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How Angelina Jolie Looks Without Makeup – No Makeup Blog By VersusTV

Being named one of America’s multiple-time highest-paid actresses is one of the biggest feats in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie Voight is one of the very few percentages of stars that have been on this pedestal. So, the LA-born screen star has been present in the industry since 1982 when she made her screen debut. This screen debut was made alongside her father, John Voight. Being a top actress and celebrity, it’s not always surprising to see the ‘Changeling’ actress step out in all of her grace and elegance in full makeup. Similarly, celebrities are known for setting the pace in the trends of beauty. Therefore, it’s only natural that they own it fully. You could get a thousand and more pictures of Angie on the internet donning her colors. However, being able to see her without makeup isn’t as common as that.

Angelina Jolie Without Makeup

So, here’s why we will be treating you to super amazing and hot pictures of Angelina, without make-up! We do know that you love some sweet background info, we’re not letting you down on that either. Therefore, get ready to learn about Angelina’s personal life and more exclusive information about the 46-year-old actress.

About Angelina Jolie’s Makeup Looks

What else would you expect to see in Angelina’s makeup looks, if not perfection? Admittedly, the actress has got a high-profile career and she’s got the looks for it. Therefore, it’s no surprise every time we see the queen step out all dazzling and very beautiful. Jolie’s makeup looks are done with care and professionalism and it’s not too hard to see that.

Angelina Jolie Without Makeup Looks

Agreeably, Angelina can look so hot and overly beautiful in her glamorous makeup. However, you’d be interested to learn that she looks even better when she’s natural, without make-up. Again, there are indeed celebrities who can kill both sides of these looks, and Angie is a bit exempted from that list.

Angelina Jolie Without Makeup Looks

Images of Angelina Jolie No Makeup

Below, we will be showing you multiple pictures of Angelina Jolie without any makeup.

Cute Photo

Angelina Jolie Cute Photo

Would you agree that not every woman can look this sweet without her face cast in makeup? Well, here is one for you.

Swimming Pool Photo

Angelina Jolie Swimming Pool Photo

Furthermore, here is one for you straight out of water. Now, we know that skin is too smooth for you to believe. But then, we don’t think makeup can survive in this pool. So yeah, this is all Jolie.

Photo With Baby

Angelina Jolie Photo With Baby

Still, there is this one that would naturally melt the hardest of hearts. So, what do you think of the mother-child moment?

After Workout Look

Angelina Jolie After Workout Look

Who can do that better? You can find someone, sure. Nonetheless, we are still drooling over Angie’s cuteness here.

Young Angelina Jolie look

Young Angelina Jolie look

The beauty has been there right from youth. All free of color and this dope pretty look is what we love to see on these women. Now beat that!

With Trendy glasses in the photo

Angelina Jolie With Trendy glasses

Again, trust Queen Lina to be in on the best trends. It’s the complementing glasses for us.

With Friends Photo

Angelina Jolie With Friends

What’s a great outing without the best company? Check out this nice and simple picture of Angelina with her friends.

Angelina Jolie’s Best Makeup Looks

We’ve had no makeup pictures. Won’t you see some glamour now? They’re right below, from the magazine photo to her regular make-up to Hollywood events.

Angelina Jolie Vogue Makeup

Angelina Jolie Vogue Makeup photo

She’s known for ageless classics, and the celebrity TV star made sure to take it all to Vogue in this shoot.

Angelina Jolie Eye Makeup

Angelina Jolie Eye Makeup

So, one part of Angelina’s makeup that always stands out is her signature eye makeup. Furthermore, complimented by her classy red lip, her eyes have always got a series of shades of neutral eyeshadow.

Angelina Jolie Met Gala Makeup

Angelina Jolie Met Gala Makeup

As always, Jolie’s looks are always over the top perfect, and it’s so admirable to watch.

Academy Awards Looks

Angelina Academy Awards Looks

Then, the red carpet crew at the Oscars Award night sure experienced mesmerizing moments when this diva stepped in.

About Angelina Jolie Before & After Plastic Surgery

Angelina Jolie Before & After Plastic Surgery

It’s a known fact that Jolie has got an ever youth full skin and body. Here’s why speculations about her having resorted to cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks. But, the mom of six has since dismissed this. However, experts have maintained that her body reveals signs of injections for maintenance.

Angelina Jolie’s list of Movies and TV Shows

The very first movie that the TV star featured in was Lookin’ To Get Out. Since then, the household TV star has been in and released even more classics. Still, some of her best include Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Maleficient, Those Who Wish Me Dead, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Also, she’s been in Changeling, Changing Lives, and many more. This time Verzuz Battle show also going crazy in the town, see who will be performing in it for the upcoming show.

How many Awards did Angelina Jolie Have

So, Angelina has been awarded the Academy Awards, Screen Actors Guild, and Golden Globe Awards. However, this comes with multiple nominations from the Emmys and BAFTA Award.

More About Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s Net worth

As one of the highest-paid actresses, you can guess that Jolie’s worth is high up there. And, it is indeed. Angelina Jolie is worth a huge 120 million dollars!

Angelina Jolie’s Age

The California-born actress was birthed on June 4, 1975. Therefore, she is 46 years old and will be 47 years old in June 2022.

Angelina Jolie’s Husband and Family

Throughout her life and career, we’ve watched this movie goddess get into her promising marriages and later have to quit. She has been with, Jonny Lee Miller from 1996 to 2000. Then, she got together with Billy Bob Thorton from the year 2000 to 2003. Similarly, she married Brad Pitt in 2014 but divorced in 2019. Likewise, she is a doting mother to six beautiful kids.

Angelina Jolie Height and Weight

Angelina Jolie weighs about 45kg and stands at 5’7 in height.

About Angelina Jolie’s Perfume and Makeup Set

Mon Guerlain is the popular perfume that we have got to know the American actress with. This is because she has been the face of the brand for years. Then, Angie has also made it clear that she’s in love with the Hourglass Cosmetics brand.

Angelina Jolie’s Eye & Hair Style

Her signature eye makeup is known to be neutral shades while Angie styles her dark-blonde hair to suit and appearance.

Final Words

Learning about veterans in the art always turns out to be fulfilling and very informative. Therefore, we hope that you we’re able to get new things from this short piece about Angelina Jolie.

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