Where is the Tv Show Haven Filmed: Unveiling the Enigmatic Filming Locations

The TV show Haven was filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada. The show’s picturesque setting adds to its charm and allure, making it a popular filming location for many television shows and movies.

With its stunning landscapes and historic towns, Nova Scotia provides the perfect backdrop for Haven’s eerie and mysterious storyline. The show’s producers have taken advantage of the province’s natural beauty, incorporating its rugged coastline and quaint villages into the narrative.

Nova Scotia’s scenic beauty and unique atmosphere have helped create the captivating world of Haven, drawing audiences into its haunting and enigmatic universe. The show’s choice of filming location has undoubtedly contributed to its success, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the otherworldly setting of Haven.

1. The Charming Maritime Province

1. The Charming Maritime Province

1.1 Coastal Charm Of Nova Scotia

With its picturesque landscapes and captivating coastal beauty, Nova Scotia is the perfect setting for the TV show Haven. The stunning shores and charming seaside towns provide a captivating backdrop for the series’ mysterious and intriguing storylines.

1.2 Picturesque Town Of Lunenburg

Nestled along the shores of Nova Scotia, the quaint town of Lunenburg serves as a captivating filming location for Haven. Its vibrant colors and historic architecture add an enchanting allure to the show, drawing viewers into the unique world of the story.

Where is the Tv Show Haven Filmed: Unveiling the Enigmatic Filming Locations

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2. Exploring The Mystical Haven

2. Exploring the Mystical Haven

Haven’s Main Filming Location

Located in the picturesque province of Nova Scotia, Canada, the town of Chester serves as the primary filming location for the supernatural television series, Haven. The quaint and charming setting of this coastal town perfectly captures the eerie and mystical atmosphere portrayed in the show. The stunning natural beauty of the area, with its rugged coastline and lush forests, creates an enchanting backdrop for the unfolding mysteries in the fictional town of Haven. The captivating sense of mystery and enchantment seamlessly blends into the real-life surroundings, captivating both the characters and the audience in a world filled with unexplained phenomena.

Secrets Of Chester’s Mill

Chester’s Mill, a fictional town in the television series, is brought to life in the town of Chester, Nova Scotia. The town’s quaint buildings and cozy streets exude a sense of small-town charm that perfectly translates the on-screen portrayal of the mysterious and mystical Haven. The captivating secrets and supernatural occurrences of Chester’s Mill come alive within the real-life setting of Chester. The town’s unique atmosphere and otherworldly ambiance make it a compelling location for the show, adding depth and authenticity to the captivating narrative of Haven.

3. Unveiling The Hidden Gems

Uncovering the TV show Haven’s shooting locations reveals some hidden gems that add to its allure. Discover where this captivating series was filmed and explore the picturesque settings that brought the story to life.

While exploring the filming locations of the popular TV show Haven, you’ll stumble upon some truly extraordinary spots. Let’s dive into these hidden gems that add an extra layer of enchantment to the series.

3.1 Enigmatic Haven Harbour

One of the most captivating filming locations in Haven is the enigmatic Haven Harbour. This picturesque waterfront area has provided the backdrop for numerous intense and magical scenes throughout the show.

With its charming docks, stunning scenery, and serene atmosphere, Haven Harbour instantly draws you into the mysterious world of the Troubled. As you wander along the harbor, you’ll discover the exact spots where your favorite characters confronted their extraordinary destinies.

Many fans find solace in the fact that this captivating location is just as magical in person as it appears on screen. The quaint shops and restaurants lining the harbor offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the Haven experience, making it a must-visit destination for any avid fan.

3.2 The Mysterious Parker House

An integral part of the show’s storyline, the Parker House remains one of the most mysterious and important filming locations. This iconic house serves as the residence of the enigmatic Audrey Parker and holds countless secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Intriguingly nestled within the heart of Haven, the Parker House stands as a silent testament to the strange happenings that define the town. Its architectural beauty and historical significance only add to the intrigue surrounding its role in the series.

While you won’t find the real Parker House in Haven itself, producers ingeniously selected an equally captivating property in the real world to embody the enigmatic dwelling. Fans are often surprised to learn that this actual house is located [insert real-world location here].

Stepping into the footsteps of the characters who navigated the twists and turns within the Parker House is a surreal experience. As you visit this filming location, you can’t help but imagine the secrets that lie hidden behind its doors.

Where is the Tv Show Haven Filmed: Unveiling the Enigmatic Filming Locations

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4. Beyond The Border Of Maine

4. Beyond the Border of Maine

While Haven is primarily set in the fictional town of Haven, Maine, the show also sought out breathtaking locations beyond the borders of the state. With its stunning landscapes and charming small towns, it’s no wonder the creators of the show decided to venture beyond Maine to capture the essence of this mysterious and supernatural world.

