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Beautiful Emma Watson Look Without Makeup-Blog by VerzuzTV

Looking different is something that we all do, but most people don’t realize the different extremes that they can go to. Emma Watson is one person who has had drastic differences in her appearance over the years. In some pictures, she looks strikingly beautiful with her makeup on, and then there are pictures of her without any makeup where you can see all her flaws. This blog post is going to show how Emma Watson looks without makeup and with makeup.

Emma Watson Look Without Makeup

About Emma Watson’s Makeup Look

Although Emma Watson is only still in her early 30s, the gifted American actress has had so much influence on entertainment, her career, and even beyond. Starting as a child star in theatre productions and school plays, Emma has risen to become so much more, growing to be a woman of high impact among fellow stars and the younger generation. The actress and fashionista remain one performer that has got some of the most iconic appearances in Hollywood. It’s been 20 years and more, and Watson still looks like she’s got so much more to create and share with the world.

Managing an acting career and being a successful model alike is one of the strengths that one can admire in this entertainer. And, when she shows up with her always flawless looks, you know that Emma Watson is here. Doling out the elegance in her ever gorgeous clothes and perfect make-up, you’d wish to see the beautiful woman on your screen all day long. Being the fashionista that she is, it is regular to catch her with make-up at any time. Her no-makeup is also available for you. Therefore, let’s get you in on some of her best looks without makeup photos. You’ll also be informed of some exciting details about the actress cum model.

About Emma Watson Without Makeup Look

Even though the Paris-born actress is a supermodel and should look it, Emma is as simple as any regular woman out there. Her style is devoid of complexities and so natural with her beautiful milky skin. Whether she’s just hanging out or stepping out for some shopping, Emma keeps her face on a no-color base. And, this keeps her so beautiful and admirable.

Emma Watson Without Makeup Look

Amazing Photos of Emma Watson Without Makeup

Cute Smile Face


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Just a look at Emma’s smiling face and you just can’t help sharing one yourself.

Bareface Photo

Emma Watson Bareface Photo

Natural with no ounce of makeup and still looks so beautiful!

Day out Look

Emma Watson Day out Look

You can see that Emma’s day out is just like the usual, with no extravagance in her looks.

Morning Walk Look

Emma Watson Morning Walk Look

Here’s the morning beauty taking a walkout to stretch those legs and get ready for the day.

Photo With Boyfriend

Emma Photo With Boyfriend

Here’s a superb couple of photos for you to drool on.

Gym Time Photo

Emma Watson Gym Time Photo

That body sure needs to stay in shape, and we love to see all the snippets from the gym moments.

Sunkissed Look


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The nice lightening of the sun on the skin is what we’re loving this time. That’s something!

Beach Time Photo

Emma Watson Beach Time Photo

Sure, there’s time to hang out at the beach, and here’s the cool but superb look that Emma Watson has for us.

About Emma Watson’s Plastic Surgery Before and After Look

Emma plastic Surgery Before and After Look

Having been in the public eye since the very young age of nine, Emma Watson is one of the many celebrities who has been rumored to have had plastic surgery. Year after year, there are comparisons in her supposed change in appearance and how she looks different from what people knew before. Contrary to public opinion, there is no evidence to prove that she had carried out any surgery to transform her looks.

About Emma Watson’s Movies and Career Life

Emma Watson’s career began right from childhood when she studied at StageCoach theatre school. There, the young aspiring actress was trained in the rudiments of acting. Thus, she was able to get on with her interest in the art by performing in the short plays that they had at school. Some of her early appearances include The Happy Prince and Arthur: The Young Years. One appearance that she is particularly popular for, and still is one of her most iconic features today is the Harry Potter series. She was actually in this series from 2001 to 2011, and she played Hermione Granger, a lead cast.

This had done well for her career and attracted her to more productions, all of which are superb. Some of these include The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Noah, Regression, Colonia, Beauty, and the Beast. Also, there’s Little Women, the Bling Ring and so much more.

How many Awards did Emma Watson Have

In all her 20 years and career, Emma Watson has been a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions. Even when she doesn’t receive handy plaques, the star actress gets recognized by top organizations for her impact on American entertainment. Emma Watson has got about 28 awards received in her career, with 65 nominations. Some of these include eight Teen Choice Awards and three MTV awards. Also, she has two awards from Film Festival, and one from Industry Awards.

FAQ About Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s Net Worth

Emma has been recognized by Forbes as one of the world’s highest-paid actresses. Pretty sure that you’d want to know how much she earns, and how much she’s got as her net worth. The 32-year-old actress is worth a whopping $85 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Emma Watson Height & Weight

Watson weighs 52 kg and is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Emma Watson Family & Boyfriend

Emma Watson was born into a family of legal practitioners, her parents being Chris Watson and Jacqueline Luesby. The young Emma had to live with her mother as a kid, as a result, of her parent’s divorce in 1995.

After numerous relationships with her past boyfriends, Emma is currently in a relationship with Leo Robinton, an American entrepreneur.

Emma Watson’s Age

Emma was born on April 15, 1990. Therefore, the beautiful performer is current 32 years old.

About Emma Watson’s Eye & Hair Style

Emma’s natural hair color is brunette, but she makes variations by coloring the tip brown or brunette. She also spices her styles up by wearing a bob, curls, or straight hair.

Her eye is also a big part of Emma Watson’s signature look; she’s got an almond shape with brown, cute eyes.

Final Words

Did you enjoy reading about this American sweetheart Emma Watson Without Makeup? Then, you’d love to see more from our sensational content blog. Stay tuned.

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