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Amal Clooney Without Makeup Look – No Makeup Blog by VersusTV

Amal Clooney is one woman of influence whose position as an international law and human rights advocate has had far-reaching positive effects on social justice and freedom for people. Being a high-class barrister has her working with some of the world’s top officials. These include top government juggernauts like Wikileak’s Julian Assange, Ukraine’s Yulia Tymoshenko, and Maria Ressa, among others. Her advocacy and philanthropic efforts have also gone a long way in helping less privileged people. This has been mainly through her foundation, Clooney Foundation for Justice, which she co-chairs with her husband, George Clooney.

Amal Clooney without Makeup

Apart from being an outstandingly clever and brilliant barrister, Amal’s beauty is one fantastic attribute that draws many to her, and even though she Is in her mid-40s, her beauty is still on point. Her looks could serve as beauty goals for younger women. Her spotless makeup look is a desirable attribute for her lovers. In this article, you’ll be treated to some of Amal Clooney’s best no-makeup looks. Also, you’ll be getting more information about her lovely family and her life in general.

About Amal Clooney Makeup Look


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Amal Clooney’s makeup look is one of those that one can arguably term one of the best, perfect beauty looks in the celeb world. While Clooney isn’t much of an entertainer but rather a woman in politics and government, this does not stop her from being glamorous and dashing always. It is pretty good to know that your advocate is that pretty middle-aged woman confidently. For years since her wedding, that particular makeup look has been a cause of attraction for beauty technicians and make-up lovers. Her makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, is termed as “divine.” Really, when you do see that look, you cannot just argue with that. Furthermore, from her appearance at the Royal wedding to the MET Gala and other notable celebrity events, the intelligent lawyer has never failed to kill every look she wears to the event.

Amal Clooney Without Makeup

Although, you’d think that Amal’s look without makeup might not look as good as her perfect makeup looks. Well, you’re mistaken if that’s what you think because this woman has got one of the very best natural looks.

Amal Clooney No-Makeup Photos

Bareface Picture

Amal Clooney Bareface Picture

Undoubtedly, Amal has got that beautiful, alluring natural look, and you’d be surprised at how great her bare face looks with no color.

Day outlook

Amal Clooney Day outlook

Spotted outside on a regular day look, the beautiful, brilliant woman has got the best no-makeup appearance here, as she lets it all out free.

Cute Selfie

Amal Clooney Cute Selfie

It is the sweet face for us in this selfie, and doesn’t she possess the cutest selfie face!

With Husband George

Then, there are a couple of goals for you with Amal and George.

With her kids

Amal Clooney With her kids

Likewise, here’s a mummy and the twins look. Look at that adorable cuteness.

Amal Clooney fashion look

Amal Clooney fashion look

Ever the beauty Queen herself, Amal dazzles in this picture with a signature look for her outing.

Compare With Makeup & Without Makeup Look

Amal With & Without Makeup

You’ve seen Amal Clooney on making makeup times, and now, you’ve seen her on makeup. Now, we’re putting both together, let’s see what you think about both looks and which one seems to be the best.

About Amal Clooney Plastic Surgery Before and After Look

Amal Clooney Plastic Surgery Before and After

Being married to a top celebrity has cost Amal several rumors that a regular lawyer would not have to face. And, the issue of her having undergone plastic surgery is one of the most popular. While there is no strong opposition to this claim, it is still quite tricky to know if she did or not. Therefore, take a look at her before and after surgery look, and see if you can find something.

FAQ About Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney Twins

Amal Clooney gave birth to her non-identical twins in mid-year June 2017. By now, both babies are gradually becoming five years of age in June 2022.

Amal Clooney Husband & Family

On September 27, 2014, the celebrity lawyer married her entertainer husband, George Timothy Clooney, a famous American actor and filmmaker. This would explain why you would see Amal Clooney donning her best to the celebrity like the MET Gala and Awards shows. This is also because George Clooney is no small force in Hollywood. He is multiple award-winning actor whose influence in Hollywood is a big one.

In only two years following their marriage, Amal Clooney, alongside her husband, formed the Clooney Foundation for Justice. Also, the Couple is famous for its humanitarian activities around America and in the world. They’ve got two beautiful children, a beautiful set of fraternal twins.

 Amal Clooney Height and Weight

Weighing about 57 kilograms, Amal Clooney stands tall at 1.7 m which is about 5’7 feet tall.

Amal Clooney Age

The barrister and human rights activities were born in Beirut, Lebanon, on February 3, 1978. This makes her officially 44 years, while she would be 45 years by 2023.

She also possesses a Lebanon-United Kingdom nationality. This is mainly because her Lebanese family had to leave during the 15 year-long Lebanese civil war, which masters from 1975 to 1990. It started only two years after the young Amal Alamuddin was born. Thus, this explains why she is a British citizen.

Amal Clooney’s Net worth

She’s definitely no celebrity and a top-tier lawyer for no reason. The advocate has got a fortune of a net worth of about $50 million. Although, her husband surpasses that number way higher, as he’s got a massive $500 million net worth.

Amal Clooney Religion

Her mother is popularly known to be a Sunni Muslim. But, Amal, on the other hand, practices Lebanese Druze. At the same time, Druze is one of the major religious groups in the Near East Lebanese groups. People who practice Druze are classified under the five Muslim communities in Lebanon. Still, Druze followers are non-Muslim.

Amal Clooney Profession

Amal Clooney is a famous barrister who majors in human rights with deep knowledge of international law. So this explains why her clients are often high-profile people.

Final Words

Now, you can agree that Amal Clooney is not like the regular celebrities you see on Instagram with all the glam every day. However, she still ensures to keep her beauty queen status spot on every time she appears. Therefore, you must have enjoyed this no makeup piece about her.

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