2023 Newbery Winner: Unveiling the Masterpiece

The 2023 Newbery Winner is Amina Luqman-Dawson’s middle-grade novel Freewater and Doug Salati’s picture book Hot Dog. In the world of children’s literature, the Newbery Medal holds tremendous prestige as it recognizes the most distinguished book for children.

Every year, the American Library Association bestows this prestigious award upon one exceptional work of literature that captures the hearts and minds of young readers. In 2023, Amina Luqman-Dawson’s debut middle-grade novel Freewater and Doug Salati’s vibrant picture book Hot Dog claimed the coveted Newbery Titles.

These two worthy winners captivated audiences with their memorable characters, engaging storytelling, and powerful messages. Amina Luqman-Dawson’s Freewater takes readers on a heartfelt journey of self-discovery and resilience, while Doug Salati’s Hot Dog invites them to explore the power of imagination and the joy of friendship. Both books have left an indelible mark on the literary landscape, solidifying their place as timeless classics in children’s literature.

2023 Newbery Winner: Unveiling the Masterpiece

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Overview Of The Newbery Award

The Newbery Award is one of the most prestigious literary awards given annually to outstanding children’s literature. Since its establishment in 1922, the Newbery Award has recognized exceptional authors who have made a significant impact on young readers. Winning a Newbery Award is a testament to a writer’s ability to captivate and inspire young minds through their storytelling. In this blog post, we will delve into the history of the Newbery Award, its criteria for winning, and explore some of its previous winners.

History Of The Newbery Award

The Newbery Award was named after John Newbery, an 18th-century British publisher and bookseller who is considered the father of children’s literature. In 1921, Frederic G. Melcher proposed the idea of an award to recognize the most distinguished contribution to American children’s literature. The following year, the first Newbery Medal was awarded to “The Story of Mankind” by Hendrik Willem van Loon. Since then, the Newbery Award has become a symbol of excellence in children’s literature.

Criteria For Winning The Newbery Award

To win the Newbery Award, a book must meet certain criteria set by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC). The primary criteria include:

  1. The book must be written by an American author or an author residing in the United States.
  2. The book must be original and published in English during the previous calendar year.
  3. The book should exhibit exceptional literary quality and contribute significantly to children’s literature.
  4. The book’s content, presentation, and subject matter should be appropriate for children up to 14 years old.

The ALSC committee carefully evaluates the nominated books based on these criteria to select the most deserving winner.

Previous Newbery Winners

Over the years, numerous incredible books have received the Newbery Award. Here are a few notable previous winners:

Year Book Title Author
2022 Freewater Amina Luqman-Dawson
2021 When You Trap a Tiger Tae Keller
2020 New Kid Jerry Craft

These books exemplify the high quality and impact that Newbery Award winners bring to children’s literature.

As we continue to celebrate the Newbery Award, it is important to recognize the incredible authors who have contributed to the world of children’s literature. The award not only honors their talents but also inspires future generations of young readers and writers. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts where we explore the latest Newbery winners and their remarkable works.

2023 Newbery Winner: Unveiling the Masterpiece

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The 2023 Newbery Winner: Freewater

Freewater, written by Amina Luqman-Dawson, is the proud recipient of the prestigious John Newbery Medal for 2023. This remarkable middle-grade novel captivates readers with its engaging story and thought-provoking themes. Let’s dive deeper into the world of Freewater and explore its summary, the talented author behind it, as well as its reception and impact.

Summary Of Freewater

Freewater is a compelling middle-grade novel that takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and resilience. The story centers around the life of twelve-year-old Mia, who lives in the small coastal town of Freewater. Mia is a lively and curious young girl with a deep love for the ocean.

In Freewater, Mia discovers a hidden family secret that leads her on a quest to uncover the truth about her own identity and the mysteries of her town. Along the way, she encounters unexpected friendships, faces challenges, and embraces her unique heritage. As Mia navigates through this emotional and transformative journey, readers are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with empathy, hope, and a sense of belonging.

Author Of Freewater

Amina Luqman-Dawson, the brilliant author behind Freewater, beautifully weaves together a tale that resonates with readers of all ages. As a debut middle-grade novelist, Luqman-Dawson showcases her exceptional storytelling skills by creating relatable and complex characters. Through her heartfelt words, she invites readers to explore themes of identity, family, and the power of embracing one’s true self.

Luqman-Dawson’s writing style is captivating, effortlessly transporting readers into the world of Freewater. She combines vivid descriptions, authentic dialogue, and a touch of magic to create a truly enchanting reading experience. With Freewater, Amina Luqman-Dawson has undoubtedly established herself as a rising star in the world of children’s literature.

Reception And Impact Of Freewater

Since its release, Freewater has garnered widespread acclaim from readers, critics, and fellow authors alike. Its heartfelt story and relatable characters have struck a chord with young readers, sparking conversations about self-discovery and the importance of embracing one’s roots.

The novel’s impact extends beyond the boundaries of the book itself. Freewater has become a beloved addition to school reading lists, encouraging discussions about identity, heritage, and the power of resilience. Teachers and librarians praise the novel for its ability to engage young minds and foster empathy and understanding.

Freewater’s success has also opened doors for more diverse voices in children’s literature. Amina Luqman-Dawson’s representation as an author of color brings a fresh perspective to the genre, inspiring aspiring writers from underrepresented communities to share their own stories. Through Freewater, Luqman-Dawson has proven that diverse voices not only have a place in children’s literature but are essential to creating a more inclusive literary landscape.

In conclusion, Freewater is an outstanding middle-grade novel that resonates with readers of all ages. Amina Luqman-Dawson’s storytelling prowess and the novel’s powerful themes of identity and resilience make it a deserving winner of the 2023 John Newbery Medal. Freewater leaves a lasting impact on both readers and the future of children’s literature, ushering in a new wave of diverse and compelling narratives.

2023 Newbery Winner: Unveiling the Masterpiece

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Frequently Asked Questions Of 2023 Newbery Winner

Who Won The New Newbery In 2023?

The winner of the Newbery in 2023 is “Freewater” by Amina Luqman-Dawson.

What Is The Most Recent Newbery Award Winner?

The most recent Newbery Award winner is the middle-grade novel “Freewater” by Amina Luqman-Dawson.

Who Won The Pura Belpré Award In 2023?

Amina Luqman-Dawson won the Pura Belpré award in 2023 for her middle-grade novel Freewater.

What Book Won The Caldecott Medal 2023?

The book that won the Caldecott Medal in 2023 is “Hot Dog” by Doug Salati.


The 2023 Newbery Winner is Amina Luqman-Dawson’s debut middle-grade novel, “Freewater,” and Doug Salati’s picture book, “Hot Dog. ” These books have been recognized for their exceptional storytelling and impact on young readers. Amina Luqman-Dawson’s “Freewater” takes readers into a captivating adventure filled with bravery and resilience.

“Hot Dog” by Doug Salati is a beautifully illustrated picture book that encourages mindfulness and self-care. The Newbery Award continues to celebrate outstanding literature that inspires, educates, and engages young minds. Congratulations to all the winners!

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