Pink Tour Dates 2024: Experience the Ultimate Pink Carnival!

Pink’s tour dates for 2024 are currently not available. Pink is known for hits such as “Just Like a Pill,” “Raise Your Glass,” and “What About Us.”

Her energetic performances and powerful vocals make her concerts highly anticipated events. Fans can stay updated on Pink’s official website for any announcements regarding upcoming tour dates.

Pink Tour Dates 2024: Experience the Ultimate Pink Carnival!


Overview Of Pink Tour 2024

Pink fans, get ready for an explosive concert experience as the talented singer-songwriter returns with her highly anticipated Pink Tour 2024! Known for her powerful vocals, energetic performances, and empowering lyrics, Pink never fails to deliver an unforgettable live show. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the exciting details about this upcoming tour, including the announcement, tour dates and locations, as well as special features and the setlist you can expect.

Announcement Of The Tour

The announcement of Pink Tour 2024 has left fans buzzing with excitement! After a brief hiatus, Pink is set to hit the road once again, taking her electrifying performances to cities around the world. The official announcement was made on her official website, where fans can find all the information they need about ticket sales, VIP packages, and more. The anticipation is building, and fans can’t wait to secure their spot at one of the most highly anticipated tours of the year.

Tour Dates And Locations

During Pink Tour 2024, the pop superstar will be gracing stages across the globe, bringing her incredible energy and talent to fans in numerous cities. Check out some of the confirmed tour dates and locations below:

Date Location
May 12 Austin, TX
Mar 19 Austin, TX
Jan 5 Austin, TX

These are just a few examples of the cities that Pink will be visiting during her tour. Be sure to check her official website or ticketing platforms like SeatGeek and StubHub for the complete list of tour dates and locations. If Pink is coming to a city near you, don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness her electrifying live performance!

Special Features And Setlist

The Pink Tour 2024 promises to be a visual and auditory spectacle, offering fans an immersive experience like no other. Known for her incredible stage design and captivating performances, Pink never fails to surprise and entertain her audience. While the exact details of the special features are yet to be revealed, fans can expect mind-blowing visuals, stunning choreography, and awe-inspiring production.

As for the setlist, Pink will undoubtedly perform her biggest hits, including crowd favorites such as “Just Like a Pill,” “Raise Your Glass,” “What About Us,” “Just Give Me a Reason,” “Get the Party Started,” and “Make You Feel My Love.” This carefully curated setlist will showcase Pink’s versatility as an artist, taking fans on an emotional journey through her iconic discography.

In conclusion, the Pink Tour 2024 is gearing up to be an extraordinary event that fans won’t want to miss. Exciting announcements, unforgettable performances, and a setlist that will have you singing along all night – this tour truly has it all. Stay tuned for more updates as Pink takes the world by storm with her incredible talent, powerful vocals, and inspiring message of empowerment.

Pink Tour Dates 2024: Experience the Ultimate Pink Carnival!


How To Get Tickets For Pink Tour 2024

If you’re a fan of Pink and looking to attend her highly anticipated tour in 2024, you’ll want to secure your tickets as soon as possible. With her incredible performances and loyal fanbase, Pink’s concerts tend to sell out fast. In this section, we’ll explore different methods to get your hands on those coveted pink tour tickets.

Official Website And Ticket Sales

The first and most reliable way to purchase Pink tour tickets is through her official website. By visiting the official website at, you can access the latest information about the tour dates and ticket sales. The website typically provides a direct link to an authorized ticketing provider where you can purchase your tickets securely.

Third-party Ticket Platforms

If you missed out on securing tickets through the official website, don’t worry! There are various third-party ticket platforms where you can still find Pink tour tickets. Platforms like StubHub, SeatGeek, and Songkick often have tickets available for resale. However, it’s important to exercise caution and ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable seller to avoid any fraudulent tickets.

Tips For Securing Tickets

Securing tickets for popular concerts can be challenging, but with the right tips, you can improve your chances of obtaining Pink tour tickets. Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Set a reminder: Pink’s tour dates are announced well in advance, so make sure to mark the date and time of the ticket release on your calendar. This way, you won’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase tickets as soon as they become available.
  2. Be prepared: Before the ticket sale begins, create an account on the ticketing platform you plan to use. This will save you time during the purchasing process and increase your chances of securing tickets before they sell out.
  3. Multiple devices: Increase your chances of getting tickets by using multiple devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Having different devices ready can give you an advantage when competing for tickets.
  4. Keep refreshing: During the ticket sale, it’s essential to keep refreshing the ticketing page regularly. Sometimes, additional tickets become available due to order cancellations or technical issues. By staying vigilant and refreshing the page, you might get lucky and find tickets that were previously unavailable.

Remember, getting your hands on Pink tour tickets requires patience and persistence. Keep these tips in mind and be prepared to act quickly when tickets become available. With a little luck, you’ll soon be enjoying Pink’s incredible live performance. Don’t miss out!

Pink Tour Dates 2024: Experience the Ultimate Pink Carnival!


Frequently Asked Questions On Pink Tour Dates 2024

Where Is Pink Performing In 2024?

Pink’s 2024 tour dates and locations have not been officially announced yet. Please stay tuned for updates on Pink’s official website for tour announcements and ticket information.

How To Get Pink Tickets 2024?

To get Pink tickets for 2024, visit Pink’s official website or ticket-selling platforms like StubHub, SeatGeek, or Songkick. Check out Pink’s tour dates and setlist for the Summer Carnival tour. Be sure to purchase tickets early to secure your spot at the concert.

Is Pink Coming To Scotland In 2024?

As of now, there is no information available regarding Pink coming to Scotland in 2024.

Is Pink Planning A Tour?

Yes, Pink is planning a tour. Stay updated for her tour dates and locations.


Pink fans, get ready for an unforgettable experience! The Pink Tour Dates for 2024 have been announced, and it’s going to be a show like no other. With hit songs like “Just Like a Pill,” “Raise Your Glass,” and “What About Us,” Pink will captivate audiences with her mesmerizing performances.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see Pink live in concert. Get your tickets now and prepare to sing along to all your favorite Pink anthems. It’s time to let loose, have fun, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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