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How Lil Kim Before and After Look Like

If you are a fan of Kimberly Jones popularly known as Lil Kim, then this article is just for you! You probably might have been missing out on some interesting stories about Lil Kim before and after. And if you have seen this Lil Kim’s “Crush on You” video, you would not want to miss an update about this Queen of Rapper. Kimberly Denis Jones, also known by her stage name,  Lil Kim, was born on the 11th of July, 1974. She is widely known as Lil Kim among about 3.1 million followers and more. And her net worth rates $18 million.

But how did Lil Kim get all the attention of fans and followers fans on the net? Read on as this article will do justice to all your possible questions of who Lil Kim is. This article will tell you about: The life history of Lil Kim. How Lil Kim looks in the ’90s. Lil Kim before and after plastic surgery. Why does Lil Kim do plastic surgery? How Lil Kim looks now.

All these and many other questions about Lil Kim and how she got such huge fame will be satisfied in this article. Find more singers’ details here.

Lil Kim Before and After Look

About Lil Kim

About Lil Kim

Before you judged Lil Kim’s flamboyant lifestyle, read these findings of her. Lil Kim is one of the greatest female rappers who always stands out with her uniqueness.  There are many things that Kimberly Denis Jones is known for since the decades that she has been in the music world.

She is also distinctly known for her outfits which made most of her fans love her the more. Lil Kim is not only an American rapper, she is also known as an actress, songwriter, model, and reality television personality. She grew up in Brooklyn in New York City but lived most of her teenage years out of the home.

Widely known by her stage name, Lil Kim, she was the second child of Linwoods and Ruby Jones who later divorced when Lil Kim aged 9. Lil Kim grew up under her father’s care after the separation of her parents. It was a difficult time staying with her dad before she finally had to leave. After she left, Kimberly took up living out till she met Christopher Wallace.  Christopher Wallace is professionally known as The Notorious B.I.G.

It was this Christopher who took a key role in Kim’s lifestyle and Music career. To build her music Career, Lil Kim enrolled in Sarah J. Hale Vocational High School with some friends. She got introduced to the stage by B.I.G. when she was 19.  B.I. G was promoting the Brooklyn-based group Junior M.A.F.I.A. Kim was among this group and this was where she got her stage name, Lil Kim. The Junior M.A.F.I.A group released Conspiracy as their first album in 1994 and Lil Kim was getting popularity among the group. As a result of the popularity, she was gaining with the M.A.F.I.A group, Lil Kim started her solo career.

She began working on her first album titled Hard Core which she later released in late 1995.

How Lil Kim look in the ’90s


Back in 1999, Kim got her ground at The Met Gala with her pink fur coat, bra top, and hot pants. Her Versace look turns the museum stair even in 1999. Her dress style was a total contrast to the usual ball gowns worn by other female artists attending the Gala. Right from the ’90s, Kim’s rock style wears and her exceptional looks have added to the change in the trend of her fearless and outstanding style on The Met Gala red carpet.

Lil Kim before and after plastic Surgery

From her unique looks, Lil Kim has gotten herself more fame than ordinary over the years. She before and after surgery pictures show a big difference. Despite her countless awards and successful performances, Kim left her fans in great awe with her new look! Left in great shock, her fans couldn’t believe their eyes as she came up with an entirely different look in early 2010. The great transformation in Lil Kim’s appearance came with her plastic surgery. It took some time for some fans to recognize her as the Lil Kim they have always known.

She stated earlier in 2003 about her love for plastic surgery as she got her first nose job in 2003. She had to have her nose job done as a result of some personal issues. Despite these, Kim never stopped since her first surgery. In all, Kim has always been decisive about her style. She knew what she was doing and did not bend to any form of criticism.

Lil Kim before and after plastic Surgery

Why Lil Kim did Plastic Surgery

perhaps, you are wondering why would Lil Kim go for plastic surgery. Over the years, plastic surgery has become an option among aging adults. So, it is not much of a surprise that Kim would also opt for surgery as she is going above 40 years of her life.

Despite this reason, Lil Kim had to deal with critiques over her new transformation as she did with Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams had attacked the “No time rapper” about her plastic surgery in a talk show. 3 years before Wendy’s attack, 2010, Lil Kim had told the public about her self-esteem issues. She mentioned some of her ordeals which had some influence on her.

In her words, “All my life men have told me I wasn’t pretty enough—even the men I was dating… It’s always been men putting me down just like my dad. To this day when someone says I’m cute, I can’t see it. I don’t see it no matter what anybody says.”

How Lil Kim Look Now


Kimberly Jones, named by some as Queen of the rappers, has dropped several hints over the years nonstop. Ranging from her debut, “Hard Core” to her memoir, “The Queen Bee” which she released in 2020. Her skillful performances with different raps and the transformation in her looks have gotten her more fame over the years. From her nose job in 2003 to her change in skin tone in 2010 to her change in her eyes and cheeks. The 2021 Lil Kim is not the same Kimberly Jones we have known 20 years ago.
If you have not seen any of Lil Kim’s latest pictures, expect to see a whole different look. Amazingly, these transformations got her more followers and fans on the social media platform.

Her net worth is over $18million. She has about 3.1 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, 326,0053 likes.  This is to show that Lil Kim’s obsession with having a perfect look has given her more fame than any of her female rappers.


From different reliable sources, we have gathered this information for you.   You are sure to always get nothing but first-hand updates from us which you can verify its validity anywhere. Ever since 1996 when she had her debut released, Kimberly Lil has always been known for her exceptional lifestyle This was before her first plastic surgery.

The color and the change in physique came after she went her surgery.   She is loyal to keeping to her lifestyle with or without the support of her fans. She has received more than trolls from her fans but this has got nothing to do with the “No time” rapper. With this article, you would see that the rise of Kim in the entertainment industry is partly from the support she got from Christopher Wallace. It was this man professionally known as The Notorious B.I.G who helped kick-start her career.

Lil Kim’s growing years must have come with a lot of responsibilities taken by herself. Therefore, her rapid growth in her music career must have been with such a great determination to be uniquely known by her world. The significant difference in the before and after of Lil Kim is mostly in her physique. And with all the facts of my findings so far, I will leave you to assess the “Queen of Rappers” from your view.

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