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HOT 97 SUMMER JAM Festival 2023 | Live Stream and Lineup

The Hip Hop music genre is a fabulous one, and it has grown increasingly popular over the years of its existence. More accepted and popularized in the present generation, hip-hop music is currently one of the leading kinds of music around. The Hot 97 Summer Jam Festival is one big initiative that ensures the constant celebration of the legendary stance of hip hop among the present generation. And, this is even since it was established back in 1994. The festival has witnessed the presence of the world’s biggest pop stars. It has also witnessed the presence of upcoming stars as well. It is the largest hip-hop concert in the world, and it has attracted more attendees and fans over almost 3 decades.

HOT 97 SUMMER JAM Festival 2023

If the festival is a good one for you, then this article is a must-read. This is because we have included detailed information to guide you. And, this information would include a brief background history of the festival. Likewise, we will keep you informed about the venue, time, and date for the 2023 festival. Again, you will get to know how to purchase tickets or watch from home.

HOT 97 SUMMER JAM Festival 2023
Location:East Rutherford, New Jersey
Date: 11th June 2023
Lineup:HOT 97 SUMMER JAM Festival 2023 Lineup
Live Stream:Watch Now

 History of HOT 97 SUMMER JAM Festival Festival

The Hot 97 Summer Jam festival is a creation of the KMEL Radio Station. About 50 years after it was first aired, the station founded the festival and was held as large concerts back in the day. However, the festival is being sponsored by the radio station, Hot 97 FM. The festival has grown to be bigger and more exciting over the years, making a name for itself as one of the best hip-hop festivals in the world.

About Hot 97 SUMMER JAM Festival Venue and Date

As a result of the time frame for the 2023 Festival, the date and venue for the Hot 97 Festival are unconfirmed yet. While there are speculations for June 11, 2023, at East Rutherford, NJ, it has not been officially announced by the festival’s management. The Summer Jam Fest would usually be on for three days. Therefore, the one-day speculation might be inaccurate. Hence, we will keep you informed when a more detailed announcement is made.

How to buy Hot 97 SUMMER JAM Tickets

We just witnessed the close of the 2022 Hot 97 Summer Jam Festival. Therefore, getting tickets for the event might take some time, in fact, until the next year in 2023. However, we will follow the pattern for 2022. And, we will be providing you with information about how to get your tickets for 2023. The tickets are quite pocket-friendly, and they range from about $79 to about $385.

If you are seeking other options besides the official website, you can purchase the tickets through other mediums. These include Ticketmaster, Viagogo, Seatgeek, StubHub, Vividseats, Cheap tickets, and more.

How to Watch Hot 97 SUMMER JAM Festival Online

Watch on TV

If you’re planning to sit back at home to watch all the action go down, watching on TV is a nice option for you. These are some mediums through which you can enjoy your TV watch.

  • YouTube TV

While there is the regular YouTube and YouTube Music app, there’s yet another feature on the visuals app that gives you access to watch live events. Therefore, if you are subscribed to the festival’s channel on YouTube, you can be notified about the live updates from the festival.

  • Sling TV

Trusted for its years of streaming service to users, Sling TV is either awesome TV option for you to enjoy the Hot 97 Summer Jam Festival in 2023.

  • FuboTV

We love FuboTV for its inclusive package for sporting events, as well as trendy shows. FuboTV offers its online watch at an affordable and pocket-friendly cost.

  • DirecTV Now

Based in El Segundo, California, DirecTV is a top streaming service that offers variant packages for online viewers who would love to patronize the service.

Watch on Social Media

  • Facebook

If you own a Facebook account, and you enjoy watching live videos, as well as reels that pop up once in a while then this is perfect for you. Simply follow the Hot 97 summer festival page to get access to live updates.

  • Twitter

We do all the talking and tweeting on Twitter, right? Well, we’ve gone past that with the bird app. Apart from the regular fun tweets, you can now catch up on live events going on with the Twitter live feature.

  • Instagram

It has always been a constant for our dear Instagram. A few minutes on the app would give you access not just to aesthetic pictures, but to videos too. Come on board to the Hot 97 handle to also watch snippets from the festival on your IG live.

Hot 97 SUMMER JAM Festival Lineup

As always, we can trust Hot 97 to bring in the very best to do the graceful thing on both stages. Just like we had it for the 2022 Hot 97 Summer Jam Festival, with some of the industry’s best acts gracing the stage, 2023 promises to be much better! At the just concluded Jam Festival, attendees witnessed the likes of Five Reign, Shensear, Burna Boy, Benny the butcher, and City Girls. There were also artists like Dreamroll, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Pusha T, Young Thug, and Gurna. Again, there were others like Saucy Santana, Lady London, Cordae, and 22GZ among a host of others.

With the 2033 event in view, we await another lineup with groundbreaking performances. Both stages will surely be on fire, and it will be a shame not to witness it and miss out on all the excitement. We can’t wait to meet the new list of talented pop stars.

What to Bring to This Festival

While packing for this music festival, ensure that you only bring the essentials. Dressing nice and comfy is a top option, however, endeavor not to pack in too much. So, endeavor to be in light clothes, a medium-sized sleeping bag, small flashlight. Likewise, you can bring in your power bank and charger, sunscreen, jacket, or sweater for cold. Again, do not forget to pack in your ID, mild beauty essentials, a small waist bag, medications for your health, and as well a cardholder to keep your cards safe. Endeavor to be on the lookout for the rules guiding the festival, to help you to stay out of breaking them

What Not to Bring to This Festival

The Hot 97 Summer jam is an amazing event to be part of. Therefore, there is no need to bring in things like

  • Banners,
  • Flags,
  • Guns or any kind of weapon,
  • Hard drugs or spray paints,
  • Knives,
  • Water balloons.

It is important to stay out of trouble while at the festival to have a fulfilling experience.


The Summer Jam Festival is one organized and well-planned out event. Therefore, there is a need for you, as an attendee to be about the set times for each program of the day. The management plans to the last detail, the shuttle timetable, and for others too. Since preparations are still ongoing for the 2023 festival, we cannot inform you about the definite set times for the event. However, you can be assured that we will keep updated when it is out.


Security will be available at strategic points across the venue. Therefore, you rest assured to be safe throughout the event. However, it is important to keep your essentials safe. And, this is to avoid being a victim of theft or displaying your valuables. Here is why a small pouch to keep your things in is. More information about safety precautions is made available on the official website.


You can’t be at Summer Jam and complain about not getting good food. There are different kinds of food available. These will be through the different vendors present during the festival. As long as prepared with your cash to buy, you already have those that sell quality refreshments and cuisines to you. Food stalls with a variety of delicacies from all over the world will be available.


For children who are 12 years old and below, with documents to prove, the Summer Jam Festival grants free access to enter. Likewise, teenagers between 16 to 18 are restricted to stay within reach of their guardians. Also, they are not allowed to move out of the festival at night.

FAQ About Hot 97 SUMMER JAM Festival

  • Where can I buy tickets?

As soon as the tickets go on sale, you can have access to buying right on the first page of the Summer jam website. Then, you can also get it from other outlets, like Viagogi, Ticketmaster, Seatgeek, and others.

  • How can I watch the live stream?

With a token for a subscription, you can access premium content from the festival through TV apps, like Fubo TV, Sling, or DirecTV. Or, you can simply wait for the highlights of the event through social media. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube live features.

Final Words

It’s been a season of the best lineup and exciting events at the 2022 Summer Jam festival. And, here is why we just cannot wait for the 2023 Festival to finally arrive. If you’re as excited as we are, then be on the lookout for the period to purchase your tickets to the annual celebration of pop culture.

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