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Pink Concert Philadelphia 2024: Get Your Tickets Now!

P!nk is scheduled to perform at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA on August 18th, 2024. Tickets for the Pink Concert in Philadelphia 2024 are available for purchase on various online platforms like Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and Tickets Center.

Known for her electrifying live performances and powerful vocals, P!nk has become one of the most iconic performers of our time. With a career spanning more than two decades, the Grammy Award-winning artist has released hit after hit, earning a devoted fan base along the way.

Fans of P!nk in Philadelphia are in for a treat as the pop superstar takes center stage at the Lincoln Financial Field for her 2024 Summer Carnival Tour. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering her music, this is one concert you won’t want to miss.

Pink Concert Philadelphia 2024: Get Your Tickets Now!


Pink Concert Philadelphia 2024: Event Details

The highly anticipated Pink concert is scheduled to take place in Philadelphia in 2024. Fans can expect to see the artist perform at the Lincoln Financial Field for her upcoming P!nk Summer Carnival tour. Ticket prices and exact dates are available through various ticket vendors.

Date And Time

Pink is set to rock Philadelphia on August 18, 2024, Sunday. The concert will take place at the iconic Lincoln Financial Field, One Lincoln Financial Field Way. Preparing to be the heart and soul of the city, Pink will take the stage as part of her “P!NK Summer Carnival” tour.


Lincoln Financial Field, home to the Philadelphia Eagles, is a fantastic venue for concerts. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, the stadium can hold up to 67,594 people. With its modern amenities, state-of-the-art sound system and lighting, attendees will enjoy a world-class experience.

Concert Schedule

As part of her “P!NK Summer Carnival” tour, the concert promises to be an evening filled with electrifying music, amazing feats of acrobatics, and stunning lighting effects. The schedule for the event is currently under wraps, but fans can expect Pink to play all of her top hits such as “So What,” “Just Give Me a Reason” and “What About Us.” With tickets for Pink concerts in high demand, be sure to visit reputable online ticket vendors such as Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and SeatGeek to purchase tickets. Prices for Pink Philly tickets vary by location and demand, so be sure to book early to secure your spot at the concert. Don’t miss the chance to see Pink live in concert at Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, in August 2024. Book your tickets today and secure your spot at one of the hottest concerts of the year!

Ticket Information

Catch Pink’s famous Summer Carnival concert on August 18, 2024 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Purchase Pink concert tickets from top online ticket sellers like Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and Tickets Center. Don’t miss the chance to see your favorite superstar live on stage!

If you’re excited to see Pink live in concert in Philadelphia in 2024, you’re definitely not alone! Pink is known for her incredible vocals, elaborate stage shows, and inspirational messages, and fans are already buzzing about this exciting event. If you’re hoping to secure your spot and see Pink perform live, you’re probably wondering all about the tickets. Read on for all the essential information you need to know about ticket prices, where to buy, and availability.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for Pink’s concert in Philadelphia in 2024 will vary depending on where you’d like to sit in the stadium. Prices typically range from about $50 up to $250 or more for VIP packages. It’s important to remember that these prices may change based on the demand for tickets, so it’s always best to purchase early to avoid disappointment. Keep your budget in mind as you search for tickets and don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best deals.

Where To Buy

There are several reputable websites where you can buy tickets for Pink’s Philadelphia concert in 2024. One popular option is Ticketmaster, which is known for offering both standard and VIP packages. Another great option is Vivid Seats, which often has great deals on tickets for popular concerts like this one. You can also check out Tickets Center and SeatGeek for even more options. Be sure to purchase your tickets from a trustworthy site to avoid scams and ensure you’re getting the real deal.


Pink’s concert in Philadelphia is sure to be a hot ticket, so it’s best to purchase your tickets as soon as possible to ensure you have a spot. Some ticket brokers may offer waitlist options if tickets are sold out, so be sure to keep an eye out for these if you don’t see tickets available right away. Keep in mind that tickets may become available or unavailable at any time, so it’s always best to check back frequently to refresh your search. Stay connected to the official Pink website and social media channels for the latest updates on availability and any changes to the concert schedule. Remember, Pink’s concert in Philadelphia is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so make sure you’re ready to buy your tickets as soon as possible to avoid missing out on this amazing experience!

