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Essence Festival 2023 | Live Stream, Lineup, and Tickets Info

Attendees of the 2022 Essence Festival can tell you that it was worth all the time, and it is an experience you should not miss out on! Annually, the Essence Music Festival attracts amazing black people across the world. come together for a historic time out in New Orleans. The festival has been on for years and has been quite satisfied with the level of enlightenment, exposure, and networking opportunities available for the black community.

Essence Festival 2023 Live

This article will be providing information for you, regarding the festival, how you can be a part of it and how you can watch from home. Likewise, we will be informing you about essentials to bring along, as well as things to leave out of your suitcase.

Essence Festival 2023
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana
Date:June 30th to July 3rd, 2023
Lineup:Essence Festival 2023 Lineup
Live Stream:Watch Now

History of Essence Festival Festival

The Essence Music Festival was initiated to be a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the popular Essence Magazine back in the mid-1990s. However, in the spirit of continuity, the festival has grown to be one of the biggest and most loved festivals in the world. The festival began in the year 1995 in its long-time home, New Orleans, LA and has since been held annually. The period of the COVID 19 pandemic was one rare period when the festival was not held, but canceled, given the severity of the period.

About Essence Festival Venue and Date

Just like the 2022 festival, the Essence Festival for 2023 will be from June 30, 2023, to July 3, 2023. The festival will begin early in the morning from 7:00 AM. Then, it will be finally brought to an end on July 3 by 11:00 PM. The three days of festivities promise to be as always, so much fun with excitement in the air. Also, the Essence Festival will precede the Fourth of July weekend celebration. So, you can encourage your friends and family to travel down with you to New Orleans to enjoy the Essence Fest.

How to Buy Essence Festival Festival Tickets

Buying your Essence Festival Tickets is a prerequisite for your presence at the venue of the Festival in 2023. To buy the tickets, the first place to go is the official website of the Festival. On the website, you can get access to the most important information regarding the fest. In the tickets section of the website, you can check out the listed tickets available for both young and old attendees.

However, if you miss out on the sales of the tickets ok the website, you’ve got a saving grace. This saving grace is through the multiple ticket outlets that offer affordable tickets to attendees. And, some of these are VividSeats, StubHub, Ticketnet, SeatGeek, TicketCity, and others.

How to Watch Essence Festival Online

Watch on TV

Well, who says that watching TV right from your living room isn’t superb? If you are on for that, then we have got you too.

  • YouTube TV

Now, there is a live feature on YouTube that allows you to be in the moment with live events. To know when you can watch the live updates from the Essence Festival, you can simply subscribe to the YouTube Channel named Essence Music Festival.

  • Sling TV

Wherever you may be, Sling TV offers you affordable streaming services that you can access anywhere in the world. So, you can watch different entertaining shows that are in high demand by streaming live.

  • FuboTV

We love FuboTV for its inclusive package for sporting events, as well as trendy shows. FuboTV offers its online watch at an affordable and pocket-friendly cost.

  • DirecTV Now

DirecTV has got multiple packages that can suit your budget at any time. This is why it is recommended for anyone who would love to enjoy premium content at an affordable cost.

Watch on Social Media

  • Facebook

With Facebook Live, watching shows on social media has gotten so much easier! The festival’s page on Facebook will have all the social updates you will need from the event.

  • Twitter

With no subscription to any app or video streaming website, you can watch live videos of the Essence Festival on your phone. While it would not include the whole event, you can still experience the fun.

  • Instagram

Instagram’s awesome feature, IG Live can always be trusted to be a lifesaver in this regard. With Instagram, you can catch very exciting moments from the festival right there on your IG account. And, all you need is your data phone battery.

Essence Festival Festival Lineup

Known to be one festival with one of the best lineup acts, we are quite expectant of what the lineup for 2023 will look like! In the last Festival lineup, we had led artists like Janet Jackson, Jazmine Sullivan, Nicki Minaj, and Chloe × Halle. Also, there were acts like Lucky Daye, Kevin Hart, Patti Labelle, Summer Walker, and the Asley Brothers. Then, the City Girls, Stephanie Mills, Beenie Man, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and Dru Hill were also present at the festival. Likewise, we witnessed acts like Carl Thomas, Mickey Guyton, Machel Montano, Sevyn Streeter, and Justin Garner at the 2022 Essence Festival in New Orleans.

While we do not have the lineup of artists for 2023 ready yet, we can be assured that the Essence Festival producers would never disappoint. As always, we expect A-list performers to grace the event and bring all the fun to the stage.

What to Bring to This Festival

Are you there asking yourself what exactly you should bring for this festival? Now, we know that you’ve got that urge to pack all the thongs to deem essential along. However, you avoid breaking any rules, or packing, we are here to help you out. The most important things that you will need, and that are allowed for the festival include your vaccination card, some cash to purchase food and stuff, and comfort things. Now, things like a mini backpack or waist bag, a cardholder with your cards, your charger, and a power bank. Likewise, you can bring things like sunscreen, shades, bucket hat, mini camera, mini fan, water bottle, beauty essentials, and your comfy clothes and footwear. However, other non-essentials can include prescribed medication, and anything prescribed for your health to keep you stable.

What Not to Bring to This Festival

There are things that you would not need to be along for the festival. Therefore, it is best to leave them back at home. Some of these include audio equipment, cigarettes, hard drugs, or pets. Also, endeavor to leave our skateboards, spray paint, umbrellas, and water balloons. Again, try to leave out incriminating things like hard drugs, weapons, and others. The main goal is to have an awesome experience out there. Therefore, it is important to abstain from all that would jeopardize that.


The set times for the 2023 festival are not out yet. However, we will keep you updated when it is time.


It is important to understand that you are only one out of the thousands of people that will register to attend the festival. Also, just as you have come for leisure7, some others have come with ulterior motives. Therefore it is important to keep yourself from becoming a victim. However, if you accidentally misplace your prized belongings, ensure that you visit the security unit at the festival to report such a case. However, the best option is to keep your things well.


What’s an awesome festival without good food and drinks to enjoy? The Essence Music Festival is not for babies. There will be vendors assigned to strategic places across the venue. And from there, you can purchase refreshments and foods that you can eat and more to try out.


While the management is not defined the age policy for the festival, you can, as an attendee take precautions on your own. The age policy for the festival is in terms of tickets. However, it is important to consider that the environment might not be as comfortable for young kids or aging adults. Therefore, kids should be in the proper care of adults if they will be at the festival.

FAQ about Essence Festival Festival

  • Where can I buy tickets?

You buy your tickets from the tickets section of the Essence Festival website. Otherwise, you can get your tickets on other platforms like Seatgeek, Ticketmaster, StubHub, and others.

  • How can I watch the live stream?

While you can watch highlights of the event on social media and the website, you might prefer the premium content. By subscribing, at affordable rates, to streaming services of FuboTV, DirecTV, or SlingTV, you can have access to enjoying the full experience of the festival from home. You can also tune in for live snippets on YouTube TV.

Final Words

While the 2023 Essence Festival is still years away, we have taken the time to provide you with the necessary information that you need. Now you’ve got no excuse to miss one of the best of the century. Therefore, be on the to purchase your tickets. Also, you should for your online streaming if you will be watching from home. It promises to be an awesome experience. Now, did you enjoy reading this article, we’ve got more articles about upcoming festivals that you should learn about.

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