Is Longmire TV Show Coming Back? Find Out the Latest Updates!

Yes, Longmire TV show is not coming back for a new season. The popular series has concluded.

Longmire, a modern Western crime drama, has garnered a loyal fanbase since its debut in 2012. With its captivating storyline and compelling characters, the show has left a lasting impression on viewers. However, after six successful seasons, Longmire came to an end in 2017.

Despite its conclusion, the show continues to be a topic of interest, prompting fans to inquire about a revival or reboot. This article aims to explore the reasons behind the show’s conclusion and the potential for its return, providing insights into the future of Longmire.

Is Longmire TV Show Coming Back? Find Out the Latest Updates!


Background Of Longmire Tv Show

The Longmire TV show is a popular American crime drama series based on the “Walt Longmire” mystery novels by Craig Johnson. The show gained a dedicated fan base for its captivating storyline and compelling characters. It originally aired on A&E for three seasons before being picked up by Netflix for its remaining episodes. Let’s delve deeper into the background of this beloved TV show.

Cast And Crew

The Longmire TV show features a talented cast and crew who brought the captivating storylines to life. The main cast includes Robert Taylor as Sheriff Walt Longmire, Katee Sackhoff as Victoria Moretti, Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry Standing Bear, and Cassidy Freeman as Cady Longmire. The show also boasts a team of skilled writers, directors, and producers who contributed to its success.

Original Network And Release Date

The Longmire TV show premiered on A&E network on June 3, 2012, marking the beginning of its compelling journey. The series’ initial success on A&E led to a loyal fan base, but the network made the surprising decision to cancel it after three seasons. However, the show found a new home on Netflix, where it garnered even more viewers and continued to enthrall audiences with its gripping narratives.

Is Longmire TV Show Coming Back? Find Out the Latest Updates!


Reasons For The Popularity Of Longmire

Reasons for the Popularity of Longmire

Longmire, the critically acclaimed TV show, has garnered a dedicated fan base, and its popularity can be attributed to several key factors. From its compelling characters to engaging plotlines and a realistic setting, Longmire has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Compelling Characters

The show’s success is partly due to its compelling characters such as Sheriff Walt Longmire, a complex and principled lawman, and his loyal and determined deputy, Vic Moretti. These characters resonate with audiences, drawing them into the intricacies of their lives and the challenges they face.

Engaging Plotlines

Longmire’s engaging plotlines are another driving force behind its popularity. The show masterfully weaves together intriguing mysteries, personal struggles, and the dynamics of small-town life, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and eagerly anticipating each new episode.

Realistic Setting

The realistic setting of Longmire, set in the picturesque landscapes of Wyoming, adds an authentic touch that resonates with audiences. The show’s attention to detail and portrayal of the challenges faced by a rural sheriff’s department contribute to its immersive and relatable storytelling.

Initial Cancelation And Fan Outrage

The initial cancellation of the TV show Longmire sparked outrage among fans, who eagerly await its potential return.

The Longmire TV show, known for its gripping crime drama set in Wyoming, was unexpectedly canceled after six seasons, much to the dismay of its dedicated fanbase. The decision left fans in a state of shock and fueled a wave of outrage across social media platforms.

Reasons For Cancelation

Several reasons contributed to the cancelation of Longmire. Firstly, the show’s declining viewership ratings played a significant role. Despite its loyal followers, the viewership numbers gradually decreased over time, leading network executives to reconsider its continuation.

Another contributing factor was the rising production costs associated with the show. As budgets tightened, the network faced the difficult decision of allocating resources to other projects that potentially offered higher profitability.

Furthermore, Longmire had reached its natural storytelling conclusion, having tied up many loose ends and wrapped up major character arcs. The network believed it was the right time to bid farewell to the beloved characters and bring the show to a dignified close.

Fan Petitions And Social Media Campaigns

As news of the cancelation spread, fans of Longmire were quick to express their discontent. In an effort to revive the show, numerous fan petitions were created, urging the network to reconsider their decision.

Social media platforms buzzed with hashtags such as #BringBackLongmire and #SaveLongmire, as fans rallied together to create awareness and generate support. Supporters from all around the world united in their mission to convince the network that the show deserved another chance.

The overwhelming response to the cancelation even caught the attention of the show’s cast and crew, who joined forces with the fans in their campaign. Through heartfelt messages on social media, they expressed their gratitude for the unwavering support and encouraged fans to continue fighting for the revival of their beloved show.

