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How Pokimane Look Without any Makeup Stream

With over 177 million views and 8 million followers, Pokimane makes the record of the sixth most-followed Twitch streamer. Not only that, she stands to be the biggest female streamer on the Twitch platform. Among hurdles that have been associated with her career rise, one remains evergreen. The Pokimane look without makeup stream controversy is one of the biggest.

It began in 2018 with her decision to have her twitch live stream with no makeup. That might have proved to show her confidence in embracing her true self.

However, Pokimane’s appearance without makeup on stream shook the internet. It created a big sensation that lasted for the whole year. Interestingly, it remains a hot trend on the internet search engines. And this is almost three years after its occurrence.

Pokimane Look Without no Makeup Stream

In this article, we will be taking you through the Pokimane without makeup trend. Also, you will be more hot info about the online streamer and her video streaming career.

Who is pokimane

Image Amys, popularly known by her internet name, Pokimane is a famous Twitch Video Streamer. She is also a famous YouTube personality. The Popular Twitch streamer is a Moroccan-Canadian Citizen.

Pokimane is popular for her skills in playing online games. Her popular online games include league of legends and Fortnite… Her video streaming career minimally kick-started in 2012  when she joined Twitch. Since then, through 2013, she has continued streaming on the Twitch platform. This has resulted in her gathering a large number of followers.

Who is pokimane

Amazingly, her Career took a bigger step up on July 10. Pokimane was able to over 8 million Twitch followers. As a result, she made the record of the most viewed female twitch streamer.

Likewise, she added another feather to her cap in 2020. She, alongside Valkyrie, Sykkumno, and two streamers. They became the face of Among Us. This was after playing a great role in reviving the title.

In addition, the streaming milestone she hit has made her become the biggest female streamer on Twitch.

About Pokimane Makeup Look

Pokimane is perhaps one of the most popular twitch streamers at present. However, her fame had not been associated with a few online hurdles.

The current trend of the internet about her is the Pokimane without make-up controversy. This stemmed from a video she streamed in October 2018.

Interestingly, Pokimane decided to show up on her live stream with no makeup. In the stream, she did her makeup with viewers watching. She also interacted with her fans. She ended the live stream with some points about women. Her points were mainly about women’s makeup and unrealistic expectations.

However, this action resulted in mixed reactions from her followers. Clearly, her viewers did not expect Pokimane to stream without makeup.

pokimane no makeup look

Her stream met with a wave of hateful comments from Internet trolls. Surprisingly, pokimane’s without make-up face pictures managed to reach the streets of Twitter. This was because a Twitter user, Nekodoll shared them. As expected, the pictures went viral. Also, she received further trolling from Twitter users. The pictures have been deleted on Twitter. However, they are still available in some dark forums. Indeed, the internet never forgets.

Although, Nekodoll apologized saying,” I thought of it as a joke”. “But it turns out it was something very insensitive of me to say”.

To support her, most of her followers responded to the pokimane no makeup post on Twitter. They talked about how Pokimane looked pretty even without makeup. Also, they tried to shut that the trolls.

With the incident, Pokimane without makeup became one of the most common search terms relating to her.

It turns out that the controversy over Pokimane’s makeup look is not the only source of online trolls she gets. Few Twitch content creators have made fun of her brand’s content and even more, her fans. This had happened at different points and times.

Coupled with that, she is often trolled about garnering simps as followers. In the past, fans have obsessed over various parts of her looks, even her feet.  Pokimane acknowledges the worth of her fans.

Also, she does not mind her fans being called simps. This is because they remain loyal, even if they do obsess over details about her looks.

Quite surprisingly, Pokimane’s reactions to trolls about her have been surprisingly sweet and calm. She posted more pictures of her no-makeup face in a tweet. This was to stop her trolls. In the tweet, she admonished people to stay positive to others. She also encouraged people against judging others based on their looks.