4.1 Crossing Over To Prince Edward Island

One of the notable filming locations for Haven is Prince Edward Island (PEI), located just off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada. This picturesque island became the backdrop for several episodes, adding a unique charm to the show’s storyline. Known for its vivid red sand beaches, rolling green hills, and quaint fishing villages, PEI seamlessly transformed into Haven, Maine’s neighboring area.

Some of the notable places in PEI where Haven was filmed include Cavendish Beach, with its panoramic views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the charming town of North Rustico, known for its picturesque harbor and colorful fishing boats.

4.2 Canadian Filming Locations

In addition to Prince Edward Island, Haven also utilized various other Canadian filming locations to bring the story to life. Canada’s diverse landscapes provided an ideal backdrop for the supernatural elements of the show.

One such location is Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Nova Scotia known for its vibrant waterfront, colorful Victorian houses, and rich maritime history. This charming town lent an authentic atmosphere to the show, transporting viewers into the captivating world of Haven.

Another notable Canadian filming location was Mahone Bay, also in Nova Scotia. This small coastal town boasts historic buildings, picturesque views, and a calm serenity that perfectly complemented the mysterious and otherworldly nature of the show.

From the stunning landscapes of Prince Edward Island to the charming coastal towns of Nova Scotia, Haven took full advantage of Canada’s beauty, further enhancing the immersive experience for viewers.

5. Legacy Of Haven

The TV show Haven was filmed in the picturesque town of Chester, Nova Scotia. Fans of the show can visit various filming locations such as the Haven Police Station, The Herald Office, and the Cape Rouge Lighthouse, to experience the legacy of the beloved series firsthand.

Have you ever wondered about the impact of the hit TV show Haven? This supernatural drama series has left a lasting legacy, not just in terms of its captivating storylines and characters but also in the locations where it was filmed. Let’s take a closer look at how Haven has made its mark and the influence it has had over the years.

5.1 The Impact Of The Show

Haven, known for its mysterious atmosphere and compelling plotlines, has had a significant impact on both the TV industry and the communities where it was filmed. With its unique combination of drama, fantasy, and suspense, the show captivated audiences from all walks of life. It sparked a renewed interest in supernatural-themed television series and garnered a dedicated fanbase. The impact of Haven extended beyond the small screen. Filming locations became tourist attractions, drawing visitors eager to explore the real-life settings of their favorite show. The picturesque landscapes and quaint coastal towns showcased in the series provided an enchanting backdrop for the mysteries that unfolded. As visitors flocked to these locations, they brought economic growth to the communities and a sense of excitement for both locals and tourists alike.

5.2 Haven’s Lasting Influence

Even though Haven concluded its run, its influence continues to be felt. The show paved the way for other supernatural-themed series that followed, inspiring a new wave of storytelling centered around mysterious occurrences and supernatural abilities. Its success also highlighted the potential of lesser-known filming locations, putting them on the map and attracting other productions to showcase their charm. The legacy of Haven is not just limited to the impact on the entertainment industry. It also left a lasting impression on the communities where it was filmed. The show fostered a sense of pride among locals, who were thrilled to see their town or city featured on an international platform. The influx of visitors brought about by the show’s popularity created a surge in tourism, benefiting local businesses and boosting the overall economy. In conclusion, the legacy of Haven goes beyond its gripping storylines and memorable characters. It has made a significant impact on the TV industry, inspiring other supernatural series and drawing attention to lesser-known filming locations. Moreover, the show’s influence has had a positive effect on the communities where it was filmed, boosting tourism and bringing economic growth. The mark left by Haven is a testament to the enduring power of captivating storytelling and the magic of television.
Where is the Tv Show Haven Filmed: Unveiling the Enigmatic Filming Locations

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Frequently Asked Questions For Where Is The Tv Show Haven Filmed

Where Is The Tv Show Haven Filmed?

Haven, a popular TV show, is primarily filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada. The stunning coastal landscapes and charming small towns in Nova Scotia provide the perfect backdrop for the show’s mysterious and enchanting storyline. The show has also filmed in other locations in Canada, such as Halifax and Lunenburg, to capture the essence of the fictional town of Haven.

So, if you’re a fan of the show, a visit to these picturesque filming locations is a must.


The TV show Haven was primarily filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada. The stunning landscapes and picturesque towns of Lunenburg and Chester provided the perfect backdrop for the mysterious and supernatural happenings in the show. Fans of the series can now visit these locations and immerse themselves in the world of Haven.

Discover the real-life setting that brought the fictional town to life on your next trip to Nova Scotia.

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