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BTS Without Makeup Look: What You Didn’t Know

With their ever-present makeup looks, the BTS boys always look perfect and ready to go, winning fan girls’ hearts a million times over. It’s uncommon to see their bare-faced photos flying around. Therefore, if you’ve been wondering what any of the boys look like without some color on the face, it’s great to have you here. As a result, here in this article, we’ll reveal to you each member of the Korean boy group BTS without makeup. Likewise, you’ll learn about facts like their net worth, age, real names, and more.

How BTS Members look without Makeup

While the boys undeniably look superb and irresistible when donning their make-up, you should see them in pictures without makeup. Indeed, with the beautiful facial features, the BTS boys’ natural looks are super amazing even without all the makeup. Thus, if you would love to get a glance, below is an array of the best photos of BTS without makeup.

BTS members look without makeup

How BTS Members look with Makeup

Beyond dominating the K-pop scene and world entertainment in general, the Bangtan boys are also pacesetters in the beauty and fashion world. The band members always keep up with their signature makeup looks in their music videos, red carpets, and guest appearances. Indeed, it’s amazing to see people of the non-feminine gender embrace makeup, regardless of world beauty standards.

BTS members look with makeup

About BTS Members without makeup Photo

Jungkook No Makeup

Jungkook No Makeup look

Jungkook has got all of that natural charm. Because, even with no makeup, the vocalist looks so fresh-faced and cute. This picture of him with no makeup shows that the star boy can take the stage anytime.

 Jin No Makeup

Jin No Makeup look

For the eldest member of the house, you just have to marvel when you see him with no makeup. Well, this isn’t too surprising because the singer has mentioned how keen he is on skincare. Also, he mentioned how he keeps to his skincare routine because good skin is important as celebs.

 J-Hope No Makeup

J-Hope No Makeup look

It’s incredible to see that J-Hope’s skin and face without makeup look as flawless as his effortless dance style. Also, With his ever mild makeup looks, J-Hope’s no-makeup look shows that he can even do without some color on his face.

V No Makeup

V No Makeup look

We know V has mentioned how his skin moves between being dry and oily. However, seeing him with no makeup only reveals a perfectly molded face with no blemish.

Jimin No Makeup

Jimin No Makeup look

Jimin is that guy with the dynamic style, and whose makeup look is always worth the wait. Still, looking at his no-makeup look, you have to wonder why he even wears makeup at all.

RM No Makeup

RM No Makeup look

So, if you’ve not seen RM with no makeup on before, then you have been missing out on a whole lot of cuteness. It has been argued that RM has got the best bare-faced look among others.

Suga No Makeup

Suga No Makeup look

Just as amazing as his rap style, Suga’s no-makeup look is so good. Because, even with his mild skincare routine, he manages to keep his handsome self looking as hot as ever.

About BTS Hair

Apart from their signature makeup, the BTS boys are also known for their famous iconic hairdos. The boys have been styled in a variety of hair colors, from silver, blonde to orange, wine, blue, or mint. This keeps their art intriguing and fun to follow.

About BTS Nails

Interestingly, the nails of the band members are a also big part of their fashion statement. This is because the BTS are popular for using nail paints or tiny characters on their nails.

Facts About BTS Band

BTS net worth

The BTS brand is reported to be worth much more than a hundred million dollars. However, there is no accurate figure regarding the band’s net worth.

BTS official Social Media


On Instagram, the band’s official account is BTS official (@bts.bighitofficial).


Then, on Twitter, the social media handle is @BTS_twt.


Also, the group’s official Facebook handle is BTS (@bangtan.official).


Likewise, on TikTok, the band’s account is tagged BTS (@bts_official_bighit).


Also, on YouTube, the band has two channels. These are Bangtan TV and BigHit Labels

BTS Members Age

The 7-boy band is made up of middle-aged men who are in their mid-20s and late 20s. The oldest member of the group, Jin, was born on December 4, 1992. This means that Jin is 29 years old and will clock 30 on December 22. Next on the age ladder is Suga, a year younger than Jin. He was born in March 1993, making him 28 years old.

Then, J-Hope and RM are of the same age, born months apart; J Hope in February and RM in September 1994. They’re both 27 years old. Likewise, the same goes for Park Ji-min, born on October 13, and V, born on December 30, 1995. Both members are 26 years old. The youngest member of the singing team, Jungkook, was born on September 1, 1997. He is 24 years old.

BTS Members Real Names

[WPSM_AC id=1273]

BTS Members Height

1. Jin’s Height is 1.79m

2. Suga Height 1.74m

3. J-Hope Height 1.77m

4. RM Height 1.81m

5. Jimin Height 1.74m

6. V Height 1.79m

7. Jungkook Height 1.79m

BTS First Album

After debuting with their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool in 2013, the Bangtan boys released their first Korean-themes studio album, Dark and Wild in August 2014. Then, this was swiftly followed by their Japanese-language debut studio album, Wake Up in December of the same year, 2014.

Final Words

Indeed, it was a great experience getting to see the world’s super idols in their all-natural looks. And, they do look as handsome as ever. Stay tuned for more exciting facts about your favorite celebrities.

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