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Australia’s Festival X 2023 | Live Stream, Lineup, and Tickets Info

It’s no news that Australia is famous for its natural wonders, beaches, and festivals. Speaking of festivals, there are a whole lot of fascinating music carnivals that light up the country when artists take the center stage. But as fascinating as they are, none comes close to Festival X.

Australia's Festival X

After a successful debut in 2019, the annual electronic dance music festival is back and set to take place in 2023. This time around, it promises to be fascinating, exciting, and a lifetime experience. Fortunately for you, you can be part of this amazing festival.

Australia’s Festival X 2023
Location:Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Australia
Date:November 2023
Lineup:Australia’s Festival X 2023 Lineup
Live Stream:Watch Now

History of Australia’s Festival X

The history of Australia’s biggest summer music festival dates back to 2018 when Onelove Music Group announced a new event to supersede Stereosonic. But due to last-minute changes in the schedule and artist availability, the event didn’t go as planned. But that didn’t stop the event from happening. Festival X later announced that the inaugural event would take place in November and December 2019.

After the announcement was made, over 9,000 people trouped to the cities of Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney to attend the first edition. In addition to that, a smaller scale one-day event called Festival X Rising was also held in New Zealand on the 28th of November 2019.

Not to mention the breathtaking performances of the various artists, the inaugural edition was, without doubt, a fun-filled, and once-in-a-lifetime experience. There were performances from Calvin Harris, Armin Van Buuren, Lil Pump, and Alison Wonderland. Anna Lunoe as well as Badrapper, Camelphat, Cosmic Gate, Generik, Marlo, Nic Fanciulli, and Steve Aoki also lifted people’s spirits and made them vibe to good music. Tchami, Trippie Redd, and Vini Vici also took the center stage. All that is to say the 2023 edition is going to be a blockbuster. Don’t miss it!

About Australia’s Festival X Venue and Date

The 2023 edition of Australia’s Festival X is set to start towards the end of November and end in the early days of December. From Sydney to Melbourne, Melbourne to Adelaide, and other cities, different Australian cities are set to host the fans and lovers of music when the festival starts in November.

The 2022 edition will be remembered for bringing the party to Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Sydney, and Perth. You can book your place by getting a ticket when it is available to be a part of the next one.

How to Buy Australia’s Festival X Tickets

To be a part of Festival X in any of the designated cities, you need a ticket. You can get your ticket on the official website of Festival X to be a part of this amazing festival.

Apart from the official website of Festival X, you can also get your ticket on Ticketmaster, Moshtix, and other ticket vendors to book a place and date. Make sure you do not miss out on the tickets.

How to Watch Australia’s Festival X Online

The good news is even if you’re unable to make it to the festival physically, you can watch it without being there. You can do so via the following;

Watch on TV

You can be part of the festival live by watching it on TV channels like Youtube TV Sling TV, Fubo TV, and the likes.

  • YouTube TV

Apart from watching it live, you can watch the biggest Australian Summer Festival live by streaming it on Youtube TV. That is to say, you can follow the glitz and glamour of the festival there without being there.

  • Sling TV

With Sling TV, you can stream the festival live and have fun as the people present there. Given that, the American streaming television service provides people the opportunity to live stream the event once it starts.

  • Fubo TV

FuboTV inc is an American streaming television service where you can stream all the festivities if the festival is live. The television service serves customers in the United States, Canada, Spain, and the rest of the world.
That means you and your loved ones can watch the festival there when it starts.

  • Direct TV Now

You can also stream the festival directly on Direct Tv. The streaming television service is friendly and has what it takes to transmit the festival live. In other words, with Direct TV, you are good to go!

Watch on Social Media

Apart from television streaming services, you can also watch it on the following social media platforms;

  • Facebook

You can watch, live stream, and follow Australia’s Festival X via their Facebook page. You can also watch the highlights of previous editions, trailers, teasers, and more.

  • Twitter

Apart from Facebook, Twitter is another avenue for you to live stream the event. You can stream it live on Twitter by following their official page and joining them when they go live.

  • Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that has over 900 million monthly users. Without mincing words, you can watch and stream the event live on this widely used platform.

Australia’s Festival X Lineup

Since the inception of the festival in 2019, a lot of big names have graced the festival. Therefore, it is safe to say the lineup for 2023 is going to be star subbed. To have an idea of what the lineup is going to be like, below is the 2022 lineup.

Calvin Harris, Megan Thee S0tallion, Don Toliver, and Marloboys Noize are part of the list. While Green Velvet, John Summit, Luude, Nina Kraviz, Sub Focus Dj set & Id, Tchami, and Wilkinson also made it.
Other artists include Anna Lunoe, Babyface Mal, Badrapper, Blastoyz, Choomba as well as Cosmic Gate are high up on the list. Franky R0izardo, Haliene, Key 4050, John O’callaghan & Bryan Kearney, Nifra, Nora en pure, Pro Spa, Solaro, and Sunset Bros are also named to look out for.

What to Bring to This Festival

Festival X is, without any doubt, the biggest summer music festival in Australia. Given that, the festival draws people from far and wide when it kick-offs.

To gain access to the venue, you need a ticket and a valid photo ID. In addition to that, you must be over eighteen to gain access to the venue. It is also important to note that you will not be guaranteed entry to the event if you do not have a valid ID. Apart from that, you are free to take whatever your phone, camera, and the like as long as you are cleared to take it in.

What Not to Bring to This Festival

To gain entry to the festival, you need to abide by the terms and conditions of the organization. That simply means you must not be what will deny you access to the venue when you are being checked. Once you abide by the rules, you are good to go.


The Australian Festival X will start towards the end of November and end in the early days of December. Coupled with that, it is going to cut across different Australian cities within different days. This time around, except nothing but fun and excitement. With a star subdued lineup, fans of music and art are going to love this one. Be there!


Australia’s Festival X is a festival attended by a lot of people, so it is normal for things to get lost. However, be careful and report to the nearest official if you misplace any of your belongings.


Australia is popular for its natural wonders as well as its culinary delicacies. That is to say, there are places where you can give yourself a wonderful treat as your vibe to good music.


To attend the biggest summer music festival in Australia known as Festival X, you must be above eighteen. That is to say, persons under the age of eighteen will not be allowed to enter the designated venues.
To gain access to the venue, you must present your ticket and your photo ID. Without that, you cannot gain access to the venue.

FAQ About Australia’s Festival X

Where can I Buy Tickets?

You can get on the official website of Festival X to be a part of this amazing festival. Apart from the official website, you can also get your ticket on the website of Ticketmaster, Moshtix, and other ticket vendors.

How can I Watch the Live Stream?

Even if you do not have a ticket, you can stream it live by watching the festival on YouTube TV, Sling Tv, and Fubo TV. Apart from that, you can also watch the live stream on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Final Words

Australia’s Festival X is an annual electronic dance music festival that has its name written in history books as the best Australian music festival of the summer. The festival attracts a lot of people who come together to dance and vibe to good music. The festival is not about music alone. It brings about a sense of oneness and togetherness. It makes people feel connected. Without any doubt, the 2023 edition is going to be better than ever. Get your ticket today to be there!

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