Pink’s 2024 Tour

Pink will be performing her Summer Carnival tour on August 18, 2024 at One Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. Tickets are available for purchase on various online ticket platforms such as Ticketmaster and SeatGeek. Don’t miss your chance to see this talented artist perform live.

Overview Of The Tour

Pink, the renowned singer known for her powerhouse vocals and electrifying performances, is set to kick off her 2024 tour. With a schedule full of exciting venues and performances, Pink’s tour is sure to be a must-see event for fans of all ages. The tour is expected to cover many cities across North America, including Philadelphia, PA.

Other Locations

In addition to Philadelphia, Pink’s tour is expected to visit numerous other locations across North America. Cities such as Austin, Texas, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are just a few of the other locations that Pink fans can look forward to attending her concerts. With so many exciting stops along the way, fans are eagerly anticipating the start of this unforgettable tour.

Concert Highlights

If you are a fan of Pink, then you know that her concerts are always memorable and full of surprises. From her incredible vocals to her elaborate stage setup, Pink puts on a show like no other. Some concert highlights that fans can look forward to include her signature aerial performances, high-energy dance routines, and emotional ballads that showcase her vulnerable side. With so much talent and passion, Pink’s 2024 tour promises to be an unforgettable experience for anyone lucky enough to attend. If you are wondering how to get tickets for Pink’s 2024 tour, you can check out Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and Ticket Center for more information. Secure your tickets and get ready to experience the magic of Pink’s music live in person!
Pink Concert Philadelphia 2024: Get Your Tickets Now!


Pink’s Summer Carnival

Experience the ultimate summer carnival with Pink’s electrifying concert in Philadelphia in 2024. Get your tickets now to witness Pink’s incredible performance at Lincoln Financial Field on August 18th. Don’t miss out on this epic event!

Overview Of The Carnival:

Pink’s Summer Carnival is coming to Philadelphia in 2024, promising an exciting lineup of carnival games, thrilling rides, delicious food, and refreshing drinks. P!nk Summer Carnival is an event you won’t want to miss if you love live music and a fun atmosphere.

Games And Rides:

Are you a thrill-seeker? You’ll be thrilled to know that Pink’s Summer Carnival boasts a variety of exciting carnival games and rides that will keep you entertained throughout the day. From classic games like ring toss and balloon darts to exhilarating rides like roller coasters and Ferris wheels, there’s something for everyone at Pink’s Summer Carnival. Here is a list of some of the games and rides you can expect at Pink’s Summer Carnival:
Game & Ride Name Description
Ring Toss Try your hand at this classic carnival game and see if you can win a prize.
Roller Coaster Get ready for the ride of your life as you twist, turn, and loop around on this thrilling coaster.
Bumper Cars Bump and crash your way around the arena in these fun and interactive cars.
Ferris Wheel Enjoy stunning views of the carnival and its surroundings from the top of this iconic ride.

Food And Drink Options:

Taking a break from all the games and rides? No problem. Pink’s Summer Carnival has plenty of food and drink options to tempt your taste buds and quench your thirst. From classic carnival snacks like popcorn and cotton candy to savory delights like hot dogs and pizza, there’s something for every foodie at Pink’s Summer Carnival. Here are a few options for food and drink at the carnival:
  • Popcorn
  • Cotton candy
  • Hot dogs
  • Pizza
  • Ice cream
  • Soft drinks
  • Beer
  • Wine
Get your tickets now to Pink’s Summer Carnival and enjoy a day filled with fun, food, and live music from one of the greatest performers of our time.

Pink’s Music

P!nk’s Summer Carnival concert is set to take place on August 18th, 2024 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. Fans can purchase Pink tickets through various vendors such as Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and Tickets Center.

