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How Cardi B Look Without any Makeup

The Award-Winning American Rapper, Cardi B is one of the biggest and most celebrated personalities on the internet. With over 100 million followers on Instagram, she sits in the league of elites on social media.

Interestingly, the “Bodak Yellow” Rapper also makes the list of celebrities who keeps it real on social media. Cardi B is popular for her love for fashion. Also, given the number of fans she has amassed, she is quite active on social media.

The Megastar, Cardi B never shies away from gracing the media with her stunning self. Quite a number of times, Cardi B’s simple but chic no makeup looks have been spotted online. Also, the artist had had a video record with her bare face on Instagram. And, as it is with make-up and bare face looks everywhere, Cardi B’s natural looks are different from her makeup looks.

The A-list Rapper keeps her real-life open to her fans.  She is in fact, one of the most open internet celebrities. However, her no-makeup looks has been a subject of discuss critics and her fans alike.

Cardi b without no makeup

In this article, we will be serving you info about Cardi B. We will also be giving you details of her no-makeup look saga. Likewise, we will checking through her most famous song list.

Who is Cardi B?

Belcalis Marlenis Almanzer, popularly known by her stage name Cardi B is an American Rapper, Actress, and social media influencer. The Grammy Award-Winning Star started out as a rookie in 2015. Her evolution from being a reality star on Love & Hip Hop: New York show to being a global  personalityy is quite laudable.

Cardi B was born and raised in the Bronx, New York by a Trinidadian Mother and Dominican Father. To sail through life, the teenage Cardi B had to work as a stripper. Although she didn’t have to so smooth at the start, Cardi B was to make it to the top.

She has moved through quite a number of phases. First, through her influences on social media – Vine and Instagram. Then, she became a reality star on the Love & Hip Hop: New York reality show. Now, she has become a global icon and a force in the music industry.

The Expectant mother of one is married to fellow Rapper, Kiari Kendrell Cephus, professionally known as Offset.

About Cardi B Makeup Look

Stars in the entertainment industry are popular for their peculiar and individual signature looks. For Cardi B, her signature look is dimensional. Her distinct style and carved space in the fashion world is something to look out for.

Cardi B’s signature looks are complemented by her perfectly made, flawless makeup looks. Undoubtedly, her makeup artist, Erika La Pearl has got great skills. Erika La Pearl has revealed that she works on her client’s looks with super affordable beauty products. Her celebrity makeup look is admirable.

Her love for spectacular looks is evident in her move for the beauty industry. Just like other music stars like Rihanna, Cardi B is proving that a successful beauty brand is possible. In April, Cardi B trademarked the name, Bardi Beauty for her upcoming cosmetics venture. Yeah! It’s time for the public to have a part of Cardi B’s signature makeup looks.

About Cardi B no Makeup

While much of young celebrities guard their personal lives in different way, Cardi P has been quite open with hers. While Cardi B is popular for her glamorous makeup looks, she has no problem flaunting her natural looks too. She makes herself quite bold and real before the numerous people across the world. Also, at a time, she had bared her cheeks online seeking for recommendations on products for dry skin and acne.  It is quite clear that Cardi is confident with or without her cosmetics.

As expected, social media trolls have taken their sweet time to pick on the NYC born rapper. Her critics have been on and on about how different and not so pretty she looks without makeup. Her no make up face has even been tagged weird. Internet Critics are quite skilled at throwing bashful comments at celebrities.

However, Cardi is clearly unfazed by trolls criticizing her looks. As a matter of fact, she is no artist who would give in to cyber bullying or let it pull her down.

On a number of occasions, she has made her fans and critics know that she is comfortable in her own skin. She also had a great comeback at the trolls with a no makeup look video on Instagram on February 10. And to be candid, there’s nothing wholly wrong with being proud of your natural beautiful looks. However, mean tweets and bashful commenting on such looks are.

Cardi B Most Famous Song List

Cardi B’s personality and openness to her fans greatly influence her rap career. However, her talent has also made her earn her place in the music industry. Cardi B is recognized by Forbes as one of the most influential female rappers of all time. This is a result of her aggressive lyrics and candidness in her music.

Her debut studio album, Invasion of Privacy in 2018 made it to Number one on Billboard 200! Cardi B has also received some accolades, like the Grammy award for best rap album. Also, she has seven billboard music awards and five Guinness world records. Likewise, she’s got four American music awards and eleven BET Hip Hop awards.

Cardi’s most famous songs include, Cardi B – Bodak Yellow, Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin – I like It. Also, Motorsport by Cardi B, Migos and Nicki Minaj, with Momey by Cardi B makes the list. Likewise, Cardi B and 21 Savage’s Bartier Cardi tops the list, among others.

FAQ about cardi b

  • How Tall is Cardi B?

Cardi B is 5ft 2in(158cm) tall.

  • Cardi B What was the Reason

Her stage name, Cardi B was derived from Bacardi. Bacardi was a rum brand that was formerly her nickname. She needed a stage name, so she thought it out from her former nickname.

  • What is Cardi B Real Name

Cardi B’s real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzer.


It was fun dishing out to you, fun facts about the world’s beloved Cardi B. We have more in store for you about your favorite celebrities. Stay connected with our versus website. Cheers.

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