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How Gwen Stefani Look Without No Makeup

For many years, celebrities always wear heavy makeup and dress glamorously to parties and occasions. Many have come up with extravagant themes and over the top costumes. For many years, people believed that this was the only way for celebrities to look.

They need to be perfect at all times and we have even convinced ourselves that they are perfect. Seeing celebrities with no makeup was a serious scandal in the past. Recently, things have changed and many new hashtags are trending on social media  For example; #lookwithoutmakeup, #wokeuplikethis. Celebrities have joined this trend and started posting selfies of themselves with no makeup. They are even more comfortable with going to the mall with no make-up. Another celebrity that seen flaunting the no-makeup look is Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani Look Without No Makeup

Gwen Stefani no Makeup Look

Gwen Stefani is a multi-talented beauty. She has talents that span over industries like fashion, music, and acting. Although it’s not easy to see a celebrity with no makeup. Gwen Stefani has posted pictures spotting her no-makeup look on Instagram many times.

One of the pictures she posted was after just waking up. Early morning pictures aren’t always beautiful but the star made it even hotter. She had her blonde hair spread out and her red lips gave her a sexy look. In another picture, Gwen Stefani  is wearing a kimono jacket on the beach. She looks carefree and pretty at the beach. With a natural glow and beautiful smile, she flaunted her bare face on the beach.

Like many celebrities, Gwen looks glamorous at all her events. Gwen posted picture before doing makeup. Even without makeup, she loo beautiful. The most beautiful pictures of Gwen Stefani was the one taken during her pregnancy. She was glowing and had no makeup on.

Gwen Stefani Makeup Look

Gwen is a beauty and her makeup is even more spectacular. With her blonde hair, red lips, catty eyes, and shimmer eyeshadow she’s completely enthralling.  Gwen has signature looks that other celebrities cannot pull off. Her signature red lips are so natural that she wears them from Extravagant Met Galas to a walk in the park. Since the 1990s Gwen is always looking extremely beautiful in whatever makeup look she tries.

About Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

The superstar has been suspected of plastic surgery many times. She was suspected of having a facelift. During the last Grammy Awards, fans were angered by appearance. They said she was unrecognizable and was starting to look like Madonna. Her face was all stiff and some even complained on Twitter.

Fans suspect Stefani to have done  cheek filler, a rhinoplasty, and Botox and lip injection.  Even though many people suspected her for plastic surgery, some people still believe that most of her changes are as a result of aging and not makeup.

Gwen Stefani Before and After Surgery

Stefani started her career in 1996 as a 27year old adult. She had slim eyebrows, dark lips, and a wider nose.  In 1997, Gwen looked different with a narrower nose compared to 1996
In 2001, Gwen looked even more different with red lips, softer eyebrows, and platinum blonde hair. Gwen had changed a lot by 2005. She had red lips and it seems that she got a facelift.

At the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, she appeared to have the infamous Kidman eye. She also had a frozen face.  She looked really beautiful in 2016 but her face still looked frozen and there was more evidence of plastic surgery.  In the recent Grammy Awards, fans were angry because she looked different. They said she looked frozen and unnatural.

About Gwen Stefani Hair

Gwen is known for her platinum blonde hair. The star has turned it to her signature hair color. She has also rocked many hairstyles. Since she made platinum blonde her signature look, Stefani has rocked several hairstyles

In 2014, Stefani was seen flaunting long straight hair and parting. Another Gwen Stefani style is a layered haircut for her platinum tresses. It had a center parting. Gwen loved the hairstyle because not long after she made the same hairstyle but with curly bangs. Gwen Stefani is seen with curly hair ‘do. She leaves the super curly locks falling making the hair bouncy.

She was seen with a shoulder-length hairstyle. It is a textured straight hairdo with blunt bangs. Stefani loves her updo and she has recreated it in so many ways.

Although Gwen is popularly known for her platinum blonde hair. There is much evidence that her natural hair is light brown. She  posted on her Instagram page to celebrate her brother’s birthday. This confirms that she rocked her natural hair color early in her career. On father’s day, she posted a throwback picture of herself, her dad, and her sister. The picture showed little Gwen spotting brown hair.

FAQ About Gwen Stefani

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Final Words

Gwen Stefani is an American singer and songwriter who is extremely beautiful. She is an icon both in the music and fashion industry. Although Gwen is a natural beauty she is suspected to have done plastic surgery to make her look younger Stefani has received the Grammy Awards three times.

Although with the surgery, the 52-year-old continues to look dazzling, she has been appearing more and more frozen over the years. Stefani has not yet admitted to the media about her numerous surgeries. Due to the recent #nomakeup trends, Stefani has been seen without makeup on many occasions. Stefani is a true natural beauty looking hot both before and after putting on makeup.

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