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Hangout Music Festival 2023 | Live Stream, Lineup, and Tickets

Annually, since 2009, some of the best worlds acts, alongside a sea of music lovers flood the Gulf Shores in Alabama for a three-day Hangout Music Fest. The events of this festival center around different kinds of music, ranging from Indie to pop, rock, and more. One of the best things that attract the audience to the festival is the location, you can imagine having a festival at the beach. If this looks like something you love to experience, then you should settle in for this read. Here, you’ll get to learn about the history of the Hangout music festival. Also, there’ll be more information about the 2023 event. So, settle in to learn about how to watch, how to get your tickets, and of course, the festival lineup!

Hangout Music Festival Live Stream

Hangout Music Festival 2023
Location:Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA
Date:May 19th to May 21st, 2023
Lineup:Hangout Music Festival 2023 Lineup
Live Stream:Watch Now

 History of Hangout Music Festival

Interestingly, the history of the Hangout Music Festival dates back to 2009 and is named after ‘The Hangout’ restaurant. A group of three, including a couple, The Zislins – Shaul Zislin, Lilly Zislin, and A.J Niland. Produced by Sean O Connell, the festival had thousands of people around the hang-out in 2010. And, these people numbered up to about 15000. Also, this festival is an award-winning one, as it has been nominated for the festival of the year multiple times. Then, It won the award in 2012. After the shutdown in 2020, it was a fantastic relief to have the festival again. And, it is even more amazing that we are already looking forward to the 2023 Hangout Music Festival!

About Hangout Music Festival Venue and Date

Like always, it will be on for three days. And, the 2023 event is in Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA, and the start time is May 19th to May 21st, Friday to Sunday, 2023. We’ve got enough time to get you ready for the festivities. So, there you have it.

How to Buy Hangout Music Festival Tickets

Kindly be informed that the tickets to the Hangout Music Festival for 2023 are out for sale. And, this is understandable, considering the long period ahead before it arrives. However, we will provide you with information that will give you easy access to purchasing your tickets when they are finally out.

To buy Hangout Music Festival Tickets, the number one source is the official website of the management. Like every organized website for events, has got the information you need on its website. And, this includes the purchase of tickets. All you’ve got to do is to visit the website to purchase. However, other separate bodies offer tickets to events, the Hangout Fest inclusive. Some of these are Stubhub, Ticketmaster, and VividSeats among others.

How to Watch Hangout Music Festival Online

Watch on TV

If you feel like ditching the shores and getting the feel right from home, then watching TV is an option for you.

  • YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a feature of the YouTube app, that showcases live events and gives viewers the chance to join in.

  • Sling TV

Sling TV offers you on-demand and trendy live streaming services anywhere you may be. It covers a wide range of television shows, sporting events, and festivals like the hang-out fest.

  • FuboTV

FuboTV is one of America’s leading sports TV streaming services. And, the platform offers very affordable prices for its video packages. Therefore, you can tune in to this Streaming service to enjoy your festivals.

  • DirecTV Now

With different packages to choose from, DirecTV is another popular streaming service for netizens. So, you can tune in to watch quality services on the platform.

Watch on Social Media

No access to streaming on TV? Then, you should consider watching on social media. Most of the social media platforms today, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have the Live feature. This feature gives you the chance to watch your favorite shows and events on social media for free.

  • Facebook

By following the Hang Out Music Festival page on Facebook, you can stay up to date with the events, and hey notified when a live program like the Festival is going on.

  • Twitter

Beyond tweets, Twitter also offers the live feature. Settle in to watch your favorite live events by joining Moments or by checking the Explore section. , Thereafter, you can tune in to watch the event live in action.

  • Instagram

Right from time, Instagram has been popular for being an app for astounding visuals. It is even more useful for uploading live videos of events. Therefore, you can always check the channels out, follow and tune in for the events when they are Live for watches.

Hangout Music Festival Lineup

A wholesome event, exciting and rejuvenating, as we take music to the beach! And these artists include Florence and the Machine, King of Leon, Ellie Goulding, Cardi B, and Khalid. Also, there have been artists like Doja Cat, Slander, Jack Harlow, Megan Thee Stallion, and Post Malone among many others. The official lineup for the 2023 Hangout Music Festival is not available yet.

What to Bring to This Festival

Going away from home to a Festival like this can make you want to pack all of the things that you deem necessary for your convenience. However, you never can be too about what to bring. So, here is a guide for you to know what to bring to this festival. According to information on the Hangout Music Festival Website, the following are things to bring to the festival. So, items like liquid sunscreen, bags, and backpacks, bug spray, blankets, sunglasses. Also, you can come with items like water containers, a baby stroller, or medicine.

What Not to Bring to This Festival

These include tents, weapons, hard drugs, cigarettes, spray paint, and skateboards. Also, do not bring in water guns or water balloons, umbrellas, chairs, or coolers,s. Again, do not come with flags, pro radios, audio equipment, or pets. , Endeavor to take heed to these instructions because, with these, you’d be able to comfortably enjoy your time out there. See again for reference in the heading before, the items that you can bring.


For every event, there exists a schedule of events. This does not only help visitors to be informed about the time of the events but in addition, they are able scared in timely readiness. At the last Hangout fest, the set times for the event were set for hours each day, you can be assured of unlimited excitement at the Hangout Music Festival.


Given the huge population that will be present at the Gulf Shores, you should make sure to keep your valuables away. However, if your valuables like your phones or bags are misplaced, you can always meet with the security or care team in charge of lost and found items. Still, it is an important need to ensure not careless with your belongings.


Your time at this festival would be exciting, no doubt. However, it will be even better with good food and drinks. And, to get yourself properly fed, you should prepare enough money for it. Not to worry, there will be vendors around with delicacies for you to enjoy. So, you can purchase any of the available refreshments available for your enjoyment.


The good news about this festival is that all ages are allowed, from children to young people and adults. However, there is a policy for children under the age of 17. Any child under the age of 17 must come along with a ticket-holding beheld over the age of 21. Then, children of age 5 and below are allowed to come into the intent Fest for free.

FAQ about Hangout Music Festival

Where can I Buy Tickets?

Buying tickets for the Festival is as easy as pie. When the tickets are ready for sale, the information will be put up on the website. However, if you would love to purchase through other platforms, there are platforms like Ticketmaster, Stubhub, and Vivid,s eat with very affordable ticket prices.

How can I watch the Live Stream?

Many of the lovers of the Hangout Music Festival would love to join in the fun of the socials in Alabama. However, not every fan can make it to the venue to enjoy the festival. Therefore, there are options for those that would love to watch online. For this, you can either watch it on the official website or on TV. Some of these TVs include FuboTV, DirecTV, and Sling TV. Apart from this, you can watch the interesting event on social media too!

Final Words

Are you in for the Hangout Music Festival already? Then, you have all the time to prepare for it! This article has provided you with adequate information to get you prepared. Therefore, endeavor that you make use of them extensively. Also, if you enjoyed reading this piece about the hangout music festival, you should look out for more of our pieces. You can be assured of detailed and informative pieces about your favorite events.

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