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Makeup Artist James Charles No Makeup Looks

It’s no news that makeup makes people feel more confident and start their day with hope on their faces. Owing to that, people wear makeup that suits them, makes them shine brightly, and stand out where they are. But it takes more than intelligence to make your face up ideally. That’s why James Charles Dickinson, an American makeup artist, and beauty YouTuber, is famously known for what he does best.

James Charles Natural Look

James Charles Natural Look

Naturally, James Charles’s face without make-up says a lot about how stylish the makeup artist is. As you can see above, even without covering his face up, the look on his face is capable of melting anyone’s heart.
Without mincing words, the natural look of James Charles is one of the reasons why he is loved and followed by many. His natural look is as astonishing as his makeup look.

About James Charles No-Makeup Look Photo

The no-makeup look photos of James Charles have set the World Wide Web on fire with his cold, attractive, and nice look. From his barefaced selfie to his look on a winter day, below are his real-life photos.

Bareface Selfie


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Without makeup on, James Charles’s bare face looks different from what he looks like with makeup. But out of other things, that bright eyes of his, light up his face. Even without makeup, his barefaced look looks nice.

Relaxation time

James Charles Relaxation time

Like other persons, celebrities relax. And when James Charles does, he looks charming without makeup. But what is more charming is that he posts his face on days like this with spots on it.

Cool style

James Charles Cool style

Even without makeup and spots on his face, James’ pictures are fantastic. This relaxed style of his says it all.

A Natural Look


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Here is another picture of James Charles without makeup. He looks astonishing and fascinating here as always.

On a Winter day


On a winter day, the face of the makeup artist looks natural. You can see how bright it is even when there is cold outside.

Beach & Sunset Time


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He also looks good when he goes to the beach. You can see that from the expression on his face.

Swimming pool Selfie


Even his swimming pool selfies are excellent. Apart from the fact that he is creative with makeup, James is also stylish.

How James Charles Looks With Makeup


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With makeup, James Charles is super creative. That is to say; the YouTuber is widely known for his makeup escapades. Given that, his look with makeup is a sight to behold.
In other words, the makeup star looks astonishing and fabulous when he uses makeup. The above picture says it all.

About “The James Charles Palette”

The James Charles Palette is one of the reasons why James Charles is famous. The James Charles Palette is an affordable collection that includes 39 eyeshadows and pressed pigments.
That means with James Charles Palette, you can create the look of your dreams. From transitional shades to neutral tones, the palette can make you look different and stand out.
You can get yours for a low price today to look radiant and bright.

James Charles Makeup Set

You can also look good and be the self of your dreams by using James Charles’s makeup set for your makeup. The set includes James Charles Palette. James Charles Palette, on the other hand, includes 39 eyeshadows, a set of 34 brushes, and a blending sponge. With that, your beauty is assured.

James Charles Eye Makeup

To make James Charles eye makeup, and look exactly like him, is easier than you think. That is to say, to make MAC soft ochre paint pot, eye primer, and all is easy.
With his tutorial videos and James Charles and other Palette, you are good to go. That brings us to James Charles Makeup tutorials on YouTube.

About James Charles Makeup Tutorials in YouTube

James Charles’s makeup tutorials on YouTube are self-explanatory. Coupled with that, they are easy to get and understand. From Golden Hour to Contrasting Smokey Eye, you’ll learn a lot there.
That means to make your face a beauty to behold, all you can do is subscribe and follow his YouTube channel. There, you will know what it’s like, and how to do your favorite, new and creative makeups in the simplest of all ways.

James Charles Plastic Surgery

A close source reported that the famous artist underwent two elective, non-cosmetic procedures. Although James revealed that he has lip fillers, that is to say, it is not related to cosmetics, but to make his physical health better.

James Charles Before and After Plastic Surgery Look

Before and after his plastic surgery, James Charles looks astonishing and good at what he does. As a makeup artist, his lip filler has helped him portray his work in a good way and made him stand out as it stands.

FAQ About James Charles

James Charles Social Media Followers

Because so many people are into makeup these days, James Charles has a long line of followers.
On YouTube, the YouTuber boasts over 25 million followers following his channel. With over 26 million followers on Instagram and over 35 million on TikTok, he has a huge fanbase.

James Charles Family

James Charles Dickson was born on the 23rd of May to Skip and Christine Dickinson, his parents. With that in mind, he has a younger brother, Ian Jeffrey, who is working as a model.

James Charles Age

On the 23rd of May, 1999, James Charles was born. That means he is presently 22 years old and will be 23 on the 23rd of May, 2022.

James Charles Height

As famous and creative as he is, James is 5′ 9 inches tall. Also, his weight is 60 kg.

James Charles Net Worth

As reported as of 2022, the famous makeup artist’s net worth is estimated to be over $20 million. Given that, that shows how wealthy he is.

Final Words

James Charles is a makeup artist known for his creative makeup styles and tutorials. For this reason, the first male brand ambassador for Cover Girl has made waves in recent times. Flowing from the aforementioned, even without making his face up, he stands out and is undoubtedly loved by many. Given that, the 22-year-old is known for what he does best and is an inspiration to many out there.

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