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Marilyn Manson Without No Makeup Look Will Amaze You

Brain Hugh Warner popularly known by the stage name Marilyn Manson was born on January 5, 1969, in Canton, Ohio, to Barbara Warner Wyer and Hugh Angus Warner. Warner studied journalism and theatre at a local community college “Broward”. He started his music career as an entertainment journalist at a local magazine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He later formed his stage name using Marilyn Monroe (a popular sex symbol) and the famous Manson (famous murder case). Brain formed Marilyn Manson and the spooky kid’s band in the 1990s. They later changed the name to Marilyn Manson.

The band is a heavily gothic band with dark vibes and hate for Christianity.

In 1994, the band released their debut album “Portrait of an American Family”. The popularity of the band continued to grow over the years. Manson is best known for albums like; Portrait of an American Family, Antichrist Superstar, and Mechanical Animals.

Marilyn Manson Without No Makeup Look

Marilyn Manson later went on to win many awards through the band. In 1999, the band won MTV Video Music Awards for The Dope Show. Furthermore, in 2015, Manson received an award from Kerrang. It was titled a “Lifetime achievement award.”

How Marilyn Manson Look without Makeup

Everyone is aware of how much Marilyn Manson loves to put on makeup. Recently, pictures of Manson without makeup have made their way on the internet. Although it might be a shocker the gothic rock star is not ugly without makeup. Manson looks great without makeup. Many different looks have surfaced over the years.

For example, his look from the series “Sons of Anarchy”. He was without makeup in a prisoner’s outfit. In another picture, Marilyn is flaunting the Rogue Island book looking immensely hot. He was giving this homey and stylish vibe.

In the comedy series Eastbound Down, Manson was seen spotting brown hair and a rather clean look. The look came as a shock to most fans. Another of his popular out-of-character looks is his role in Salem. He appeared in six episodes of the series. His role was spotting glasses with a nerdy look.

His character was Thomas Dinley. Dinley was a super talented character with skills as a barber, surgeon, and even a mortician on occasion. He was a servant of the Dark Lord.  He was best suited for the character and he performed it well.

How Marilyn Manson looks with Makeup

Marilyn Manson has a long-time relationship with makeup. He said that when he was little, his mom used to do makeup for him and make him wear her wigs. In addition, Manson recalled how he used to steal eyeliner during his early years as a musician. Another of his early year’s habits was to use blood on his lips before he switched to lipstick.

He loved the fact that makeup transforms people. His reason for make-up was not to look feminine but to look different and attractive. According to Manson, there was a time he used pancakes powder as makeup. He loves to do his makeup himself because he can experiment as much as he likes.

His popular white eye contact was gotten from his childhood dog, who had one white eye before he later died. In an interview, Warner discussed how makeup gives him confidence. It allows him to transform into Marilyn Manson easily. He also mentioned that makeup enables him to say things other people won’t be able to say.
Mason loves dark and gothic makeup that is imaginative and horrifying. He started art on his face before he later started painting in recent years.

About Marilyn Manson without makeup photos

On Young Time

Brian Hugh Warner popularly known as Marilyn Manson was a very handsome young man with brown hair.

Casual Look

In the picture of him with a violin, he had the cutest and very casual look. Another of his casual looks is the one with him carrying an animal.

Marilyn Manson Long Hair Look

Further more, he kept his hair long for a short period. The hair was therefore another refreshing look.

About Marilyn Manson Young

Brian Hugh Warner had a difficult childhood growing up. Being molested as a child, he grew up with a quirky personality. As a child, he loved writing.

Although, Marilyn Manson as a young man wanted to be someone else, he didn’t want to lose himself. Wearing makeup gave him the perfect avenue to achieve this. He wore crazy, horrific, and heavy makeup as a young man. However, his makeup has reduced in recent years.  Another important factor is that Marilyn Manson attended a Christian school and his mum was a Christian. For some reason going to this school made him anti-Christian.

Surprisingly he hated everything the School taught them about God. Every time they were told not to do something. He always did the opposite, making him a rebellious child. The school instructed them not to listen to KISS music and he did exactly the opposite. He listened to their music, loved them, and later formed a band like theirs.

As a child and young man, He wanted freedom and his music is all about giving kids that freedom to do anything they want to do.

FAQ about Marilyn Manson

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Final Words

Marilyn Manson who is an artist, painter, singer, songwriter, and actor is an icon with genres in hard rock, shock rock. His appearance with makeup and without makeup are two different characters.  In conclusion, Marilyn Manson is rarely seen without makeup and his makeup defines who he is. If you are interested to watch celebrities without makeup then you can also see Kylie Jenner Look Without Makeup.

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