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Ariana Grande Looks Without Makeup – No Makeup Blog By VersusTV

In recent days, Ariana has become one of the most popular celebrities in the world by her famous songs and versatile acting. There’s no doubt that she is genuinely a dynamic lady. Fans and followers are always curious about her personal life, beauty secrets, career, and so on. Especially, they are very keen to know how Ariana looks without makeup. This report will drive you a few of numerous information about the beautiful, the stylish, the one and only Ariana Grande. Keep up exploring…..

Ariana Grande Looks Without Makeup

Ariana Grande Makeup Looks


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People say, beauty is not in the mind, beauty is in the face. It is true in some cases, but, not for Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande is beautiful in the face as well as in mind. Her makeup artist increase this beauty a thousand times. Ariana’s pictures on social media get millions of impressions within a few minutes for her stunning, gorgeous, beautiful & highly ornate looks. The fascinating cat-eye makeup of Ariana with defined eyebrows has added extra elegance to her beauty. Every single picture of Ariana Grande with makeup creates a storm on social media.

Ariana Grande Without Makeup Looks

Ariana Grande Without Makeup

Though Ariana Grande is very pulchritudinous with makeup, she is more or less the same without makeup. She received this beauty from the genetic flow. The face of Ariana has such a magical attraction that you can’t but compare her with an angel. She is very famous for her soft face with a girl look vibe even at 28 years old. She has genuinely received heavenly features in her body with beautiful chicks, pink lips fascinating eyes, medium-long hair, and perfect fitness.

Amazing Images of Ariana Grande No Makeup

Ariana Grande is such a celebrity who has hardly a difference between makeup looks and without makeup looks. As Ariana appears on the stages, on TV, or in the music videos with complete makeup, Fans are very curious to see her without makeup. Based on fans’ demand, we’ve accumulated here some pictures of Ariana Grande without makeup.

Cute Selfie


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The glamorous beauty Ariana Grande is always fond of taking selfies. This cute selfie is taken while she is getting ready for out. She looks very captivating in this selfie. Beautiful eyes seem to like calling you. Eyebrows are well defined. Lips can steal anyone’s heart at first glance.

Swimming Pool Selfie

Ariana Swimming Pool Selfie

Ariana Grande looks very impressive at the poolside with her husband Dalton Gomez who is a real estate agent in Los Angeles. Dalton took this selfie. She poses with a shy look which makes her more engrossing.

Photo With Dog


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Nowadays, dogs become family members in modern families. Ariana uploaded a lot of pictures on social media with her dogs. She is seen kissing her dogs, walking with dogs, sleeping with dogs, driving with dogs, and hanging out with dogs. Even though she took her dog in an interview for a TV show. Netizens make fun by saying, the dog is Ariana’s favorite after her husband.

Bareface Photo

Ariana Bareface Photo

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all are recommended to wear a face mask. Further, celebrities wear face masks to hide from reporters & fans. Moreover, makeup is also considered a face mask as it hides real faces. Here in this picture, she saw absolutely on a bare face, with no makeup, no face mask. She is still catchy in bare-faced pictures.

Workout Look

Ariana Grande Workout Look

To keep fit workout is very important. Ariana keeps uploading her workout pictures and videos on social media now and then to make her followers interact and engaged. It’s a matter of fact that every time in gym/workout session Ariana is caught without a makeup look.

No Makeup Look For Vogue


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Ariana appeared with a no-makeup look for a vogue cover photo. In this picture, she looks more alluring with golden hair and attractive eyes. The lips are light pink colored. None can believe, this picture is taken without makeup. But the truth is, the picture is taken without makeup or a single beauty product.

Casual Day outlook

Ariana Casual Day outlook

Ariana looks simple on casual days. Most of the time she wears a long dress. Her husbands or friends are accompanied by her. She is very fashion concerned. For a casual day out, usually, she chooses loose clothing which keeps her more comfortable.

Ariana Grande’s Top Best Makeup Looks

Whenever Ariana appears on screen with makeup she looks more spanking than before. Here are some pictures of Ariana Grande with makeup looks that blow your mind out. Have a look.

Ariana Grande Vogue Makeup

Ariana Grande Vogue Makeup

Vogue magazine has covered Ariana Grande many times. Most of the time Ariana appeared with makeup looks. Every time she wears the latest stylish dress it makes are outlook more pompous and glittering.

Ariana Grande Eye Makeup


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Very few celebrities are seen with such fascinating eyes as Ariana Grande. Ariana looks more attractive with her eye makeup. It makes a huge difference in beauty between Ariana and other actresses.

