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Luny Tunes vs DJ Nelson

Luny Tunes vs DJ Nelson Latin Music Verzuz Battle Live

This was the first time Verzuz brought Latin music to the battle. After the biggest battle between Omarion and Mario now this DJ battle will be the next level music battle for Latin American fans. For the first time, MLB partnered with this battle. If you are here to know how you can watch this versus battle online for free then you came to the right place. The Luny Tunes vs DJ Nelson music battle date was announced it will be on Sunday, July 17th. Let’s dig into more details about the upcoming Latin Verzuz battle.

Now that we’ve got yet another battle night on the way, we can tell that you are in high spirits in anticipation. Therefore, this piece has been created to provide you, with the information that will be needed for you to enjoy the show. And, this would include details about both acts – Luny Tunes and Dj Nelson. Likewise, we’ll be giving you more juicy info about how you can watch the show from anywhere, your home, at work, or with friends. Then, if you will be opting for the option to travel down for the adventure, come learn about how to get your tickets ASAP! If you are ready, let us dig in!

Luny Tunes vs DJ Nelson

Upcoming Verzuz Battle
Upcoming Battle:Luny Tunes vs DJ Nelson
Date:Sunday, July 17th
Start Time:6 PM PT / 9 PM ET
Live Stream:Watch Now

About Luny Tunes vs DJ Nelson Verzuz Battle

For the first time, Verzuz brings the lain music to us in this battle, we will see two legends of Latin music. This crazy DJ battle will be held on  July 17th. Like other biggest battles, this battle also will be happening at night at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET.  Verzuz announced the location for this battle for the first time versus doing a partnership with MLB. The location for this Verzuz battle is also the first time to see it on MLB All-Star House. This music battle is Presented by TMobile and CoronaUSA. Both artists are top-tier record producers and are sure to bring in a blast for viewers and the audience. Therefore, get ready for a memorable Latin night of music!
Don’t miss seeing this DJ battle online

About Luny Tunes

Back in the early 2000s, Francisco Saldana and Victor Cabrera teamed up to form the biggest duo groups in reggaeton. Picking up from their works with Ivy Queen, the duo soon got their career breakthrough in 2002, through their career show on A La Reconquista.

Following this, both men were ushered into the bigger world of productions, grouping with Noriega to create their first big project, Mas Flow, in 2003. Then, the group launched into a hit-making production company, working with talented acts to achieve their big dream. Luny Tunes was super excellent at that. This energy has not dimmed. And, it would be amazing to watch the performance on Sunday, to see what the guys have got in store.

About DJ Nelson

Before Nelson Diaz Martinez got around to creating his own record production company, Flow Music, the reggaeton star had been together with The Noise group. You can already tell that DJ Nelson is the bigger artist among these two acts. If you did not know, this is because the Luny Tunes group was signed to the Flow label, giving them a big career push.

Doing so for other upcoming artists, the name, DJ Nelson is quite a strong force in the Latin music industry. He’s got experience from the early 1990s, in particular, 1994. Now, in his 50s, the DJ boasts of a formidable portfolio and career success for all his years of dedication to the advancement of reggae. We can’t watch the duo perform on Sunday.

How to Buy Luny Tunes vs DJ Nelson Verzuz Tickets

Getting your tickets to attend the Luny Tunes vs DJ Nelson Verzuz show is no big deal. It is as easy as pie. So, your number one go-to outlet to purchase your tickets to the battle series is the Verzuz website. On the website, you can sift through the different ticket prices, and stick with the one you find most affordable. However, if you would love other options, you can always get your Versus battle tickets through other online outlets. And, some of these outlets include StubHub, Ticketmaster, VividSeats, and many more. It is only a few days away. Therefore, hurry on to purchase your tickets before it is all sold out.

How to watch Luny Tunes vs DJ Nelson Battle

Are you one of those who would love to ditch the seats at the MLB All-Star House to settle for your sofa or bed instead? Well, we’ve got you covered on that too. As always, getting your versus show highlights for free is always best on Instagram. However, if you’d like to enjoy the premium content, do not forget to check in on the website. Likewise, you can always watch on TV sites or apps like Apple TV, Roku, YouTube TV, or the Triller app.

About Latin Music

Latin Music has some of the world’s most popular music styles and sounds. Some of our most popular and most loved styles include salsa, Reggaeton, Tango, and Latin Pop. We have also got Mexican music, Bachata, merengue and more!

So, if you would love to explore the genres after a night with the producer, we can assure you that it will be worthwhile for you.

Final Words

Ensure to tune in with Verzuz this night to enjoy sole beats from these top record producers. From all indications, we’ve got a big one ahead and it will be worth the wait.

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