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Astroworld Festival 2021 Live Stream, Lineup and Tickets

It is time for a massive music festival up in Houston this fall. Yeah! The Astroworld Festival is Live here again, and this time, in a slightly different style. This one-of-a-kind music festival is focused on bringing back the beloved and nostalgic spirit of Astroworld. Did you catch the theme for the Astroworld Festival 2021, yet? The theme is: “Open Your Eyes to a Whole New Universe”.

The festival is indeed one of a kind. This is because the festival made the record as the largest artist-curated festival in the country. This record was made as of November 2019 being the 2nd annual celebration. This is true because it is the first festival in Houston to have tickets sold out before a lineup announcement.

The Award-winning pop artist, Travis Scott announced in April. The Astroworld Festival, being his own making is the second of his Astroworld memorials. Travis Scott had released his third Studio album in 2018, with the title- Astroworld. The Astroworld Festival, being his own making is the second of his Astroworld memorial.

Astroworld Festival Live Stream, Lineup and Tickets

Astroworld Festival Date and Venue

As Travis Scott announced, the Astroworld Festival would take place this November. However, here is the twist. Instead of the usual one-day annual celebration, the 2021 festival would be for two days! Therefore, the Festival 2021 would be held from Friday, November 5 to Saturday, November 6, 2021. The festival would begin at 2 PM. That’s your first November weekend hangout right there.

The Astroworld Festival would be held at the NRG Park in Houston, Texas. The park is located on Kirby drive at the south loop west freeway(l-610). Therefore, go get your calendar now and set a reminder.

Astroworld Festival 2021 Lineup

If you remember, the 2020 Astroworld festival was canceled. This was because of the COVID 19 pandemic. However, the festival is making a huge comeback with the best lineup ever. For sure, the festival would feature the appearances of top R&B and hip hop, artists.

Like before, the Astroworld festival has featured fans’ favorite artists. This includes Dababy, Megan There Stallion, Gucci Mane. Likewise, we have had Guna, Playboy, Young Thug. Also, there have been Lil Wayne, Sheck, and Travis Scott. Travis will headline the festival himself. Who would you like to see performing on stage? Let’s take a look at artists that you might see performing at the festival. You might see artists like Kanye West, Ken The Man. Otherwise, you might see Rosalia, Playboi Carti, or Pharrel Williams. The 2021 lineup is not out just yet, however, you should be on the lookout. Either way, you can expect to see big stars as well as local rappers.

How to buy Astroworld Festival Tickets

Originally, you have to visit the official website, The tickets have been on sale since May 5, 2021.  However, the tickets for the Astroworld Festival 2021 are no longer available. This is because they are sold out. However, we have good news for you. This is,  you can still get tickets for the festival. You can visit Here, you will get amazing ticket prices for the festival. Otherwise, you can opt for Here, you can get very cheap rates for your tickets to the festival. The main website has the tickets sold out. However, this website can provide you with one or two day passes. It depends on your choice. Go get your tickets now!

Astroworld Festival TV & Live Streaming

Yes. We understand that not everyone can make it to Houston for the festival. Therefore, most fans of Travis Scott that are far away would want to watch the live streaming online.

However, the “Sicko-Mode” singer has not shared info about this yet. Although, we hope there would be a provision for live streaming. So, online fans can enjoy the upbeat excitement at the festival as well.

FAQ about Astroworld Festival

Where does Astroworld take place?

The Astroworld Festival takes place in Houston Texas. For the festival, it will be at the NRG park or NRG Stadium, Houston Texas. The park is located on Kirby drive at the south loop west freeway(l-610).

What is Astroworld Festival?

The Astroworld Festival is an event created by Travis Scott, the Texas-born pop star. The festival began in 2018 and has become an annual event in Scott’s hometown, Houston.

This annual music festival is a key legacy celebrated after the permanent sale of the Astroworld Amusement park in Houston, Texas.

When is Astroworld Festival 2021?

The Astroworld Festival 2022 will take place on the first weekend of November. This is from November 5 – November 6, 2021. The Festival would begin at 2 PM and end at 11 PM on both days.

Final Words

Let us remind you that the festival for 2021 is coming in different. It is the very first of the annual festival that will hold a multi-day gathering. Therefore, you should know that it will be groundbreaking and memorable this year. So, endeavor to get your tickets ready as soon as you can! and Don’t forget to follow Verzuz TV.

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