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All About Wicks Hairstyle and How You Can Try it

Famous for its Afro-Caribbean roots from Florida, the popular wicks hairstyle has become one of the endearing styles among lovers of Afro naturals. The wicks hairstyle emerged recently as a new kind of deadlock to join styles like faux or twisted locs. Locs have always been around, especially among African men born with natural dreads. However, the arrival of temporal locs and their acceptance has led to introducing more creative styles for locs.

How to do Wicks Hairstyle

For wicks, the hairstyle has become even more popular due to its use in the hip-hop community. From Bob Marley to Wiz Khalifa, Stevie Wonder, and Waka Flocka Flame, among others, these artists have rocked deadlock styles with no abandon. For the wicks generation, Kodak Black and Gunplay from Florida have been rocking it and influencing the black pop culture. The wick hairstyle has become trendy because of its hair benefits in being simple and chic. If you’ve been considering it, you’d know how it works; this is for you. In this article, you’ll be informed about making the wicks hairstyle using the combine, freeform, or crochet method. Likewise, you’ll get to know how much it could cost you and what you stand to gain from keeping the hairstyle.

What is Wicks Hairstyle

Wicks hairstyle is a trendy kind of dreadlock that involves thickening locs by combining them to form big instead of the regular small locs. Thus, they become fewer in number and take the form of very thick braids whoever wears the hairstyle. The name “wick,” which the hairstyle goes by, was coined from its similarity to a candle’s wick. This is because both have the same feature in standing erect and not falling like other locs.

How do you do Wicks Hairstyle?

To get the wicks hairstyle styled for you, there are different methods, which include combine, freedom, crochet, or extensions methods. Now, we’ll introduce you to the three most common ways of doing wicks.

How to do wicks by rubberband combine method

The combined method simply entails combining strands of locs to make one thick erect lock-wick. To achieve this, you need to have the dreadlock style on you first. So, if you have dreadlocks already, all you’ve got to do is grab sections of the dreadlocks and tie them together. Using rubber bands, you should tie each section of multiple locs together at the tail end, the middle, and the bottom part, close to the scalp. After that, it would help run a crochet pin for hair through each section of wicks that you have combined. To keep the strands fully locked up with each other, you should do some washing every few days to have them stick together in single, thick locs.

How to do wicks by the freeform method

The freeform method would also need you to have dreadlocks on. Otherwise, you can let your hair lock freely by using wash-and-go natural hair styling. It would help if you kept a close eye on your roots to know when they start fusing. At this stage, you should section them into the number of wicks that you’d like to have in the end. To keep your freeform wicks locked, neat, and desirable, you should maintain them by washing, oiling, and relocking the natural wicks.

How to do wicks by crochet combined method

To have your crochet combine wicks, you can use your natural hair or traditional locs. Then, you start by sectioning your multiple strands of locs into the number of thick locs of your choice. Afterward, work through the combined wicks using your crochet tool by pulling them through the thick strands to keep them fused. If you’d love longer crochet combine, crochet extensions are your best bet.

How much does Wicks Hairstyle cost?

Considering demographic factors, the cost of dread wicks vary from place to place. To get an exact cost or a possible price cut for your hair, you can visit the natural hair salons around you.

What are the benefits of Wicks Hairstyle?

Apart from making a great fashion statement, wicks hairstyle also has a string of benefits for loc lovers who do it. Naturally, dreads give you a bold, confident look that compliments your style for any outing. Also, a fantastic benefit of wicks is that you do not have to worry about changing hairstyles for a long time. Instead, you can manipulate your wicks and keep the chill badass look on.

Even better, you do not have to worry about getting your hair all done and ready to avoid missing an appointment. With wicks, you’re always ready to go.

Also, you maintain your wick hairstyle effortlessly. You can make the wick hairstyle by yourself at home. You can simply sit at home to work through your hair without visiting a hair shop. Unless you’d prefer to receive professional care for your hair.

Wicks hairstyle Origin

Locs are naturally of origin, and wicks are no different. The wicks tradition is originally rooted among the afros of South Florida, particularly the Haitians. The hairstyle is more prevalent in this area because of celebrities in the hip-hop community who wear it. From there, the w k hairstyle became more popular and gained global recognition and acceptance. Thereby becoming a trendy inspiration for loc styling.

Dreads wicks hairstyle

Dread wicks hairstyle combines existing dreadlocks to make fewer and thicker locs.

Florida wicks hairstyle

While wicks aren’t exclusive to Florida, it is undeniable that the hairstyle has a home there among its people. Therefore, it is pretty usual to see people make their wicks the Florida way. So, this is more like saying you’d like to have your wicks made the authentic way.

Final Word

For any methods that you’d like to use, getting help is a good choice. If you’d prefer a professional hair stylist to get your hair done, it is important to choose a stylist with a ga reat track record. This is simply because, when you have your wicks appropriately done, it can be a great lifesaver for easy hairstyling for you.

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