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Marilyn Monroe was an American icon of beauty, fashion, and Hollywood glamour. Her look can easily be copied today by women who want to emulate her style, from how she styled her hair to the make-up that made her stand out. This article will give you tips on how to create a Marilyn Monroe Without Makeup look for yourself that is simple, yet timeless.

Marilyn Monroe Without Makeup

About Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup Look

The makeup look that Marilyn Monroe is best known for accentuates her famous lips and makes them the focus of attention. Her signature red lip color was a bright and bold shade, but she always applied it flawlessly, making sure to line her lips with a darker red pencil first. To create this look yourself, use a thin lip brush to apply bright red lip color, and then line the outside of your lips with a darker shade. Apply lipstick evenly within your lip border, making sure that it is not too thick or too thin for your features.

About Marilyn Monroe Without Makeup Look

While Marilyn Monroe is most well-known for her red lip look, she also looked stunning without any makeup at all. She was known for keeping her skin clean and clear, meaning that she didn’t have to wear much in the way of foundation or powder to hide blemishes. She also kept her eyebrows thick and groomed with a pencil to keep them looking perfect. To get a natural look like Marilyn Monroe, you should make sure to keep your skin clean and moisturized, as well as take care of your hair regularly.

Amazing Photos of Marilyn Monroe Without Makeup

To get a sense of what Marilyn Monroe looked like without makeup, take a look at these photos. Even without the use of any cosmetics, she is still stunning in her way. Her natural beauty is something that many women today strive to perfect, and you can do so with some simple tricks.

Cute Smile Face

Marilyn Monroe Cute Smile Face

In this picture, we can see Marilyn Monroe wearing a simple shirt and puffy skirt but what makes us love her so much is that she smiles naturally. This picture of Marilyn Monroe is a close-up shot that shows her face without any makeup. We can see clearly how lovely she is. We can feel she still has great confidence in herself in this picture. These photos are great examples of how she looked in her natural state, and you can try out some of the same techniques for yourself to get a similar look.

Morning Walk Look

This is a photo of Marilyn Monroe in the morning when she was on her way to filming. She looked so fresh, and lovely in this picture and we can see that she has nothing but confidence in herself.

Swimming pool photo

In this photo, we can see how cute Marilyn Monroe is when she was taking a bath in the swimming pool. It looks like she was having a great time. It proves to us that she looked gorgeous even without any makeup on.

Enjoying the Beach Time

This is a photo of Marilyn Monroe enjoying her time on the beach when she was traveling with her boyfriend. She looked so happy and had no worries at all so this proves to us how lovely she was and we can also do that too.

Workout Photo

Marilyn Monroe Workout Photo

In this photo, we see Marilyn Monroe working out to keep her body in good shape. She looked so healthy and strong with her huge muscles that she had a great time while doing exercises. In this photo, we can see how lovely was Marilyn Monroe when she was walking her dog named Maf. She looked so happy and carefree that we can’t deny how sweet she was in this picture.

About Marilyn Monroe’s Plastic Surgery

Marilyn Monroe is known for her iconic makeup ideas, and it’s no wonder she was blessed with such a perfect face. However, some people are convinced that her natural beauty was enhanced via plastic surgery. Although these rumors can never truly be verified or disproved. There are several telltale signs in Marilyn’s facial features that could very well be clues. Her nose was perfectly straight and narrow, yet she had a signature dimple on one side of her mouth which gives it a bit more character.

Marilyn Monroe's Plastic Surgery

Additionally, her cheekbones are high but they then fall to create what is known as the “Marilyn Monroe dip”. Or the indentation that appears between the top of the cheekbone and the bridge of the nose. In addition, her lips were quite plump and full, though they weren’t overdone like some celebrities today. They appear naturally large in comparison to her face and are said to be one of Marilyn’s defining features.

Marilyn Monroe Movies and TV Shows

Marilyn Monroe was a model and actress who played several different roles in her lifetime. She starred in over thirty films, including “The Seven Year Itch, All About Eve,” and “Some Like it Hot.” She was an international superstar whose fame continues to inspire beauty trends and icon status. Even after her untimely death at 36, Marilyn Monroe’s legacy continues as one of the most beautiful and influential women in history.

FAQ About Marilyn Monroe

How much is Marilyn Monroe’s Net Worth?

Marilyn Monroe’s net worth was estimated somewhere between $10 to $25 million.

Marilyn Monroe’s Date of Birth & Death

June 1st, 1926 – August 5th, 1962 (36 Years). At the age of 36, she died from a drug overdose.

About Marilyn Monroe’s Eyes & Hair Style

She had beautiful blonde hair and her eyes were deep blue.

Who was Marilyn Monroe’s Husband?

Various men were married to Marilyn Monroe, including baseball star Joe DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller.

Final Words

Marilyn Monroe was one of the most famous and beloved actresses ever. She was so beautiful that she inspired many people to become models as well. She had a great life with her distinctive personality, which made her even more amazing. Nevertheless, we have to admit that she is not here anymore but her legacy will always be alive until now. We hope that you can be as great and successful as she was.

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