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Madison Beer Without Makeup Look – No Makeup Blog by VersusTV

After the Prince of pop, Justin Bieber discovered her in 2012, and Madison Beer has had a solid ten-decade career in music and entertainment. Since then, the Jericho-born singer has constantly been showing up and releasing hit singles before finally putting out her first album, Life Support, in 2021.

Madison Beer

Apart from her undeniable talent as a musician, Madison Beer has got that beauty to compliment her perfectly. Undoubtedly, this can be attested to, as she always shows up with her iconic and excellent makeup looks. Even more, the singer still looks just perfect even without makeup. In this article, we will be showing you exclusive pictures of Madison Beer without her makeup! Now, wouldn’t that be a pleasant sight to see? Also, you will discover if there is a difference between her looks with makeup or without makeup. Coupled with this, you’ll be learning some interesting facts about Madison’s life, family, and productions. Let’s get in!

Madison Beer Makeup Look


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So, if you are an ardent Madison Beer follower, you would recognize her iconic look. With the flurry eyebrows, eyeliner, and her beautiful full lips, it’s pretty easy to be charmed by the singer. Indeed, you can see it everywhere – on the ‘Gram, on her snaps, social media, celebrity events, and most definitely, on beauty magazine covers. Therefore, it is no news that Madison Beer is that young singer killing it with looks and talent. Still, you might think her makeup only helps her beauty? Then, check below.

How Madison Beer Look Without Makeup Photos

Now, here is what we have been waiting for. Check out these beautiful images of Madison Beer without her makeup.

Young Madison Beer Look


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Well, you can see that the beautiful pop star that we so love to enjoy seeing has always been a cutie right from the start, with her natural dark lashes.

Madison Beer with Trendy glasses on the photo

Madison Beer with trendy glasses on the photo

You can say Madison rocked the glasses in this picture. It is such a fantastic way to highlight her pretty face because it fits her so well.

Throwback Selfie


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Would any other throwback picture beat this? Even without makeup, Madison still manages to look super cute in this old picture.

Day Outlook

Madison Day outlook

It’s a day out from home, and yes, there is no makeup. Still, she looks ever-appealing in her casual wear.

Bareface Look


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Really. This is as bare as a pretty-faced Maddy cam get. She did let it all out in this no-color picture, and we are all for it.

Swimming Pool Photo

Madison Swimming pool photo

You don’t expect anyone to have their whole make-up on while in the pool. So, you’re seeing Madison in her all-natural state.

About Madison Beer Makeup

Madison Beer Makeup Products

Her makeup look is enhanced by her beauty products which include Glossier Skin Tint and Contour Wands. Likewise, there’s the Sun Stalker Instant Warmth Bronzer, Lip Liner, and others. Although, here’s only a bit of the magic collection that makes Madison Beer’s makeup look ever stunning.

Morphe Madison Beer Palette

In collaboration with the 22-year singer, Morphe launched a limited edition collection. The collection of Morphe X Madison Beer Chanel Surfing Artisty Palette is a popular one. It is a compilation of Madison’s best, and it includes lovely eyeshadow shades, five shades of Madison Beer lip gloss, Madison Beer Luminous Setting Spray. Also, there is the formula shimmering eye lighters,

Madison Beer Vogue Makeup

Sometimes, Madison has been featured on the cover of the international fashion magazine Vogue. In her February 2021 Vogue interview release, Madison shared her worst skincare fears and how she’s been able to maintain her acne. Likewise, she shared her makeup process with Vogue, stating that they might not even wear makeup 99% of the time.

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

Like every other famous female celebrity, the singer-songwriter has had her time with internet trolls who believe she has had plastic surgery done. Contrary to these claims, Madison has taken time to go live ok Tiktok, and personally debunk these rumors. But, as Netizens always are, the claims persist.

Madison Beer Before & After Plastic Surgery Look

Madison Beer Before & After Plastic Surgery Look

Really, who would be the better judge of what you observe by yourself? We will show pictures of Madison’s supposed before and after. So, take a look and see if it is her developing from teen to adulthood. Or, if you feel it’s the other way round.

Madison Beer Albums & Songs

Madison has released one album, Life Support, and this was in February 2021. Her singles include, “Melodies”, “Selfish”, “More”, ” Dead”, “Home With You”, ” Baby”, “Reckless”. She has also released an EP titled As She Pleases.

Madison Beer Concert and Tickets

Madison Beer’s 2022 Tour and the concert are right on the way will begin soon. So, you can get tickets from outlets like Ticketmaster.

FAQ About Madison Beer

Madison Beer Family and Age

Madison was born into a Jewish family of non-singers on March 5, 1999, after which her parents divorced. Her father, Robert Beer, is a real estate developer, while her mom, Tracie, worked as an Interior designer. Hence, Madison is currently 22 years old but will be 23 by March 5, 2022.

Madison Beer Height and Weight

Madison weighs about 53kg and stands at about 1.67cm tall, which equals 5’4.

Madison Beer Eye Color

Apart from her beautiful natural black lashes, Madison’s eye colors are also beautiful, being hazel.

Madison Beer Net Worth

Then, from her singing, fashion collaborations, and endorsements, Madison Beer is worth $16 million.

Madison Beer Boyfriend

Madison Beer’s boyfriend is known to be TikTok Star, Nick Austin.

Madison Beer Rumors with David Dobrik

Likewise, she’s been rumored to be with several co-stars, and David Dobrik is one of them. However, the rumors have long been debunked by Dobrik himself, who shared that they had never even dated. Yet, the rumors have still been in circulation. Regardless, we do hope you are cleared on that.

Final Words

That’s about it. Did you enjoy reading about Madison Beer, alongside the cute pictures that spiced this piece up? Also, we do hope that you now have a better understanding and information about Madison Beer, her age, and other information about her.

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