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How to Watch Verzuz Battle on Roku TV

The diversification of streaming channels for the Verzuz Battle Series is one laudable move. Verzuz lovers no longer have to stay glued to Instagram due to the better streaming options available. The DJ series is fast evolving from a personal favorite show to a weekly group favorite with this progress. The luxury enjoyed by streaming the Verzuz Battle Series on a TV screen is excellent. It can only be felt by fans who have access to a Television(TV) connected to the internet – Smart TVs. Everyone loves the momentous feeling that streaming their favorite live shows gives. It gives even more pleasure when you don’t have to watch it alone but with the company. Verzuz Battle on Roku TV extensively provides this.

They are not only able to stream live shows. They also provide access to a large number of channels that offer different TV programs and movies. Some Smart TVs even offer web browsing and gaming. This article will show you how to access and watch the Verzuz battle series on a better and smarter TV – Roku. Smart TVs are superb, but Roku TV stars on a different level.

Roku TV

What is Roku TV?

Roku is a brand of digital media devices that provide streaming services through your TV. It gives you access to stream videos to your Television via the Internet. This brand plays a vital role in the widespread adoption of online TV streaming.

The Roku TV

The Roku TV is one of the digital streaming devices invented by Roku. It is a feature-packed, easy-to-use, and powerful kind of smart TV. From movies to live news and sports plus hundreds of free channels, Roku TV gives you access to almost anything. The device has uniquely built-in features. These features make it very easy for you to watch free local channels with no TV subscription. It also shows you the most popular TV series as soon as they’re released. This is to ensure that you’re kept up to date. With Roku TV, you never have to miss anything.

How Roku TV Works

Are you still wondering how Roku TV is better than a Regular smart TV? A Roku TV has the basics of a smart TV, but it uses the Roku software for its operating system(OS). This makes it more innovative and better. Many smart TVs pose challenges in navigating their software. Most do not even have a ready content library for you to enjoy. The Roku TV, however, supplies a variety of free video content. It gives you access to popular streaming apps like Netflix and uncommon TV channels like Hallmark Movies. With a Live TV feature, you also get to pause and rewind your favorite live shows. This means that in the upcoming Verzuz Series, you won’t have to miss a single beat.

As you are enjoying LaTocha Scott of the 90s group hitting the beats, you can pause the live show to take an important phone call. You don’t miss the upbeat action because you can hit play and continue right from where you stopped. Interestingly, you can even rewind the live series. This works for all live shows on the Roku TV. The Roku TV can also be connected to other devices such as a streaming stick. It comes with several HDMI ports, including an audiovisual input, an optical input, and access to airplay on broadcast television. The home screen also shows “everything in one screen.”
Roku TV makes it easier to access every feature as an app by putting them on one interface. This makes it very easy to switch from a live show to a News broadcast.

Voice Search

Roku TV enables you to speak naturally to search and control the device through a Roku-enhanced voice remote and the Roku mobile app. You can use voice commands like, ” Show me the Verzuz battle series.”

How To Set Up Roku TV

The process is quite simple. To set up your Roku TV, you are required to have a Roku account and a stable internet connection. When this is ensured, you can now follow these steps;

  • The TV should be connected to a power outlet. This would switch on the indicator light below the TV screen, indicating that the TV has power.
  • Get your Roku TV remote control and insert the pair of matched batteries into the compartment. The batteries come with the remote.
  • You can now switch on your TV using the Power button on the Roku TV remote control. When the TV is on, the indicator light goes off and gives way to the Guided Setup on the screen.
  • The first screen requires you to choose a language. This is because all instructions and subsequent texts will be displayed in your desired language. Press the OK button when you have selected your language.
  • Next on the Slide is to select ‘Set Up for Home Use”. Unless you would be using your Roku TV as a store display, you will select for the home.
  • Connect your Roku TV to the internet or your regular wireless network.
  • Your TV automatically downloads the latest version of Roku Operating System(OS) software and reboots.
  • Create and Activate our Roku account. To activate your TV, it must be connected to a Roku account. It helps to keep a record of your purchases and identify which device is your own.
  • Connect your devices. Now, you can connect subsidiary devices like your cable box, DVD player, or game console. Ensure that all these devices are turned on and plugged in. Then, follow the simple steps on display to successfully connect each device.


If you are not connecting any device, you can simply click on “Nothing.”

  • That’s it! You are done with the setup. You can now download and watch your favorite shows and listed channels.
  • To add new channels, streaming videos, apps, or games, you can visit the Roku Channel Store.

How to Watch Verzuz Battle on Roku TV

For Music lovers who love the DJ battle series, Roku TV is here to give you a better streaming experience. Although the show is not officially listed on Roku TV, you can access it through the Apple TV channel.

To stream Verzuz live on your TV using the Apple TV channel, you are required to;

  • Have Apple TV installed on your device.
  • Sign in to the Apple TV channel

How to get the Apple TV channel added to your Roku TV;

  • Check the Roku Channel Store.
  • Search channels and select Apple TV. It will be added and listed as a channel on your Roku TV interface.
  • To sign in, you must have an Apple ID. If you do not have an Apple ID, select “Create New Apple ID.”
  • Follow the steps to complete the process.

You are now ready to stream. To watch Verzuz on Apple TV, it will be listed on the homepage.

  • Scroll down a bit, and you will find it under the “Watch free” section.

You do not have to buy or rent the Verzuz shows. Now, you have access to the battle series for free!

How to Watch Roku TV Around the World

To watch Roku TV using a VPN, the VPN must be set up on a wi-fi router. Roku devices did not support VPN. For Roku TV, you can use Express VPN on routers such as Asus or Linksys. Your Roku TV and Roku account have the exact location of your chosen VPN router. Once you’re connected, refresh the page to ensure that your VPN location is stored. After that, you are to follow the displayed instructions to complete the procedure. Once the setup is complete, you can now stream on your Roku TV from any location with security.


For music and video worldwide, the widespread adoption of smart TVs for live streaming is the best viewing method. Roku TV is one of the most user-friendly streaming devices. It is feature-packed, delivers excellent value, and provides an easy way to access your favorite shows. You will have an incredible experience streaming the best Verzuz battle series on a Roku TV.

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