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Zendaya Maree Stormer is one of the most revered young icons of her age. Consistently making her mark in entertainment, fashion and advocacy alike, this Disney princess gives us so much to love about her. Apart from being very talented with her superb skills in the role, and interpretation, another super quality that’s so evident about Zen is her beauty and fashion sense. Being in the upper chambers with top celebrities like herself, it’s pretty regular to see the Oakland native emerge in her signature fashion and makeup looks. It is normal for all celebrities to sport the ever-perfect, Barbie-like looks for their different public appearances.

Zendaya Without Makeup

However, we’re here today with a different gist about one of your all-time faves. If you’ve always longed to see Zendaya with no makeup at all, and in several sets of pictures, here is the piece for you. In this article, we will cover different photos of Zendaya where she’s wearing no makeup. Also, we’ll discuss the possibilities of her assumed practice surgery and endeavor to be credible regarding its originality. Likewise, you’ll get to read more stuff about the actress’s life – her family, lover, and more!

About Zendaya Makeup Look


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Always the ever-spotless Hollywood sweetheart; Zen is such a natural at stealing the spotlights at public events. This includes the numerous award nights and her public appearances with fans. The beautiful Zendaya is always a delight to see her strut the red carpet in her perfect outfits. Over the years since her child modeling years and Disney, we have watched this Californian actress grow into so much more than what we saw earlier.

It’s always a wonder, and quite fascinating when you see the beautiful manner in which Zendaya’s style and beauty have improved so well over the years. Being flawless, it’s easy to believe that Zen’s makeup looks are always created by the best color artists. They are, indeed.

However, now and then, Zen can pick up the makeup brush to do some magic. Her beautiful look to the 2022 Oscars night is one of such. Right. Zendaya was able to pull that much off. Looks like we’ve not only got a superb actress in our hands. But, we’ve got a woman of many talents. This is quite fulfilling and exciting.

About Zendaya Without Makeup Look

You can talk about Zen’s perfect makeup looks all you want. But, have you seen this 25-year-old diva with no pint of color on her beautiful face? Oh my! This could make you forget all that color and settle with a chair to watch in all her glory.


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Zendaya is a beautiful woman, and there is absolutely no doubt about that. She’s got the endearing and naturally charming eyes that draw you in and makes you want to swim in them. The beautiful brown-skinned diva represents all that is a black beauty and we’re here for it!

Amazing Photos of Zendaya Without Makeup

Cute Smile Face

Zendaya Cute Smile Face

You just cannot turn your face away when staring at this beauty. The cuteness in her smile emanates and makes your want to smile back at her.

Bareface Photo


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Now, here’s what we’re talking about! You can tell that there’s no color on this face and it still looks the best.

Child look


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It’s quite evident that Zendaya has always been this beautiful. This looks so perfect that you could kiss the picture.

Day out Look

Zendya Day out Look

Here’s an inspo for the next outing. Who knows? You might just catch the eye this time when walking out sporting this look.

Beach Time Photo

Zendya Beach Time Photo

Who’s going to the beach? Catch Zenny is this sweet beach outfit in her natural looks. It’s really what were

About Zendaya Before & After Plastic Surgery Look

Zendaya Before & After Plastic Surgery

You’d be surprised that you’re even reading this about the American sweetheart. But then, it’s no news because almost every celebrity is accused of the supposed appearance after a few years. It’s clear that Zendaya’s appearance has changed, and that’s only normal since she grew from her teenage years into adulthood right on the screens. For the record, Zendaya is reported to have never gone under the needle – no surgery has been done on her at all.

About Zendaya Movies and TV Shows

We’ve watched Zen star in so many screen roles, and if you’re an ardent fan, you can agree that she kills it every single time. Some of her most popular appearances include Spider: No Way Home, Spider: Homecoming, Euphoria, The Greatest Showman, and Dune. Also, she has been in K.C Undercover, Smallfoot, Shake It Off, and more.

How many Awards & Nominations does Zendaya Have

More than being a screen goddess, Zendaya is a multiple-time award-winning actress. Among her top awards are the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, a satellite, and a Saturn award. Likewise, she has received 7 Teen Choice Awards.

FAQ About Zendaya

Zendaya’s Net Worth

Even though she’s young, Zendaya Maree Stormer Coleman is worth millions of dollars. As of January 2022, Zen’s net worth is estimated to be about $15 million.

Zendaya Height & Weight

Zendaya Maree weighs about 59 kg and stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches.

Zendaya Family & Boyfriend

Zendaya was birthed into a family of two teachers as parents; Clair Stoermer and Ajamu Coleman. She’s got both African American and German roots. Also, her boyfriend is no more than Tom Holland.

Zendaya’s Age

Zendaya Maree was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California. Therefore, Zen is presently 25 years old. By September 2022, the actress will be 26 years.

About Zendaya’s Eye & Hair Style

To complete Zendaya’s makeup or no makeup looks is her beautiful hair and fiery eyes. Whether in braids, ponytails, or even buns or curls, we know that the beautiful actress is ready to go anytime.

Final Words

We’ve reviewed several pretty actresses on here. But, you can tell that Zendaya stands out among many others. At such young age, the star is making so many waves, and she is not stopping anytime soon. We hope you enjoyed seeing these beautiful looks. Except more!

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