Grammy Awards Look


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Ariana has broken all her beauty records in Grammy award 2020. She wore a dramatic gown which gives her an angelic look. She has already two Grammy awards. The first one she received in 2019 and the second one in 2021.

Ariana Grande Met Gala Makeup

Ariana Grande Met Gala Makeup

In Gala makeup 2018, Ariana was outstanding. The combination of cat-eye makeup with the properly arranged dress, hair, and skin makeup plus beauty accessories makes Ariana heavenly beautiful. The complete outlook was very magnificent.

Gorgeous Makeup Look


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Makeup makes girls more grandiose. But if the girl is beautiful Ariana, it will become double grandiose. Ariana is always flamboyant with makeup looks.

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rumors that Ariana Grande has gone under plastic surgery. But none can surely claim that Ariana has done that. Moreover, Ariana’s side is always kept silent on this rumor. It is assumed that she hasn’t done any major surgery but a few miniature surgeries. Her face is quite different this time than before. It was a bit round when she was a nickelodeon star. In nickelodeon times, her eyes were round also, but in recent days it looks wider and more impressive. It raised questions if she has used a knife to make herself more beautiful. Some think that she placed filler materials inside her lips too. So many other rumors are frequently published about her surgery, though Ariana is denying these rumors from the beginning. But no one can deny that she has changed a lot in recent years.

How many Awards does Ariana Grande Have

Ariana Grande received almost 51 awards. Being both an actress and a singer she received these awards. Of these awards, the kids choice award, teen choice award, people’s choice award, Billboard music award, MTV video music award, and American music award she won the most. She also received a Grammy award two times (in 2019 & 2021).

Ariana Grande’s list of Movies and TV Shows

Ariana Grande acts in about 7 films, 23 TV shows, 2 web series, 10 guest appearances, 10 appearances as a featured artist, and as a lead artist in many music videos. Among the works of Ariana are The family guy, Scream Queens, Victorious, Zoolander 1 & 2, and many more.

Ariana Grande on Social Media

Ariana Grande is available on every social media website. Her popularity can presume by measuring her followers on social media. On Facebook, she has more than 43M followers, whereas on Youtube she is engaging more than 51M subscribers. This huge population is always interacting with every post of Ariana. Besides, on Instagram, she has joined more than 313M followers on a single platform. She is the second most followed female on Instagram. Unfortunately, the bad news for Ariana fans is, that she has deleted her Twitter account in December 2021 without any notice or announcement. At that time, she had almost 85M followers on Twitter. Reddit has officially announced that Ariana is the most followed female on Reddit. It’s enough to know popular Ariana is.

FAQ About Ariana Grande

Having huge popularity, Ariana is always in the center of curiosity to every netizen. A few questions about her net worth, friends & family, height & weight, etc. are frequently asked by her fans and followers through social media, emails & other media. We’ve gathered this information which is more or less approximate.

Ariana Grande’s Net Worth

Ariana is one of the richest and highest-paid singers in the world. She has a net worth of more than $200M. She has earned this money from acting, songwriting & singing. The amount is increasing day by day as she is investing her money in different businesses.

Ariana Grande’s Age

Ariana Grande-Butera has later become popular as Ariana Grande. On June 26, 1993, she was born in Florida, United States. Currently, she is almost 28 years old.

Ariana Grande’s Husband and Family

Ariana is currently living with Dalton Gomez. Previously he was her boyfriend. In 2020 she got married to Dalton. Ariana’s parents originated from Italy. They moved to Florida before Ariana’s birth. She has a brother called Frankie Grande who is an entertainer and producer.

Ariana Grande Height and Weight

Ariana is 5’3” (1.61m) in height and her weight is 55 kilograms.

About Ariana Grande’s Perfume

She has several perfumes called God is a woman, Ari, Frankie, Moonlight, REM, Sweet like candy, Sweet like candy limited edition, and cloud & cloud intense which are very popular.

Ariana Grande’s Best Album Songs list

The white Gorilla, The Battery’s down, Winx club, etc are most famous. Among the songs side to side, bang bang, problem, break free, no tears left to cry, Baby I, One last time, the way, Every day, Be alright, Piano, Greedy, Best mistakes, etc. are top list songs albums of Ariana Grande.

Final Words

Ariana is working in media as an actress and singer since her early childhood. Within a few years, she established her career in it. Nickelodeon was the first successful work that brought her a star recognition. From that, she has never looked behind. Now she is one of the most famous and richest stars in the world. Every year she is adding more songs & roles in acting to her success list. Prediction says she will be the world’s most popular female very soon. Have a good day!

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