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Kim Kardashian Look With and Without Makeup

Kim Kardashian Without Makeup

Kim Kardashian’s sudden rise to fame is one of Hollywood’s most popular celebrity stories. Among all others, the elegant mom of four is one incredibly famous superstar whose face is almost everywhere! From KUWTK’s reality TV show to her social media platforms, Kim’s widespread influence in fashion, beauty, and the …

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Makeup Artist James Charles No Makeup Looks

james charles without makeup

It’s no news that makeup makes people feel more confident and start their day with hope on their faces. Owing to that, people wear makeup that suits them, makes them shine brightly, and stand out where they are. But it takes more than intelligence to make your face up ideally. …

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How Jennifer Lopez Looks Without MAKEUP

Jennifer Lopez without makeup

America’s JLo, the beautiful Jennifer Lopez is one of the world’s most celebrities. Combining multiple talents as a dancer, singer, and actress, Jennifer Lopez has never fallen short in providing high-class entertainment. Through her 30 year career, the actress cum singer has remained ageless and kept up with her glamour …

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Megan Fox Without Makeup and Plastic Surgery

megan fox without makeup

America’s screen queen, Megan Fox, has been gracing the big screens of Hollywood for a period spanning two decades. Following her breakthrough in the 2007 Transformers sci-fi movie where she played the lead female role, the actress has continued to star in more prominent roles. No doubt, we have become …

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