Winner of Chicago Marathon 2023: Sifan Hassan Makes History

Sifan Hassan emerged as the winner of the 2023 Chicago Marathon, securing a remarkable victory in her debut in the U.S. And Chicago. Despite missing out on breaking the world record, Hassan’s triumph was a historical moment, with Ethiopia’s Tigst Assefa setting a new benchmark just weeks earlier in the Berlin Marathon.

In an emotional display, Hassan crossed the finish line and left a lasting mark on the event’s history. Additionally, Marcel Hug claimed victory in the men’s wheelchair race, breaking his own course record, while Catherine Debrunner emerged as the winner in the women’s wheelchair category after a thrilling sprint finish.

Winner of Chicago Marathon 2023: Sifan Hassan Makes History


Overview Of The Chicago Marathon 2023

Sifan Hassan emerged as the winner of the Chicago Marathon 2023, making history with her debut in the U. S. and Chicago. She would have broken the world record if not for an impressive performance by Tigst Assefa in the Berlin Marathon weeks earlier.

Number Of Participants

In 2023, the Chicago Marathon saw a remarkable turnout with an astounding number of participants. Over 45,000 dedicated runners from around the world laced up their shoes and took to the streets of the Windy City to conquer the challenging course.

Prize For Winning

The prestigious Chicago Marathon offers an enticing prize for the winner of the race. The first-place finisher receives a substantial cash award, motivating them to push their limits and showcase their incredible skills.

Race Results

The race results of the Chicago Marathon 2023 witnessed some outstanding performances by the athletes. Sifan Hassan, hailing from the Netherlands, claimed victory in the women’s category with an impressive time. Her achievement would have broken the world record if not for the historic race from Ethiopia’s Tigst Assefa in the Berlin Marathon just weeks earlier.

In the men’s wheelchair race, Marcel Hug displayed his dominance once again by breaking his own course record. Catherine Debrunner emerged triumphant in the women’s wheelchair race, finishing with a sprint finish and leaving the spectators in awe of her exceptional skills.

Overall, the Chicago Marathon 2023 was an unforgettable event filled with intense competition and awe-inspiring performances. The number of participants, the enticing prize for winning, and the remarkable race results all contributed to the success and legacy of this iconic marathon.

Winner of Chicago Marathon 2023: Sifan Hassan Makes History


Sifan Hassan’s Record-breaking Victory

Sifan Hassan’s record-breaking victory in the 2023 Chicago Marathon has made headlines. Despite narrowly missing the world record, her emotional finish marked a historic debut in the United States.

Sifan Hassan’s Record-Breaking Victory

Hassan’s Performance In The Chicago Marathon

Sifan Hassan delivered an awe-inspiring performance in the Chicago Marathon, showcasing her incredible talent and determination. With every stride, she dominated the race, leaving her competitors in her dust. Hassan’s exceptional running ability was evident throughout the marathon as she continued to push the boundaries of her own capabilities.

Ethiopia’s Tigst Assefa’s Historic Race

Adding to the excitement of the event, Ethiopia’s Tigst Assefa also had a historic race in the Berlin Marathon just weeks prior to Hassan’s victory. Assefa’s remarkable performance set a new world record, which, had it not been for Hassan’s outstanding run, would have been broken in the Chicago Marathon. Her impressive achievement added even more anticipation to Hassan’s debut in the U.S. and Chicago.

Hassan’s Debut In The U.s. And Chicago

Hassan’s debut in the United States and her first race in Chicago was nothing short of extraordinary. The crowd eagerly watched as she made her way through the course, cheering her on with every step. Her debut in the U.S. allowed her to showcase her immense talent to a wider audience, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed her triumph in Chicago.

Other Winners Of The Chicago Marathon 2023

In addition to the highly anticipated victory of Sifan Hassan in the Chicago Marathon 2023, there were other remarkable winners in various categories. The men’s wheelchair race was dominated by Marcel Hug, while the women’s wheelchair race saw an impressive performance by Catherine Debrunner. Let’s take a closer look at the achievements of these remarkable athletes.

Men’s Wheelchair Race – Marcel Hug

Marcel Hug, a seasoned wheelchair racer, displayed his exceptional skills and determination in the Chicago Marathon 2023. Breaking his own course record, Hug claimed victory in a thrilling performance. His relentless drive and powerful push propelled him ahead of the competition, earning him the prestigious title of the men’s wheelchair race champion.

Women’s Wheelchair Race – Catherine Debrunner

In the women’s wheelchair race, Catherine Debrunner showcased her incredible speed and resilience. A sprint finish marked her exceptional performance, demonstrating her unwavering focus and stamina. Debrunner’s victory in the Chicago Marathon 2023 is a testament to her dedication and hard work, solidifying her position as the champion of the women’s wheelchair race.

Winner of Chicago Marathon 2023: Sifan Hassan Makes History


Frequently Asked Questions For Winner Of Chicago Marathon 2023

How Many People Finished The Chicago Marathon In 2023?

In 2023, the Chicago Marathon saw a significant number of participants crossing the finish line. The exact number of people who finished the marathon is not mentioned.

What Woman Won The Chicago Marathon 2023?

Sifan Hassan won the Chicago Marathon 2023, setting a new course record and making history.

How Many People Get Picked For The Chicago Marathon?

Approximately 45,000 people get picked to participate in the Chicago Marathon.

Is There A Prize For Winning The Chicago Marathon?

Yes, there is a prize for winning the Chicago Marathon. Winners receive cash prizes and may also set new records.


Sifan Hassan emerged as the winner of the Chicago Marathon 2023, showcasing her incredible talent and endurance. Although she narrowly missed breaking the world record, her historic performance left a mark on the running community. Crossing the finish line with tears of joy, Hassan celebrated her debut in the U.

S. And Chicago, cementing her place in history as a remarkable athlete. The race also witnessed remarkable achievements from Marcel Hug and Catherine Debrunner in the wheelchair category, adding to the excitement and diversity of the event.

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