Although the future of Longmire remains uncertain, the passionate efforts of the fanbase have undoubtedly made an impact. Only time will tell if their collective voice will sway the network’s decision and bring Longmire back to our screens once more.

Revival And Success On Another Platform

The television show Longmire faced cancellation after three seasons on the A&E network, leaving its dedicated fanbase devastated. However, thanks to the power of fan demand and social media buzz, the series found new life on another platform. Netflix, the popular streaming service, took over the reins and revived Longmire for three more seasons, ensuring its loyal viewers would not be left hanging.

Netflix Takes Over

With its reputation for producing high-quality original content, Netflix was the perfect platform to revive Longmire and continue its captivating storytelling. The streaming giant recognized the show’s potential and saw the opportunity to appeal to a broader audience. By acquiring the rights to Longmire, Netflix ensured that the series would not only continue but also find a new home where it could thrive.

Positive Reviews And Audience Response

The revival of Longmire on Netflix was met with overwhelming praise from both critics and viewers. The show’s return was eagerly anticipated, and the positive reviews poured in. Critics lauded the series for its compelling characters, gripping storylines, and superb acting. Meanwhile, the dedicated fanbase of Longmire showed their unwavering support by rallying behind the show’s revival and sharing their excitement on social media.

The audience response to Longmire’s revival was nothing short of remarkable. Fans were thrilled to see their favorite characters back on screen and to delve deeper into the mysteries of Absaroka County. The show’s ability to resonate with viewers was evident in the passionate discussions and theories that sprang up online. Longmire’s return on Netflix not only satisfied the existing fanbase but also gained new followers who were drawn in by the series’ enthralling blend of crime drama and western elements.

Updates On The Possible Return

Longmire fans eagerly await news of the show’s potential return. Will the popular TV series make a comeback? Stay tuned for updates on the possibility of Longmire’s return!

Longmire, the popular television show that captivated audiences with its intriguing storyline and vibrant characters, left its loyal fan base eagerly awaiting news about a possible return. Fans have been anxiously following the discussions with creators and actors, as well as the various rumors and speculations surrounding the show’s future. Let’s dive into the latest updates on the possible return of Longmire.

Discussions With Creators And Actors

The creators and actors of Longmire have been actively engaged in discussions regarding the show’s potential return. Their dedication to the series and appreciation for the passionate fan base keep the hopes alive. With ongoing negotiations and brainstorming sessions, there is optimism in the air.

Rumors And Speculations

As with any beloved television series, rumors and speculations abound regarding the potential return of Longmire. While it’s important to approach such information with caution, these rumblings often ignite the excitement among fans and fuel their anticipation. However, it is essential to rely on official announcements for concrete updates.

Rumors often circulate about the show’s fate and the direction it may take once it returns. Some speculate that we might see a time jump, allowing for new storylines and character development. Others believe that beloved cast members will make a comeback, while new faces could also join the ensemble.

It is crucial to remember that until official word surfaces, these rumors remain in the realm of speculation. Nonetheless, they serve as a testament to the passionate following and the desire for Longmire’s return.

In Conclusion

The possible return of Longmire has generated considerable interest and excitement among fans. While discussions with creators and actors continue, it’s essential to stay tuned for official announcements for concrete updates. As the rumors and speculations swirl, the dedication of the show’s fan base remains unwavering, eagerly anticipating the return of their beloved series.

Is Longmire TV Show Coming Back? Find Out the Latest Updates!


Frequently Asked Questions For Is Longmire Tv Show Coming Back

Is Longmire Tv Show Coming Back?

Yes, Longmire Tv Show is coming back for its sixth and final season. The show was revived by Netflix after it was canceled by A&E. Fans can expect to see more thrilling episodes that will tie up loose ends and give closure to the beloved characters.

Will Longmire Tv Show Be Renewed For Season 7?

No, Longmire Tv Show will not be renewed for a seventh season. The show is set to conclude with its sixth season, giving fans a final opportunity to say goodbye to their favorite characters and see how their storylines wrap up.

When Can I Expect The Release Of Longmire Season 6?

Longmire Season 6 is scheduled to be released on Netflix on November 17, 2017. Mark your calendars and get ready to binge-watch the final season of this popular crime drama series that has captivated audiences with its compelling characters and gripping storylines.


To sum up, fans of the critically acclaimed TV show Longmire are eagerly awaiting news about its potential return. While there are no official announcements yet, the show’s strong fanbase and the availability of the source material make a comeback highly plausible.

As we patiently await updates, we can stay hopeful that Longmire will make a triumphant return to our screens sooner rather than later.

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