As a matter of fact, she also received support from her fellow content creator, Valkyrie. She regarded Pokimane as being inspirational. She was also happy that Pokimane stood up for herself in an unfavorable situation.

About Pokimane Stream

Image Pokimane Any was previously a  league of legends player with a degree in chemical engineering. However, she recognized the value of her gaming on Twitch. Therefore, she switched to a full-time stream of her online games on Twitch. Since then, she has made history as the most popular female streamer on the video content platform. Also, she influences a creator on other platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

She has a net worth of about $ 1 – 2 million dollars. A major amount of her net worth is from her content creator career on the platforms she streams on. She is most popular for her League of Legends and Fortnite streams.

Furthermore, she owns three channels on YouTube.  She streams gaming content on her regular channel. On her second channel, she streams ASMR-related content. And, she posts vlogs on her third channel.

In addition, Pokinmane is also part of Offline TV. This is a content creators’ group. The group consists of Jerry Wang – Disguised toast and Michael Reeves. Also, it includes William ‘Scarra’ Li and Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki. While she remains a member of the group, she moved out of the Offline TV house.

Pokimane started streaming on Twitch in 2013 and she has become of the 10 most followed streamers. Also, she has been able to partner with Twitch on some occasions.

Pokimane Followers and Fans

Through her live streams, Pokimane pulls a large number of followers on her content platforms. On Twitch, she has amassed over 7.7 million followers. From a recent statistic in July, Pokimane hit over 8 million followers on Twitch. Streamers on Twitch reportedly earn $10,000 per 3,000 subscribers.

Also on YouTube, Pokimane has 6.43 million subscribers and 349 million views on her videos. She is estimated to earn about $5,000 – $10,000 on YouTube, every month.

Evidently, you can tell that the 25-year-old streamer is doing very well herself in her video streaming career. Kudos!

Why Pokimane do Streaming

From being a college student to rising to her stardom in the gaming industry, Pokimane has a lot to tell. She had started gaming as a recreational exercise before she got into college. Then, she was able to join a few tournaments and make some money.

Having her school work coupled with her streaming activities was not so easy. She had to squeeze in between classes to allow her to maintain a good streaming schedule.

However, with time, her hobby as a gamer soon metamorphosed into a full-time career. With that, she was able to grow her brand around something she actually funs doing.

Her career in online streaming is not what she had initially. Still, it is appreciative of how well has done in the different paths she chose.

Pokimane Awards and Nominations

Through her streaming career, Pokimane has not only amassed numerous followers and lovers. In addition to that, she has gotten awards and nominations to her credit too.

For 2018, there was The Game Award for Content Creator of the Year. Also, she was nominated for The Streamy Awards as the Live steamer of the year. Lastly, she was nominated for the Shorty Awards for Twitch Streamer of the Year. She was able to with the Shorty Award in 2018.

Pokimane Awards and Nominations

Likewise in 2019, she was nominated for the Esports Awards and Canadian Game Awards. She was not able to win any of the awards she was nominated for in 2019. Also in 2020, she was nominated again for the Esports Awards and the 10th Streamy Awards.  However, she did not win any of the awards too.


Given Pokimane’s popularity as the Queen of Twitch, fans usually have so many questions about her. These questions are from her personality, her looks, or her ethnicity.


Pokimane’s ethniçity is of the most common questions about her. Pokimane has dual citizenship. She is a Moroccan-Canadian citizen.

However, Pokimane is well aware that there are speculations about her being Asian. Therefore, she helped to clear the air about it. According to her, she decided to take a DNA test, and check out her Ancestry. From the results of the DNA test, she is 85% North African and Arabian.  It is clear from the results that she is of Moroccan Descent.


Previously, Pokimane lived with her streamer friends in a Content Creator House – An offline TV House. However, in June 2020, she moved out of the House after she got her own apartment. This was connected to the drama that occurred between her and the Apartment manager, Fedmyster.


Here, we have been able to provide answers to your questions about one of your favorite twitch personalities. Stay tuned to our website for more interesting details about your online faves.

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