center
  • Outdoor Music Concerts at Temple Square

Location and Venue Details

For the October 2025 LDS Conference Schedule, the event will be hosted at the iconic Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Conference Center is a state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate thousands of attendees.

Conference Center Address

The address of the Conference Center is 60 North Temple St, Salt Lake City, Utah. Visitors can easily locate the venue in downtown Salt Lake City near the historic Temple Square.

How to Get There

Attendees can reach the Conference Center by various means of transportation. The venue is accessible by car, public transportation, and even on foot for those staying nearby.

  • By Car: Parking options are available nearby, but it is recommended to arrive early to secure a spot.
  • Public Transportation: The Utah Transit Authority offers bus and TRAX services that stop near the Conference Center.
  • Walking: For those staying in downtown Salt Lake City, walking to the venue is a convenient option.

Registration Information

If you are looking to attend the LDS Conference Schedule in October 2025, registration is a simple process that can be completed online. To secure your spot at this highly anticipated event, visit the official LDS website and follow the prompts to register.

Registration Deadline

It is important to note that the registration deadline for the LDS Conference Schedule in October 2025 is *September 30th, 2025*. Ensure you register before this date to ensure your participation.

Registration Fees

The registration fees for the event are as follows:

  • Early Bird Registration (before August 31st, 2025): $100
  • Regular Registration (after August 31st, 2025): $150

Tips for Attending the Conference

When preparing to attend the LDS Conference schedule in October 2025, it’s essential to keep a few key tips in mind for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Plan Ahead

Plan your itinerary well in advance, considering the session timings, speakers, and topics that interest you the most. This will help you make the most of your time during the conference.

Stay Informed

Stay updated with the latest announcements and changes in the schedule. Utilize the official conference website or app for real-time updates to avoid missing any crucial information.

  • Subscribe to conference newsletters
  • Follow official social media accounts
  • Set up notifications for updates

Connect with Others

Take advantage of networking opportunities by engaging with fellow attendees, speakers, and organizers. Building connections can enhance your overall conference experience.

Important Dates to Remember

As you plan for the LDS Conference schedule in October 2025, it’s crucial to mark these significant dates on your calendar:

General Conference

The General Conference is the highlight of the LDS Conference schedule in October 2025. It will be held on October 4th and 5th.

  • Saturday, October 4th – Sessions at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM
  • Sunday, October 5th – Sessions at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM

Priesthood Session

The Priesthood Session is a significant event for male members of the LDS Church. It will be conducted on October 4th at 6:00 PM.

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    Final Thoughts

    As we conclude this ultimate guide to the LDS Conference Schedule for October 2025, it is evident that this event is set to be a momentous occasion for members and attendees. The schedule is packed with inspiring talks, uplifting sessions, and valuable insights that will touch the hearts of many. With a mix of spiritual messages, community gatherings, and cultural celebrations, the conference promises to be a time of reflection, growth, and unity for all participants.

    Whether you plan to attend in person or watch the live stream, the LDS Conference Schedule for October 2025 offers something for everyone. So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and get ready for an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impact on your spiritual journey.

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