Popular Songs

Pink’s music is a combination of rock, pop, and R&B, that fans around the world absolutely love. Her songs are especially known for their catchy beats, empowering messages, and impressive vocals. She has released numerous chart-topping hits over the years, including her most popular songs, namely “Just Give Me a Reason,” “So What,” and “Raise Your Glass.” These songs have earned her acclaim from both music critics and fans alike and continue to be crowd favorites at all of her concerts.

Albums And Awards

Pink’s impressive discography includes eight studio albums, two compilations, and one live album. These albums have collectively sold over 90 million copies worldwide and have garnered her three Grammy Awards, seven MTV Video Music Awards, and the title of Billboard’s Woman of the Year in 2013. Her most recent album, “Hurts 2B Human,” was released in 2019 and features collaborations with Khalid, Chris Stapleton, and Cash Cash.

Collaborations With Other Artists

Pink has featured in collaborations with various artists over the course of her career. Some of her most notable collaborations include songs with Christina Aguilera, Nate Ruess, Eminem, and Fun. She has also worked with other popular musicians like Sia, Justin Timberlake, and Carrie Underwood. These collaborations have seen her explore different genres, which have helped her expand her already impressive musical range.

Philadelphia As A Concert Destination

Philadelphia is a go-to destination for concerts, and Pink fans are in for a treat in 2024 with the upcoming Summer Carnival tour. Catch the show at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on August 18, 2024. Get your tickets now!

History Of Philadelphia Concerts

Philadelphia is a city known for its rich history, and that includes a thriving music scene. The city has a long history of hosting some of the biggest names in music, starting with The Beatles’ legendary 1964 performance at the Convention Hall. Since then, Philadelphia has been a regular stop for many tours and concerts, with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and Tina Turner gracing the city’s stages.

Top Concert Venues In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to some of the most iconic concert venues in the country. The Fillmore Philadelphia is a historic venue that has been restored to its original glory, offering an intimate setting for live music. Another popular venue is The Trocadero Theatre, which has been welcoming music lovers since 1870 and has hosted some of the biggest names in music. For those who prefer outdoor venues, The Mann Center for the Performing Arts is a must-visit, with its picturesque setting and stunning acoustics.

Upcoming Concerts And Events In Philadelphia

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for music lovers in Philadelphia, with the highly anticipated Pink Concert set to take place at the Lincoln Financial Field. The P!nk Summer Carnival promises to be an unforgettable experience, with fans eagerly waiting to hear their favorite songs live. Other events to watch out for include the Pittsburgh Pirates at Philadelphia Phillies game in April and the Philadelphia Phillies – Cincinnati Reds game in April, both taking place at the Citizens Bank Park. Whether you’re a fan of rock, pop, or country, Philadelphia has something for everyone when it comes to live music.
Pink Concert Philadelphia 2024: Get Your Tickets Now!


Frequently Asked Questions On Pink Concert Philadelphia 2024

Is Pink Going On Tour In 2024?

There is no information or official confirmation yet about Pink’s tour for 2024.

Is Pink Coming To Pa?

Yes, Pink will be coming to PA for her Summer Carnival tour on August 18th at One Lincoln Financial Field Way in Philadelphia. Ticket prices vary and can be purchased through Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, or Tickets Center.

How Much Are Tickets To See Pink In Concert?

Ticket prices for Pink’s concert may vary depending on the venue, seating, and other factors. You can visit Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, or Tickets Center to purchase tickets and view the available prices for Pink’s upcoming concert. Additionally, you can check out different tour dates and concert schedules to find the best option for you.

How Much Are Pink Tickets Face Value?

Pink ticket face value varies depending on the tour and venue. Prices can range from $50 to $200 for regular tickets. It’s best to check the official ticket retailers such as Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, or Tickets Center for the latest updates on the price for Pink concert tickets.


Excitement is building for Pink’s upcoming 2024 tour, which includes a stop at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Fans can look forward to a thrilling show filled with Pink’s signature high-energy performances and chart-topping hits. With tickets available through Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and other major online retailers, fans won’t want to miss out on the chance to see Pink live.

Be sure to grab your tickets and get ready for an unforgettable night of music in the City of Brotherly Love.

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