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Saweetie Without Makeup Look – No Makeup Blog by VersusTV

It sure feels like it’s been ages since Saweetie gained mainstream recognition with her 2017 viral song, ‘Icy Girl’. Following that, the American rapper has continually been in our faces, releasing even more hits, with her first studio album right on the way this year. The beautiful artist has managed to mix business with glamour and beauty and she’s doing so well at it! This is a proven fact because the rapper sure does not joke with her beauty as her elegant looks are always lit. Really, with that cute little face she’s always spotting the best makeup looks in, Saweetie is undeniably one of America’s most beautiful rappers.

Saweetie Without Makeup Look

You’ve seen her a whole number of times looking all radiant and glamorous in perfectly made looks, but have you seen Saweetie without makeup yet? Well, get prepared because you’re about to be hit with a whole package of sweetness. In this article, we will be showing you her all-natural, no makeup photos for you to enjoy. In fact, you’ll get to learn how to get the Saweetie look with the basic tutorial tips we’ll provide. Also, if you’ve been curious to know basic details about this artist, it’s time to join in on the ride.

About Saweetie Makeup Look


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If you know this California diva well, then you would agree that she does love her perfect makeup, unapologetically. While she can be a rap queen, her status as a beauty queen cannot be contested either.

Saweetie Without Makeup


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Now, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard or seen things about Saweetie being so basic in without her makeup. Well, you’d better see for yourself before you become a judge of that. Saweetie is no doubt, a glam queen. However, you’d be surprised at how effortlessly superb her pretty face without makeup looks.

How Saweetie Look Without Makeup Photo

Mirror Selfie

Saweetie Mirror Selfie

See Saweetie in this selfie with her radiant face smiling back from the mirror. She’s got that relaxed, cool face that’ll make you want to give her a sweet peck on the cheek.

After the Shower look


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Well, ain’t no makeup in here at all. It is simply straight out the shower, baby and you can bet that is the rapper looks all-natural and beautiful.

Day Outlook


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What’s better than a day out with all the makeup on point? Well, we can say Saweetie’s natural look in here is it for us.

After Gym Photo

Saweetie After Gym Photo

And that’s the fitness mama right there. Sneak a peek at this sweet and hot Saweetie without makeup on her face.

Beach Time Photo


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With the sweet sea breeze blowing and some tan, Saweetie has got some beach goals out there for us.

With Blonde Hair

Saweetie With Blonde Hair

Apart from the pretty face, Saweetie’s hair is another signature feature of her body that complements her body. Check this picture with blonde hair where she looks so beautiful without makeup.

About Saweetie Makeup Tutorial & Makeup Palette

Being the sweet woman that she is, Saweetie is popular for her willingness to a day out in pose for women’s beauty and fashion. Likewise, YouTubers who are in the beauty line have also taken time to share nice makeup tutorials about Saweetie’s routine and makeup palette. This is to help fans achieve perfect makeup looks like the fan fave artist.

With a partnership with the Morphe beauty brand, Saweetie has got a collection of the best go-to makeup collection. This includes; lip glosses, a 24-pan eye shadow palette, shimmer, a setting spray, and other face-making tools.

About Saweetie Plastic Surgery

Admittedly, rapper Saweetie is one who is always out for women being good with themselves and their bodies. This coupled with her ever stunning curvy figure has fueled a number of speculations about whether she has had plastic surgery to get that rounded perfect figure or not.

Saweetie Before and After Plastic Surgery Look

Saweetie Before and After Plastic Surgery Look

You’d be the best judge of that. As the rapper has not confirmed in words yet if she sought after surgery for some good enhancements for her killer body. Therefore, we’ll do the honors of providing some of her old and new photos for you. Then, you can look through them and try to determine if indeed, she’s had something done for her boobs or butt, or otherwise.

How many Awards Saweetie Have

In less than five years of this artist’s music career, you had been impressed at her number of accolades. Saweetie has received three awards in all. These are; one MTV Video Music Awards for Best New, BET Music Awards for Hustler of the Year. Finally, she got another MTV Video Music Awards as Best Art Direction for her January 2021 ‘Best Friend’ single. Also, Saweetie had received over 10 nominations in recognition of her outstanding work.

FAQ About The Rapper Saweetie

Saweetie Birthday & Age

Saweetie is a 28-year-old American rapper. She was born on July 3, 1993.

Saweetie Real name

Although professionally known to be the talented Saweetie, you’d be surprised at how different her name is from her stage name. Saweetie was born Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper.

Saweetie Height and Weight

Saweetie’s height is placed between 5 feet 5 with her body weight being about 55-60 kg.

Saweetie Family and Friends

Likewise, the rapper has got a closely-knit friend family relationship and this makes up what keeps her going.

Saweetie Nationality

Saweetie is an American. Born to a Filipina-Chinese mother and African American father in Santa Clara California, United States.

Saweetie Net worth

At 28, the Carli-native rapper is officially a millionaire rapper and celebrity with a net worth of about $4 million.

Saweetie Best songs

‘Icy Grl’ was big, but we know that after that single, a lot more hits have popped out from the stables of the rapper between 2018 and the present. Some of these songs include her 2021 ‘Best Friend’, 2019 ‘My Type’, 2020 ‘Tap In’, ‘Hit It’, ‘Back to the Streets’, ‘Faking Love’s and Confetti, among others.

Saweetie Boyfriend

After calling it quits with her former boyfriend, Quavo in early 2021, Saweetie has been officially single and hasn’t publicly announced attachments. However, she was recently teased about a lover in 2022.

Final Words

Well, there you have it. You can now tell that this black American beauty isn’t just all about the makeup but it’s all just natural. Also, we do hope you enjoyed the additional fun facts about the HIT IT rapper.

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